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LWN Podcast Live November 22nd, 2022 9am

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First let us all remember and recall this day in history November 22, 1963.

On this day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. To this day the Truth is still withheld from the American People. God Bless and hold or 35th President.

Living in Questions

Who is Q? Does it matter? What did Q share with us? What is your level of Knowledge after Q? How will your knowledge of Q assist America moving forward? Did Q lie to the people?

Americans and the World received Q drops (Post) revealing the depth of the Deep State Swamp. First Q post on 4 Chan on the 28thof October 2017. It is clear that Q had access to the workings of the Trump White House. It is clear advancing the Knowledge of Patriots was the mission.

America and the World are under attack both from within and from foreign elites seeking control of all humanity. Many Patriots gained this Knowledge from Q. Q post forced people to look for evidence and proof. Do you love America? Do you see that evil is openly destroying our great Nation? Only when you read, learn and understand can you enter the battle. Americans must take a stand to save America. You must become the White Hats. Two revealed realities the Great Reset of the Global elites or the People create the Great Awakening of the Free People.

You have only two possibilities. 1. Do nothing and remain ignorant; accept the death of America. 2. Stand and Fight; join your fellow Americans who are prepared to Lead.

Read the intel direct from

“Welcome to the Great Awakening

In the fall of 2017, posts began appearing on anonymous online forums (the dark web) which have since become “the biggest 'inside' 'approved' [information] dump in American history,” giving we, the people unprecedented insight into a far-reaching shadow war between patriots (within and outside of the government and military) and an evil international cabal intent on destroying America and quashing its founding principles.

We are witnessing – in real time – the exposure of past and present crimes of this cabal, actions to bring them to justice, and the ushering in of a great, global awakening.

This site is an aggregator of these posts as they happen.”

Only when Americans acknowledge their slavery to a cruel evil World Order; will the battle lines be drawn. Below are just a sample of the last Q post the questions remain important.

Why did DJT announce his campaign early? Think MEDIA and Republican Leadership corruption. Think Black Swan event and money laundering American Tax dollars to Ukraine funneled using FTX. What does money laundering mean?

President Trump never waits. Trump announced run early. Media/Republicans hoped to create the narrative that MAGA was responsible for Senate losses. Fact Mitch McConnell did not fund American First Candidates that lost with a single dollar. Mitch McConnell hates President Trump and the people who support Trump. Mitch McConnell raised and spent 68 million dollars on his election in 2020. Mitch was funded by retired political RINO’s PAC dark money.

Mitch McConnell is a snake and seeks power over the People. He is anti-America First. What Republican received laundered money from FTX? 2.5 million dollars funneled to dark money PAC operated by Mitch McConnell to fund Democrats running against American First Trump supported Republicans. The Corporate Uniparty seeks only power over the People.

What did Q share prior to 2020 election? Think total votes MEDIA said Joe Biden received! 80 million what did Q reveal in September 2020? This post like so many are absolute proof Q shared TRUTH.

Our Mission is TRUTH! Your time is now! Unite Communities of all Americans! United to Save America and Liberty Warrior Nation seek to educate and unite all Americans.

The battle for all Humanity is real. How do you capture voters? Who created the slave system of the Welfare State? Who is GOOG? Who owns and controls GOOG? VG, SS, BR and the WEF controllers of it all

Understanding the battle ground for freedom and liberty. Two coexisting realities are real. The World War has been declared and America as a sovereign nation is at risk. Every American needs to listen to Klaus Schwab on "Great Reset" in his own words. These are must Share videos. Humans must all understand the very hidden fact that the Great Reset is not just about economic. The Great Reset is the shift of all human kind to a transhumance existence that will eliminate God. Are you ready to deny God? Will you accept that elite are not simply advancing technology but preparing Humanity for the shift to a man created Transhumance. What will you allow Man created Life versus God created Life? Could this be the Anti-Christ revealed? As a trans human you can live for eternity unless you are deemed useless than the plug will be pulled.

America stands divided by design. Decades of designed public school indoctrination are factual. Decades of Racist ideology fed into society using socialist design (have vs. have-not’s). Decades of gender ideology (the feminist movement) altered and destroyed the family unit. Decades of designed decline of Religious ideology have reduced the very belief in God. Three Decades of forced Climate Change ideology (the green new deal) have drawn a huge divide. While many things divide Americans, our mission is to unite all Americans. Can you handle the TRUTH?

Americans must accept a simple fact Leftist and extreme Right Wing ideologies divide humans. Division allows men who are seeking only power control. Your life, your existence, your suffering, your death all create power and control opportunities for very evil men and women. Every social policy agenda experiment advanced by Government has totally failed.

Test yourself, name one created government program that works or achieves their agenda?

Americans must face an extremely harsh reality. No government operated agency created by Washington D.C. works to improve the lives of all Americans. Why is that and why do they not change and admit failure? No Democrat or Republican will admit failure.

Americans must speak and share Truth. Stand on Facts. Political talking points are often worse then conspiracy theory. Political ideologies use facts to fit a narrative designed to extend control. What President seized the Republic based on lies? What do you know about the 13th and 14th Amendments?

Solving and bridging created divides rest within our written and ratified American foundational principles.

1. Our perfect Union must establish Justice for all.

2. Insure domestic Tranquility.

3. Provide for Common defense.

4. Promote the general Welfare.

5. Insure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

Our Government has a very small-defined list of functions.

· Our Government was not established to earn money.

· Our Government is allowed to coin money and distribute and facilitate its exchange.

· Government money is generated by taxation (taking money from the people equally).

· 37% of Americans provide the existence of 63% Americans and over 23 million criminal illegals.

· Our Government prints and distributes counterfeit paper debt currency.

· Our Government without vote is today a criminal corporation (160 years of Corporate Nobility).

· Our Government is not a Democracy.

· Our Government today fails every single foundational principle.

Every American must confront our reality and unite to reclaim and establish our foundational principles.

1. Our Justice system operates a two-tiered justice that allows foreign, corporate and political bodies to commit crimes against humanity.

2. Domestic Tranquility does not exist in America. Americans are suffering government created violence and despair. Open borders are a breach of Oath of every member of Congress and the Executive. Defunding and advancing violent criminal release in our cities destroys Domestic Tranquility. Across our entire nation Americans confront ever increasing criminal elements opposed to Tranquility.

3. Our Government funds defense of Ukraine borders and places American Solders in harms way without a vote of the people. Our government agencies FDA, CDC, NIH, DARPA and President mandated injection of Americans of a gene therapy that has killed and injured more Americans then all other vaccines combined. Our government funded and developed COVID 19.

4. Government allowed the total failure of the health care system to promote the Welfare of the People. Our government funded and developed COVID 19. Government allowed the total failure of the health care system to promote the Welfare of the People.

5. Our government using the Department of Justice targets parents and labels parents as domestic terrorist to censor free speech. Our government FBI openly worked with social media platform to silence and censor truth prior to the 2020 election. Our Government has held citizens in jail without due process. Our civil liberties have no greater enemy then the federal corporation. When a tyrant ruling class of power hungry men and women work to destroy liberty what chance do our children have?

Building a Action Plan that we can follow and share.

Brothers and Sisters we are facing daily decline of both Freedom and Liberty. The pursuit of Happiness is no longer acceptable to our Controllers. What hope exist to restore lawful order and our promised Republic? Look in the mirror you are the last hope.

We must plant the seeds of Liberty across this nation. We must focus our attention on educating our fellow Americans. We must seek the wisdom of God the father. Think of the power of one man who gathered twelve followers to share the message of the fathers Truth. It is time for Patriots to sow the seeds of Truth across this nation. Recall our Lords parables become the farmer that plants your seed in fertile soil. Be not discouraged that some seed will drift along the run side.

Recognize that many will not listen or care. Recognize many will speak with a fire in their belly and when action is required, they will cool. Seek to share education with family first. If you lack the skills to share the message, seek a coach. Focus on reality America confronts many difficult days yet to come.

Become the messenger of Unity and the power of God. Speak only Truth you can verify. Be open and honest offer only to listen and seek the path as men and women of God. Live in the absolute knowledge that God will place you where you need to be. We are a LIVING Free People seeking the promise of our creator and our Founders. We seek no harm from the evil controllers. We seek the status and rights of Living men and women of the land.

Understanding fact based truth and the path to freedom. Education is required and many Americans are taking action to reclaiming their living status. Below are web sites and videos you are invited to watch and use as resources for understand the law.

David Lester Stright

Anna Von Reitz

:Russell-Jay: Gould.

Many Americans have chosen this path. You must understand taking the steps to change status requires many steps. Only the willing should take this path.

You are a living creation of God. God our creator holds absolute dominion over all realms. Our rights are from God and not a deceptive created false government of men. Live in the knowledge that Our God’s Word over rules the liars seeking power over each of us. Always remember in the final battle for dominion over all creation the Son of God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will speak a single Word that will defeat and cast all evil into the pit of hell. GOD Truly Wins.

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