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LWN Podcast Live November 8th, 2022 9am

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Selection Day 2022

Vote it is your Civic Duty

Humanity Versus Central Controller Government is on the ballot! Corporate Communist Democrats and Republicans are on the Ballot.

Our bankrupt Corporation is allowing us to think we have a choice. They are lairs and we are fools accepting the show. It is all evil and abhorrent to freedom.

Liberty Warrior Nation must use the show to advance restoration. Our Corporate Government hates the people. Our Government lies at every level. Our government funded a bio-weapon to depopulate the earth. Our government installed mind control media and technology to capture the people. 60% of Americans will not vote. Americans are ignorant to civic duty and lazy. 55 years of public education, indoctrination is complete. Nine out of ten Americans cannot define the Bill of Rights. Nine out of ten Americans cannot recall the ten commandments of God.

Fact based education must become a daily mission of every Patriot. We live in desperate days because we failed to maintain truth and control of our public servants. We allowed them to alter freedom to fit a communist design called Democracy 2022.

Nine out of ten Americans cannot define Democratic or Republican forms of government. Politicians and criminals advance their lies and control.

Two realities always exist for Humanity.

Every aspect of Human existence has two realities. Knowledge of natural law that for every Positive there is a Negative; two realities

Good/Evil, Health/Illness, Freedom/Control, Free Speech/Censorship, Knowledge/Ignorance, Love/Fear, Truth/Lies, Order/Chaos, War/Peace, Compassion/Tyranny and many more.

Since the earliest days of mankind, knowledge empowers man to higher existence. Knowledge and the hiding of knowledge are weapons of control to elevate humans into class levels. Controllers exist across all time.

America’s discovery was during a time of World enlightenment. Exploration of our World was driven by science and knowledge. Humans seeking adventure, knowledge and a New World was the foundation of our nation.

Our colonies were made up of men and women seeking to create a new beginning. Over the first two hundred fifty years there were many claims of ownership.

England laid claim to vast sections of the New World by mapping and claiming discovery.

The real owners were native Indian tribes that existed for centuries before the invaders appeared. Human history always advances by motivation and seeking knowledge. In 1776 America made a 5000 year leap. Americans proclaimed Freedoms and Rights are not granted by Kings or Queens; Rights are from God the creator. Americans declared Independence to self govern their existence. Our founders Declared Independence and fought to become a Nation Free of Tyrannical Control.

November 8th 2022 will be a day when Americans determine our path forward. Moving forward requires each American to ask some tuff questions. Without questions, there can be no answers. Americans must confront living daily life based on lies.

Will we accept indoctrination or demand the End of Central Controllers? Moving from indoctrination requires each of us to shift from accepted narrative to truth. America is being marched into WWIII. When the people vote out Democrats you must be prepared for the Central Bankers to advance War. War is their weapon against humanity. Always remember Central Bankers have funded all wars and humanity is at risk when we resist their plans. World Control and the Great Reset are real. Americans are you ready for their wrath?

Will we accept worthless debt paper as payment for our labor? Americans must demand sound money policy based on commodity. No wealth is possible by acquired debt. Debt currency is slavery.

Will we demand Justice for all equally under the law? Americans must dismantle the two-tiered Justice system created by our political class.

Will we accept forced injection of our children and ourselves? Americans must open investigations and criminal indictments of the homicide of our medical system. Genocide in America is real. Injection with a military created gene therapy must end as a first order of business. Humanity will hold each of us with knowledge of this genocide accountable for a lack of action. End the injections and start the open honest evaluation of the harm and injuries from this weapon. Hold the system accountable.

Will we continue down the path determined by two failed corporate political parties? Americans must dismantle the entire corporate political system. Total destruction of the Corporate Government at its roots is required.

Will we reject all Corporate Media propaganda? Truth in the reporting of news must be restored and lairs removed from media. Mind Control Media must be revealed to the American people. Media is mind control. Liability for false news reporting should be restored. Fix the FCC or dismantle it.

Will Americans fight to dismantle the Corporate Controller system? Corporate control of money, media, healthcare, education, food supply, transportation and our legal system must all be changed to lawful design. Corporate lobbyist should never be allowed to control politics. Any Corporate funding of the political system advances corruption. Our government serves corporate needs and wishes and not the will of the people. Corporate power is the base of the criminal enterprise that is democracy in America.

Will America seek the end of the military complex that offers only death and destruction? America must stop funding endless foreign wars and entanglements. Many of our military generals have become foul greed motivated weaklings.

Our foundational principles held a standing foreign military as repugnant to freedom. Americans have accepted the use of our wealth to advance the needs of Corporate Central Bankers. Any nation not willing to accept a Corporate Master becomes the enemy of the American Peoples military. Is it possible to advance freedom for profit by murder of innocent women and children? America should bring every solder home and build the strongest defense of our sovereignty. Allow the peoples of the World to define their nation. We must stop the use of our children as pawns of war.

Will Americans close the borders to criminal entry? A nation without borders advances ruin. Humanity has many ideologies opposed to self-government. Americans are disconnected from the Patriotic heart and soul of a free people. Americans will not protect their borders because they are waiting on government.

Will American parents demand education and the end to indoctrination? Brainwashing children by forcible indoctrination into a new set of

Attitudes and beliefs against the will of parents leads to destruction of America. Education guidelines must be restored that advance critical thinking.

Patriots must start each day in prayer. We are in a battle for the mind and soul of our nation. We must form education communities teaching fact based history. Patriots must never accept the lies of the communist controllers. Patriots must loudly voice truth and justice. We must merge God and Constitution as designed by our Founders. We must never forget where we stand today. Today we stand on the brink of the death of the greatest nation ever. We stand on this brink because we failed to demand accountability. Criminals have bankrupted America using counterfeit debt currency. Traitors have sold out the people. The bankruptcy of America cannot be stopped. The rats will run for shelter and leave Americans to fight for survival.

Remember you were placed here for this time by God. God will use each of us to restore his people. The WORDS are long written down. Praise be to God and his Will be done. GOD WINS!

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