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LWN Podcast Live October 11th, 2022 9am Central.

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Humanity Accepts Weapons of Genocide

Our World has clear evidence of human destruction by governments. Humanity has Centuries of History of Wars. Numbers of deaths from wars reveals the great suffering of humanity. Ancient Wars and deaths are unknown but portray entire villages put to death. Think of the Warrior tribes of the American Indian. War has been advanced as acceptable if it brings about the narrative of the victor. Humanity fights for food, shelter, religious belief, women, gold and slave labor. Think of the history and look at drawing from the Great Crusades. Man has a long history of War. Humanity has progressed to a point where the funding of War machines is acceptable. Humanity has advanced to the point where with ease a single flipping of a switch can destroy all humanity. Is this progress? What evil rest in our souls that compels human genocide and slavery?

World War I 40 million humans military and civilian killed or injured during fighting. World War II 85 million humans military and civilian killed or injured. Civilian human numbers were greater then military (50-55 million).

The Great Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong killed 65 million humans. Korean War 1.5 million humans. Vietnam War 3.5 million Humans both military and civilians were killed. Middle East Wars have killed hundreds of thousands of humans. African wars have killed many millions of humans across all history.

Wars today are a weapon of a Satanic Cult known as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia. "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.”

Our Human history records evidence linking the Khazarian Mafia to all wars.

Rothschild’s Central Banking system was created using Satanic Dark Magic. This Dark Magic allowed creating money from nothing. Khazarians use money and economics to create Wars and Planned Human Death.

Take a Trip down the rabbit hole.

A war was declared on humanity by the Rothschild military complex of both the USA and China. This war started with the release of a lab created Virus funded by Doctor Anthony Fauci. As a result of the release of COVID 19 a true Bio-Weapon of human genocide was injected into humanity. COVID Vaccines are a weapon designed by DARPA and the Biopharmaceutical corporations of the Rothschild’s. Covid was a designed Black Swan Event leading to War.

The forced collapse of the World economic systems like all wars will bring about the death and control of Humanity. Our World is once again facing World War totally funded by the Rothschild Central Bankers. Is the mission to bomb or simply allow the Vaccines to be used as a weapon of mass genocide?

The Russian War with Ukraine has allowed billions of dollars to be removed from America. Joe Biden openly advancing a nuclear war event. Would taking out a piece of Russian key infrastructure force a Russian attack?

P-8 Poseidon Crew Arrested in Connection with Nord Stream Explosion | Real Raw News

P-8 Poseidon Pilots Cry Foul: “We Weren’t there when Nord Stream Blew” | Real Raw News

American Media is guilty of lies every single day. Why are Americans not allowed to question who destroyed Nord Stream II? Evidence makes it clear all agencies of the Federal Government lie. Evidence makes it clear Congress lies.

MEDIA lies and perhaps is the greatest enemy of the American People. Joe Biden lies on a daily basis and it is acceptable to Congress and the MEDIA. Is America being marched into World War III?

Nukes or Will the Military Complex use it’s COVID Vaccine weapon? Read and understand DARPA and the Brain Initiative. Are these weapons in use today?

Here is evidence from the NIH (Dr.Fauci) DARPA-funded efforts in the development of novel brain-computer interface technologies - PubMed

Florida Surgeon General recommends not taking the Vaccine for men under 40. Data revealed an 84% increase in cardiac related deaths. So why are we still accepting injections in any State?

VAERS weekly analysis verifies Americans are still being killed and injured at a rate 3 times higher than all other Vaccines.

World Health Organization weekly report.

The WOKE World Health Organization pushing agenda of the UNITED NATIONS.

Our World confronts many evils that are real. These evils have controlled humanity for centuries. These evils are biblical and are Anti-Christ. All evils are satanic and will only be defeated by Jesus.

Our victory is not of man but of the pure energy of the living God. Our struggle is against man. Humanity must Unite in the power of God and the pure energy that is living a life without fear. Speak Truth; Stay united in charity and peace; Become the calm in this coming storm. All weapons of evil require humanity to stay in a continued state of Fear.

Fear nothing but the Judgment of God. Always remember God Wins with a single Word! Only when each human advances his or her knowledge of the most pure energy of God will we stand united calling forward the Will of God on this planet we all call home.

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