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LWN Podcast Live October 25th, 2022 9am

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Knowledge and Truth are the Weapons of Patriot Warriors!

Liberty Warrior Nation arms you with the best data and science available. LWN never accepts campaigns of Fear or False Hope. United to Save America holds a simple concept united the People gain victory over evil. Main Stream Media is in full on propaganda and deception mode. Democrats and RINO’s are working to divide America. Millions of dollars are being pumped into the U.S. Stock Market to deceive the People that Joey Dimes is turning around the economy.

As recession fears weigh on midterms, Biden warns Republicans will 'crash the economy' if they win control. Democrats feed the people fear and lies.

Joe Biden and Democrats have destroyed the American economy and they know it. Our economy will crash regardless of Democrat or Republican control. Economics is the study of fundamental principles that do not regard political party. Both Democrats and RINO’s have spent our tax dollars like drunken sailors spending. American generational wealth spending of fiat currency ends with massive inflation. Joe Biden has depleted oil reserves, advanced invasion on our Southern border, shipped military arms overseas and weaponized the Department of Justice against Americans.

Every effort Joe Biden has taken is to hide the incoming collapse of the Federal Reserve currency and the U.S. economy.

Every Democrat and RINO knows American first candidates will take control of Congress. MEDIA will sell a message of fear using DNC talking points to blame Americans for electing Patriots. Nothing they say is true. Nothing Biden says is true. Nothing the DOJ says is true. Congress is running for cover. MEDIA Lairs are propaganda enemies of the People.

American Patriots prepare yourself the proof of the treason is coming into the light. Nothing can stop what is coming. Stand firm, stand ready and stand with God; God selected you for this time. Evidence is coming to light that Central Bankers (CABAL) could advance the World into WWIII. Pay attention to Patriot News Outlets. The Satanic Rats are trapped and they will strike out. Remember every War has been the creation of these evil satanic cowards.

Dr. Fauci will be arrested using the evidence being released shortly in the Lancet. We have shared it all with you.

Endonuclease Fingerprint Indicates a Synthetic Origin of SARS-CoV-2.

This new study connects the identifying fingerprints that link federally funded research to a laboratory-constructed global pandemic.

The trail leads directly to the University of North Carolina and Ralph Baric who had received more than $200 million from Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Both these links should be e-mailed to your Congressman and Senators. NO MORE ASKING THIS IS THE SMOKING GUN!

COVID 19 symptoms have changed. Vaccinated versus unvaccinated symptoms change. Why the symptoms change within the Vaccinated? This offers further evidence that vaccinated genome was altered by the mRNA gene therapy.

The below link is direct from Karen Kingston and all credit and thanks to Karen a true Patriot Warrior. Every listener and reader should add her site to your links. Our listeners and readers have received this important knowledge over the many months. We must Warrior on against the genocide of humanity. Science and Data are your weapons of truth in a World of lies and liars.

Part 7: Dismantling COVID-19 Deceptions: The mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Can’t Edit the Human Genome is a Lie. That's Exactly What the COVID-19 Injections are Doing.

Thanks to Mike Adams for this great interview and conversation with Karen Kingston. This is a must watch presentation. Steven H has once again kept our listeners ahead of the main stream.

What do they know? What are they hiding from humanity? They have advanced and charted the planned depopulation of Earth.

VAERS weekly Analysis 10/14/2022

World Health Organization Weekly. 12.8 Billion humans have received vaccines. 6.55 Million Humans have died from the Dr. Fauci funded Virus. No accurate data on Vaccine deaths World Wide is available.

Always Remember Keep your eyes on God the Father and his only Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. During times of struggle we must trust God. Our Worldly enemies hold only earthly power. Our Lord and Savior holds authority over all creation. As always trust God Wins! Stay in the power of peace love and charity for all! If we are allowed to Vote Vote in person the day of the election.

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