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LWN Podcast Live September 27th, 2022 9am

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Media and Disinformation Operations

Weapons of the Globalist Deepstate.

Tell-A-Vision operates as a weapon of deception and control. Today Controllers have advanced electronic technology to limit human critical thinking. Human connection and one on one interaction are being limited. If we need knowledge, we simply search Google. When we need a word definition Google will offer Wikipedia and other sources. Many times, we have discovered that online source will redefine to meet the progressive meaning. They openly change definitions that have existed for decades. Vaccine, Inflation, recession and patriot are all examples of the changing the meaning of Words. Words that have a long-standing definition now can be changed to meet the designed ideology of a sector of belief. It is not that these Words are new.

Censorship of Words by Social Media was requested by the Biden / Progressives administration. Election Fraud, Vaccine, COVID 19, Hunter Biden’s lap top and any thing that goes against this Administration. Use of control algorithms to limit who can see post / videos and removal of use by censors is criminals.

Educators advance political ideology into the classroom. Introduction of a God-less social construct now exist in American schools. Any conversation of trans gender ideology is anti the Word of God.

During the Plandemic Main Stream Media has failed to report on the death and injuries caused by the mRNA Vaccines. Citizen journalist deliver by force the science and studies into the publics hands.

Department of Justice now weaponized against Americans who support the simple Words make America Great Again. FBI is a political arm of the Globalist Democrats to destroy any Patriot that speaks out. Freedom of Speech now removed from Americans. Due Process and Constitutional Rights removed by force. Armed Agents raid and seize property are will.

MEDIA fails to report TRUTH and pushes talking point narratives.

Our mission is to report all things not covered by Main Stream Media. Simply understand any newsroom could single out the task of reporting on Vaccine Awareness. Any Newsroom could cover this story but they fail the people. Always remember MEDIA is hiding the truth. Never forget their lies!

We were all victims of COVID. We were all lied to. No matter your race, sex, religion or ethnicity you are, we are all united by this. Children forced to wear mask was al a fraud. Schools should have never been closed. Closing down small business while keeping open Big Box stores did more harm than good. Forcing an untested experimental Gene Therapy into the arms of Americans was and is a criminal act.

American Main Stream Media is now running advertising for the criminals Pfizer and Moderna. The ads are pushing child vaccines and nano particle treatments. How much money is flowing from biopharmaceuticals to Tell-A-Vision to push drugs not fully human tested?

Show Links September 27th 2022

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Curing the pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19

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medicine - Part 1

Study of 9 million Swedes shows rapidly declining effectiveness of COVID vaccines against Omicron

COVID 19 Vaccines are Gene Therapy that will require continuous treatments. The mission has always been SELLS!

VAERS Weekly Analysis

World Health Organization weekly COVID report

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