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May 10th 2022 9am

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Our creator’s pure energy exists within all humanity. God’s perfect design of our immune system is found within our DNA. Science revealed the God Gene years ago. As we choose to do a deep dive into Covid 19 we believe that evil has focused on the destruction the pure energy of God. Proof reveals an evil assault on your perfect God given immune system. Proof reveals the effort to create control over your body and mind. Proof reveals that for decades DARPA has funded a path to silence the human ability to connect to God’s energy.

How many times have you asked the questions, Why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I? Is there a God? What works and what does not?

Regardless of your religion, science is clear all Humanity is connected to their creator. Regardless of ideology, humanity seeks the perfect energy of our creator.

Through out all human history a battle between good versus evil has raged on earth. Explore for yourself how God reveals his or her existence in your life. Within our core beings, we feel evil as a negative energy. Look at how your body and mind responds to anger, hate, confrontation, danger and lies. Anger takes over the mind and body. Doing a deep dive, you can learn how you body reacts, tight chest muscles, clinched jaw and fist. After confrontation, you feel exhausted and drained of energy. When we face danger we are forced to fight or flight, once again your mind and body will drained of energy. All negative energy revolves around fear. With negative energy there is a defined vibration and frequency that depletes your life force.

Lets look at the pure positive energy of God and how our body and mind respond to love, peace, a smile, music and truth. Sharing love with another human lifts our energy level. Think of how your mind and body feels when you share time with those you love. Being in peace, we feel relaxed and restored. Think of the energy you feel when you hear a favorite song. How often do you dance all by yourself? Science has verified the positive vibration and frequency of God. God empowers each of us to share love and truth.

Science has carried out many centuries searching for answers to the existence of God. Advanced Technology now has found within our bodies the God gene. Neurologists know the exact location within our brains the neuropath way that controls our connection to God.

All advancements of technologies offer two possibilities for humanity Good or Evil. Our effort has remained to search for truth. As men of God, we seek to offer all sides of data related to the known bio-lab created virus COVID 19 and the bio-lab vaccines. Our work to share all evidence does not bring us peace. Our work advances a need to share a path to standing with our creator to defeat evil. How do you carry the mission of getting the truth out? You simply share these podcast. You simply forward your concerns to those you love. When the powers of man seek destruction of God, you must confront this evil head on. In Gods name, stand firm without fear. The perfect energy of God will guide you. Seek always the positive power of God.


So death by Vaccine continues. Biological warfare by injection that alters your God given body and mind.

As always the VAERS ANALYSIS verifies that the CDC, FDA, HSH and Congress allows Americans to be killed by vaccines.

World Health Organization (WHO) weekly data reveals a continued decline in COVID 19 cases.

The Lancet offers a volume of data that perhaps is weighted dependent on the contributors. Still great


CDC investigation of unknown cause of acute hepatitis in children, what is said and what is not. Click on the recording.

Dazed in confused or just lacking competence our FDA?

Understanding Pfizer documents and real questions and concerns

Beware something evil this way comes. As we have covered a volume of data regarding lipid nano technology with the mRNA gene therapies being injected.

Every American should demand a end to emergency use authorization. We must demand time to observe the long term effects within the vaccinated.

Good video that gives a tiny intro to CRISPR and some risk.

Understanding why we share our thoughts on the danger of lipid nanoparticles in Vaccines (Gene Therapy). Are the vaccinated at risk of being hacked? Without longterm human trails being conducted humans are being treated as lab animals.

Understanding the Internet of Bio Nano technology contained in Vaccines and the risk. What and who will control the Internet of things? Is there a hidden agenda?

Could DARPA be in control of Bio-Nano Technology for mind control of Humanity? Can a human mind be controlled by a brain connection enter by vaccines? Have they perfected Pandora?

Remember we share only things that anyone can view.

Neuroweapons and the Law

Please spend some time with Yuval Harari. Yuval is the advisor to Klaus Schwab “ you will own nothing and be happy” Learn what Yuval believes is the future of humanity. Are we as humans simply algorithms of data to be controlled by AI? Will our future be one designed by men who believe they are God?

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