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May 24th 2022 9am

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United to Save America requires every American empower themselves to battle our captures. Understand that the British Crown criminally seized your freedom. Our Corporate Government operates the greatest scam ever created to enslave humanity. Our corporate government with intent holds us captive to a legal system that profits trillions of dollars per year. Our battle truly is against the Bar and the Crown. America lacks the education and knowledge to defeat a criminal system that is seeking to destroy our great nation. The numbers of Lawful People are small and seem to lack a top down ability to defeat the system.

God Bless those willing to establish themselves as sovereign living beings. Men or women willing to leave the corporate slave plantation to restore our free republic deserve our respect.

Our reality will only change when we stand united. Americans are assaulted daily and do nothing. Americans are going about life with no concept or understanding their lives will shortly change. Americans lack courage and will to end the criminal Khazarian Mafia masters. 95% of Americans have no clue they are nothing but ignorant slave labor. Those words are harsh but the reality is true. We were ALL captured at birth. We lived a life at the whim of evil. They wrote our history. They hid our true book of knowledge of God from us.

80% of our nation knows our 2020 election, like all elections was rigged. We did nothing. All elections are rigged! We the People do not exist! We the People have captured minds! We the People will accept all the evil they place on us! We accept control without question! We believe whatever lie they feed us! We accept the open murder by their medical system and we do nothing. We live in a dream they will fix it with the next rigged election! We cannot unite on saving our freedom! We fight small useless battles only to feel like we are making a difference! Buckle up buttercup they are truly coming for us and we will all be captured or die.

United States Corporation genocide by COVID 19 injection as reported by VAERS. Imagine the suffering continuing in the name of health care.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANAZATION CORPORATION of control to the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION and the NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNACE. Take time to scroll down the page that reveals the UNITED STATES CORPORATION cases of COVID 19 are in decline.

Always when you listen or read ask the question. What is not being said? What is the narrative? Is that narrative Truth? As we reported two months ago from a U.K. peer reviewed data, a higher number of COVID deaths are within the fully vaccinated.

UNITED STATES CORPORATE MEDIA shares the narrative as directed by the propaganda ministers. Be guarded of any attempt to build FEAR.

Who will survive designed Economic Collapse and Violence designed for America?

Americans are not prepared for designed attacks playing out. China is on a war footing and Joey Dimes is telling them we will go to war with them. The Domestic Terrorist known as our Federal Government will start WW III. The Crown, Vatican and Khazarian mafia are delivering America to the New World Order. Please understand Americans have failed to stop the Domestic Terrorist Party. Americans believe a false narrative that Government works for them. Americans believe we have a valid two Party system. Democrats and Republicans work together for profit. Democrats and Republicans have controlled power over Americans since 1869. No third Party has had the ability to defeat Democrats and Republicans. All rights, loss of freedoms, management of government expansion, military industrial complex, creation of agencies that control every aspect of American life was legislated by these two parties. America has a single Party operating as told by the Crown and the Vatican.

As Patriots continue to seek and share TRUTH violence will be visited on America. Violence and war are the tools of the great evil that controls the UNITED STATES CORPORATION as Patriots remove their power. Abortion is their greatest sin. When the Satanic controlled scream for murder in the womb, we give thanks to our God and seek the forgiveness for the 100’s of millions murdered.

Washington D.C. leads with highest abortion rates per 1000 women.

What is it that we each must understand about abortion in our UNITED STATES CORPORATION? A narrative of evil will not stand.

Power does not rest with the People. Government taxation primarily of workers funds all government bodies. Politian’s since Hamilton have used deficit spending. Deficit spending is simple to understand taxation creates the income of government; deficit spending is exceeding total income. Government has no income that it does not steal from the wealth of the people. Government and the two parties designed a system that advances only debt on the backs of the People.

At birth your vessel was given a NAME and you are lost at sea. Your status requires you to worship at the satanic alter of their legal system. You are the holder of only debt. Fact is account is massive and has been stolen day after day.

Modern Deficit Spending

Since 1970 (removal of sound money), the federal government has run deficits during every fiscal year for all but four years, from 1998 to 2001.The effect of these cumulative budget shortfalls is debated by political analysts and economists, but their origins are much less controversial. Simply government spends your money faster than you can earn it. They are required to tax at higher rate or capture the wealth of your children, grand children and great grand children. Allowing criminal government robbery of generational wealth rest with every American.

Americans were dumbed down on purpose. American hold little understanding of sound currency and responsible spending policy. How many Americans hold any amount of wealth? Gold or Silver represent wealth not debt notes.

Ever since the time of Alexander Hamilton, the U.S. government has turned to deficit spending as a means of financing wars, growing federal influence and providing public services without having to raise taxes or cut existing programs. Tax payers fund the Politian’s, government employees, welfare, military, teachers, police, firemen and criminal NGO’s who profit for handouts to criminal aliens.

Understanding the debt each American owes for the criminal spending policy of the single party government lairs.

American population 332 million citizens as of May 19th 2022. You can add 20, 000,000 illegal immigrants who receive government assistance (liability to tax payers). America has 154 million people in the workforce. Now pay attention this is an important fact American has 125 million income tax payers. This 125 million makes up the entire tax collection base of America. Simple math will tell you this 125 million pays for the entire 332 million. 63% of American pay no taxes and 37% are paying for their government provided support.

Our Government has created social programs using funding from tax payers and debt barrowing from Foreign Owned Central Bankers (Fed Reserve). The total of these unfunded liabilities is 169 Trillion dollars. Every American citizen owes 508 thousand dollars. Above you can see that 63% of Americans exist only on government programs our wages. American tax payers will need to pay an addition share of the debt which equals an added 106 trillion of the burden.

Let us look at our ability to pay our debt with production. Gross Domestic Production of the United States is an awesome number America will produces 23 trillion dollars this year. Now for the rest of the story our massive debt held by Foreign Central bankers and foreign governments requires payments that see our GDP in the negative -142%. Every American is now living with the reality of inflation and failed economic spending policies of both Parties.

Inflation is the required withdrawal of funding by our true masters Central Bankers. Every economic collapse of nations has been carried out by Central Bankers. Each bankruptcy advances their holdings. America you are the grant prize of the Central Bankers. They own it all. They bribed and created every government process to purchase America. Human suffering mean nothing. Human death is their design. They designed and created the total destruction of their debt currency to capture America and the World.

America by every definition is broke! We have more debt then we can pay back. With each interest rate hike the Central Bankers are completing their agenda. “You will own nothing and be happy.” We will live where they tell you. We will eat what they provide us. We will contribute to the collective or die. Our health and life will be under their control. Our Freedom and Liberty were sold by our government to the Central Bankers. We have lived a great life as a slave and had no idea. We did nothing to stop their system of control.

We locked down on order. We wore our mask to complete their advanced ID technology. We allowed them to selected their president. Our weak criminal domestic terrorist assisted in the rigged 2020 election. They won and we lost.

The World Governance known as the United Nations, British Crown and the Vatican owns American children. America’s Party will complete the agenda within days if they feel threatened by anyone. Government party criminals will not suffer they are protected. George H. Bush announced in a State of the Union Address that our government would usher in a New World Order. Every President from George H. empowered the United Nations to install World Governance. People of the United States captured the evidence and Trump had it all. We the People broke their election machines in 2016 to elect President Donald Trump. President Trump delivered a message to the United Nations. America will never accept a Global master.

America will never allow a Socialist World Order. Americans declared with a loud voice “not on our watch”. We forced them to their end game. We pissed them off!

Globalist unleashed their end game by selecting to capture the United States Presidency. Globalist carried out the most visible Coup on November 22, 1963. From that date, forward America was a captured nation.

Many historical facts say our Nation never won the revolutionary war and we were always under the rule of the Crown. Clear proof exist that our captured government formed a central bank owned Corporation after the civil war (1871). Every attempt to break away from the central bankers has led to massive suffering of the people.

Our 2020 election revealed to anyone willing to seek truth globalist declared war on the United States. Americans are the victims of the end game of the decades long Coup D’état. Americans are forced to suffer mind control media (fake news), dumbed down indoctrination center (public schools), corporate medical tyranny, Military Traitors, 24/7 tracking and surveillance, food insecurity (baby formula), collapse and loss of economic prosperity, invasion of our nation and clearly a weak puppet who is task with our total destruction.

God will restore order to his people. The inhumane and unjust enslavement will end, only when We the People attach our selves to lawful order. YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN! You are a living child of the most high GOD creator of all things. You are created with unalienable rights from GOD! No man or system can take your Freedom. OWN SILVER and GOLD to assisted your survival of the designed economic collapse.


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