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LWN Podcast on Podbean also now available on Frank Speech June 7th 2022 9am Show Links.

Only when you seek TRUTH can you truly prepare.

United to Save America our mission remains as always to educate and share TRUTH. Living as a vessel lost at sea is no longer acceptable. Americans must change their status to a living free person of the land. Americans must face reality your status as a vessel lost at sea holds you captive. You are literally a slave to a criminal corporation. THE UNITED STATES COPORATION is bankrupt and spending money stolen from you. You bond value is being used to send funds to criminal central bankers seeking to destroy America.

STOP asking why is Joe Biden doing things that are destroying America. Joe Biden is a criminal selected by the World Order to complete the Obama mission to hand America over to World Bankers.

· Joe Biden is not your President. Joe Biden was not lawfully elected. Joe Biden is a criminal and has always been a lair and cheat. Congress used the Jan 6 event to seat Joe Biden. America is living under Authoritarian rule.

· Americans are captives of a criminal cartel. Article II Section 4 states that Joey Dimes for his accepting bribes, high Crimes should be removed from office. Americans have no lawful Justice system. The Corporate Courts are allowing a criminal class to escape Justice. Americas Law enforcement at the highest level allows the criminal class to roam free. Targeted Patriots are being punished and held without due process. Communist and Criminal Political Cartel members are allowed to lie and steal.

· Congress allowing the invasion of our nation along our Southern Border rest with Congress and not the traitor Joe Biden. Article 1 Section 8 places the job of rules of naturalization on Congress. Do a deep dive to see who in Congress is profiting from the funding of the Invasion.

· Congress and the Executive Branch are allowing the distribution of counterfeit currency by a foreign power. Debt notes are not lawful legal currency and hold no true value. The foreign Federal Reserve Bank has not produced a statement of accounts of receipts and expenditures of the public money. Our so-called dollar is not lawful money as per our Constitution. Read and understand Article I section 10.

· Joe Biden and Congress are funding a foreign military with American tax dollars without a vote of We the People.

· Congress and Joe Biden decided that cutting off Trade with Russia to the adverse effect on the United States and the people was their right.

· The NIH and DOD assisted the creation of Bio-Labs within foreign nations that created the Bio-Weapon COVID 19. Foreign Bio-Labs were used to avoid mandates that were put in place in the U.S.A. Tax payer funding of foreign powers to kill Americans is repugnant. NIH and DARPA have advanced lethal injections with full acceptance of increased death rates of Americans. NIH, FDA, CDC and DARPA have conspired to create mind control drugs and devices that with alter the God created human genome.

· Designed inflation and pending economic collapse of the Planet is the agenda of those who we call the New World Order. This New World Order selected Joe Biden as President. This New World Order controls Congress and drives social track, trace and control of humans. This New World Order advances depopulation of Earth. Every destructive economic action by Joe Biden is driven by the New World Order Agenda. Remember the Great Reset is real it is underway.

· COVID 19 vaccines are responsible for the highest death rate by vaccine in recorded history. CDC, FDA, NIH and Joe Biden are all pushing the deadliest vaccine in history. Congress has done nothing to stop the injection of Americans. COVID 19 vaccines are gene therapy as we have revealed from Pfizer's patent application. We have proven and provided our knowledge of genomic splicing using CHISPER CAS 9 is taking place. mRNA injection do contain lipid nanoparticles that can break the blood brain barrier that would allow creation of brain circuitry.

· The FDA, CDC and NIH knew effective treatments. Distribution of effective early COVID treatments would have saved Americans. Estimates are hundreds of thousand lives would have been saved. Failure to use early treatments allowed emergency use to inject humans.

· Joe Biden weaponized the DOJ and FBI to track Parents who challenged the rights of School Boards to force mask mandates, CRT and transgender agenda in our public schools. Parents who spoke out became the target of Biden and his agenda to a communist style social construct. Government was armed against the taxpayers who spoke out. Taxation without representation is on full display. Parents organized and pushed back against the School Board Corporations and won battles step by step claiming their rights. Parents educated each other and stood in protect of the over reaching tyrant School Boards and State Governments.

· Joe Biden has made no attempt to slow the New World Order agenda. Pain and suffering of Americans means nothing to Biden or Congress. Americans reveal a willingness to fight back against the tyrannical Biden and his Congress. Congress and Biden continue driving racial divide. Congress and Biden are forced into a more rapid pace of destruction. New World Order agendas grand prize is the total disarmament of the United States.

God Bless those willing to establish themselves as sovereign living beings. Men or women willing to leave the corporate slave plantation to restore our free republic deserve our respect.

Vaccine Links for June 7th

FDA will review for approval a Fourth Vaccine today June 7th 2022.

United States Corporation genocide by COVID 19 injection as reported by VAERS. Imagine the suffering continuing in the name of health care.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANAZATION CORPORATION of control to the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION and the NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNACE. Take time to scroll down the page that reveals the UNITED STATES CORPORATION cases of COVID 19 are in decline.

Always when you listen or read ask the question. What is not being said? What is the narrative? Is that narrative Truth? As we reported two months ago from a U.K. peer reviewed data, a higher number of COVID deaths are within the fully vaccinated.

UNITED STATES CORPORATE MEDIA shares the narrative as directed by the propaganda ministers. Be guarded of any attempt to build FEAR or create Doubt.

You will witness a professional designed performance by Congress. Always understand they will show us their story. These are the very enemies of lawful men and women. These are the very people that have held men in D.C. without due process. These are the very people that created the capital unrest of Jam. 6th. Jan.6 was a Pelosi design to avoid any effort to slow selecting the criminal Joe Biden. Always look at what they don’t tell you. Where is the sworn testimony of Nancy Pelosi? Where is the testimony of the Mayor of D.C.? Who opened the doors? Who truly incited the people to enter the capital? How many FBI agents were inside the capital on Jan.6th?

You are going to witness the last effort salvage destruction of President Trump. They are moving up the pace of the End Game!

When you know you can prepare for their End Game. They will unleash pure evil on humanity. Genocide is a large part of the World Order Agenda to depopulate the planet. Should you prepare? Should you have fear? Understand this link is not meant to share fear. This reality could be coming. Key word COULD!

These are must watch and listen to understand fully the risk of Vaccines (gene therapy) splicing the human DNA. Great risk and danger is revealed at how the vaccines could be weapons that can be activated at any time. A two part video conversation on Neuroweapons.



Understanding how connecting humans to the internet is done. Are Vaccinated Humans a connectable devise?


2. How to determine your connectivity

The link below will take you to my telegram page. A must watch and share video from West Point in 2018. Listen to what our Military is working on.

Who will survive designed Economic Collapse, Violence and vaccine death designed for America? Only those willing to learn and seek the truth and educate yourself for all things that could come our way. Satan has many captured souls and minds. I believe the evil we witness today is the attempt to capture the minds and souls of mankind. Men seeking destruction on levels a child of God struggles to comprehend. For all things of God, Satan will seek a greater evil. Science is a play ground of great minds both good and evil.

God will restore order to his people. The inhumane and unjust enslavement will end, only when We the People attach our selves to lawful order. As children of God the creator we must seek a World where all weapons of war are destroyed. You are a Child and creation of God the FATHER. YOU ARE NOT A CITIZEN of man made evil! You are a living child of the most high GOD creator of all things. You are created with unalienable rights from GOD! No man or system can be allowed to take your Freedom.


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