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Elevate Our Conversation above the designed Narrative of Man. Seek a connection with God our creator.

Humanity confronts a disposition of continuous control by elements of Evil. We speak the Words of a battle of Good versus Evil. Many clarify the Words using God the Creator versus Satan the Dark Angel. Men who embrace Satan have received their reward of earthy power and exchange for their eternal souls. Our effort to educate Americans and the World to man made evil will never stop. Our mission is TRUTH and open conversation of all information we find.

Humanity must now elevate our conversation. Humans must connect their minds and souls to the limitless energy of God our creator. Humans must turn their minds from negative energy. Evil using man made weapons is playing their end game. Depopulation and full control of humanity is their agenda. You can choose to be a Victim or elevate your connection to Gods Life Force.

Albert Einstein said, “God did not create evil. Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is the absence of God.”

Our mission is to shine light into the darkness of censorship and controlled speech.

Evil men captured our American Government in 1871 to remove our victory of Independence. Our imprisoners used money to buy the United States. They did not declare victory or celebrate the purchase of Washington D.C.. They seized power over our Constitution, our money, our military, our land and all means of production. Our captors are foreign European Bankers all evil seeks power and control of all wealth.

Our Great President and General Dwight Eisenhower shared with President Kennedy our secret captors. President Kennedy unveiled his effort to restore our Nation to independence. Domestic terrorist working within the C.I.A murdered President Kennedy. President Eisenhower knew WWII was a created war of evil men. Eisenhower became aware of the evil efforts to create a master class Military Industrial Complex that would control the World.

Korea, Viet Nam were carried using a Media narrative that we must defeat Communist. While they very funding of Russia and China were funding the USA.

Corporate Industrial Evil created chemical addiction to cancer causing tobacco, asbestos, radiation, and chemo to cure but never cure. CI.A. Driven inflation was required to fight the Cold War. 911 was to cover their bankruptcy. Need Oil created Muslim extremist and Middle Eastern wars. Race, Left vs. Right, Gay rights, taxation and media propaganda were all created to divide our nation. Creation of the internet was their mistake. Patriots used their systems to reveal their evil.

Bio-Labs funded by the Department of Defense created COVID 19 and the Vaccines that kill Americans every week. Supply chain and food shortages were, designed to starve and drive unstable minds to violence and civil war.

You the Patriots have forced their end game agenda by electing President Trump in 2016. You forced them to rig and steal and remove President Trump at all cost. Remember God is their enemy. If you are a human that believes in a creator, you are their enemy. As their enemy your must be controlled, captured or killed.

Joey Dimes is failing at all levels and the American decline is on hyper boost. Joey Dimes masters own and control Media.

Joey Dimes has weaponized the D.O.J. against parents, Free Speech and Guns. Joey Dimes has failed to enforce laws that protect judges from criminal protesters. Invasion, Injection mandates, Economic collapse, food shortages, Roe vs Wade leak, violent crime increases, fuel prices, homelessness, political ideology and war. What has Joey Dimes got right?

Joey Dimes is feeding a racist agenda. Government on all sides is fueling leftist extremist minds. Americans are waking up. Americans are asking questions and demanding answers. Light is flooding the darkness that is our Political system known as the Deep State. America has a single party controlled by evil. We the People are sharing a Truth to those who chose to accept an evil master. The sleeping are being shaken awake to what happens when we fail to stand in the light.

Only God can defeat this World Wide Evil. Trust in God always. Maintain your Faith. Your Liberty and freedom are under attack from domestic foreign controlled traitors. These Traitors sold their souls and your liberty in freedoms.

VAERS ANALYSIS for May 6, 2022 Vaccines continue to kill Americans on a daily basis.


WHO Governance meeting Starts May 22, 2022

Now prepare your mind to listen to what could take place. We must stay on top of what is taking place with the formula shortage.

Always look at what is not said by our Corrupt U.S. Government and Media. Follow the Money. Remember there are pallets of formula stacked along the border. Why did Abbott shut down? Did the corrupt FDA shuts down Abbott? Who owns Abbott? Could BIOMILQ receive Emergency Use Authorization?

Timeline of Abbott’s production shut down. It is important to know Abbott is the largest producer of baby formula in the U.S.. Abbott accounts for 40% of American formula production. The FDA and HHS KNEW they would loose 40% of production. They did nothing to ensure or find another source. FDA and the Biden administration did nothing to advance inventory short falls that they knew would occur. Abbott’s largest investors are Vanguard, Black Rock and State Street.

When Globalist predict food shortages and supply chain issues it is a plan. Globalist and our corrupt political system creates the crisis to feed fear. Their mission is to drive a victim mentality to their profitable solution. War, Famine and diseases are the creation of evil masters to control and enslave humanity.

BIOMILQ is the synthetic human milk funded by Breakthough Ventures’ investing coalition includes Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Masayoshi Son, Jack Ma, Michael Bloomberg and Marc Benioff. CHINA connection is complete.

Watch for a push to advance an Emergency Use Authorization. We have seen this movie before. We must not allow American babies to become a bio test for profit.

Eighteen months after creating the world’s first cell cultured human milk, 108Labs is now focused on accelerating the field from lab to factory by building and programming the world’s first autonomous Cellufacturing facility and artificial intelligence platform for production of cell cultured human milk in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Did you know? Scientists have introduced human genes into 300 dairy cows to produce milk with the same properties as human breast milk, The Telegraph reports.

This Link is an interesting read. Perhaps this will explain why Lloyd Austin held a one-hour conversation with his Russian counterpart.

Father God Creator from a Native American understanding of end of days. Listen the reawakening to our connection to the creator.

Trust and reclaim your natural connection of Mind and Spirit to God. God our creator has empowered each Human with a life force that simply requires us to seek that energy. Evil is working to silence that life force and connection to God. Limit your exposure to Tel-a-vision. Anytime your thoughts become negative seek the positive. Ask yourself what is it God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit would have me think? Is this of God? Does this serve and empower all mankind? Read the Word seek the connection of what is said? Speak Truth, Listen others, and Trust your instinct?

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