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Free Speech Governance / Disinformation Governance Board

First Amendment

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


(əˈbrɪdʒ) v.t. a•bridged, a•bridg•ing.

1. to shorten by omissions while retaining the basic contents: to abridge a book.

2. to reduce or lessen in duration, scope, or extent; diminish; curtail: to abridge a visit.

3. to deprive; cut off.




1. The faculty or act of speaking.

2. The faculty or act of expressing or describing thoughts, feelings, or perceptions by the articulation of words.

3. What is spoken or expressed, as in conversation; uttered or written words.

Definition of speech

1a: the communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words

b: exchange of spoken words : CONVERSATION

2a: something that is spoken : UTTERANCE

b: a usually public discourse : ADDRESS

b: an individual manner or style of speaking

4: the power of expressing or communicating thoughts by speaking




1. Deliberately misleading information announced publicly or leaked by a government or especially by an intelligence agency in order to influence public opinion or the government in another nation.

2. Dissemination of such misleading information.

3. The dissemination of intentionally false information to deliberately confuse or mislead.

Our Founders came from tyrannical control to birth a nation of Free Man. They enshrined their fight for Freedom, Liberty and the right to own property for any man or woman.

The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence have stood the test of time.

Our founding documents placed firm lawful constraints on Government. Our Bill of Rights (First 10 amendments) empowers a free People to self govern. Our documents verify that we the People have full power over the government.

President Biden has openly revealed his attack on every America.

· Unlawful acts have allowed invasion of our sovereign borders. During a pandemic Biden failed to test and detain criminal aliens. Biden and Homeland security transferred untested aliens into every State.

· Biden forced vaccine mandates that cost Americans their lives. Forced injection of an experimental vaccine.

· President Biden lacks the mental capacity to govern due to dementia. Biden’s dementia makes it clear he is unfit for service.

· Biden has used the Department of Justice to target Parents labeling them as domestic terrorist.

· Biden has disrupted commerce and national security by depleting our strategic petroleum reserves.

· Biden with full knowledge has advanced a spending policy using the Federal Reserve to create inflation (taxation without representation).

· Biden on Monday April 11th, the announced a new crack down on American’s Second Amendment rights — entirely bypassing Congress — and ruling by executive decree instead. The new rule attacks individuals who build their own firearms at home.

· Biden has openly lied to Americans regarding his son’s Laptop from Hell.

· Biden is advancing a food shortage and has no plan for food security.

· Biden after the Elon Musk purchase of Twitter announced the formation of Disinformation Governance Board under DHS who has advanced the open border failures. Biden has created a Czar to attack Free Speech.

· Biden will spend 33 billion dollars during inflation to care for Ukraine. Advancing the Military Complex war machine while many Americans suffer food insecurity.

· Biden’s HHS head Xavier Becerra openly says vaccines are killing Americans. His words reveal the fact HHS knows vaccines are killing humans.

Americans must take a stand. There is no waiting for a savior. Joe Biden is a criminal who suffers from dementia. Joe Biden is not running America. America run by an Authoritarian Corporate Regime hell bent on the destruction of America. Controllers have revealed their plans to depopulate and destroy the World Economy. Joe Biden is exceeded all expectations of the Trillionaires who control humanity. War in Ukraine is their last money laundering operation to bring down the old system. Prepare to witness their next false flag event. Remember it will involve massive death and will define who they have selected to be the enemy of humanity. THE EVIL CONTROLLERS ARE THE ENEMIES they will carry out whatever they have chosen.

Americans are suffering and killed every day. Congress knows the People are suffering. Congress/both political parties are criminal and complicit advancing the downfall of the United States. We have all the evidence needed to take action.

Our World and all Governments know that evil controllers manage, control and design our human existence. Americans are indoctrinated to accept a ruling class of controllers. Our Military Complex has advanced death and control for profit for decades. Dark Controllers operate the Corporations who profit from death and destruction.

Our governments placed power in the name of national security into the hands of secret agencies that operate without answering to the people.

Dark money agencies operate as private Corporations who never face accountability to the people. These Private Corporations Operate as Contractors to government. Government funnels funding that will never be questioned in the name of National Security. President are not allowed to view the secrets of the controllers. Congress is simply told they lack clearance. Private Contractors are charged with hiding technology that both kills and saves lives. Humanity must never know the truth. Each time a human reveals any dark secret they are found dead our destroyed.

What are they hiding?

Free Energy, life saving treatments, vehicles that will never require gas and unlimited food supplies. They are hiding advanced systems that will end all nuclear threads of war. They are hiding the fact they have captured humanity in a matrix that limits our existence. They have kept us as slaves to advance their wealth. They know we know and now they are killing as many humans as they can. They seek to limit who will live a better life. Their design will remove God and control the minds of those they select to live. They are hiding their control of every government. We have no power over them. They own the system (matrix) of control. They are hiding their man created air craft.

Who will loose if their hidden secrets are revealed?

Imagine a world where energy was free. Every electric company, every oil company and every combustion engine company would plummet in value. For over 100 years they have held humanity hostage to a limited existence. The Controllers fear humanity united against them.

Their plan is known and they are advancing death and destruction. Controllers are playing the end game. Black Hats are battling White Hats. No one knows how the hidden war will end. You mission is not to be a blind victim. Your mission is to speak truth to power. Your mission is to never be silent or live in fear. They will bring a fear false flag event to the World. They will kill humans using their advanced technology. FEAR will advance their false flag narrative of us against some evil. They are the evil. Remember they have created every WAR. Remember they created COVID and Vaccines. They hold you captive to corporations for energy. They can flip the switch to remove what ever you think you own. Remember you will own nothing and be happy.

Perhaps a look behind the curtain will empower you.

Here is a trailer to a must watch movie.

Please consider buying my book a Victim No More on Amazon. My cost for the website are coming due. God Bless you my fellow Patriots. Our battle for truth will save our nation and our World. A controlled government can never silence Americans. Know your rights and demand accountably of the controlled representatives.

LWN May 3rd 2022 9am Show links

4th boosters not effective as per the New England Journal of Medicine and Israel have same negative effectiveness of immunity.

The FDA has been warned of mRNA Gene Therapy risk that will require prolonged treatments with nucleoside analogues and Mitochondrial Toxicities.

April 6, 2022 meeting of FDA Vaccine Related Biological Product Advisory Committee Video is a must watch and listen. The FDA KNOWS the harms of this gene therapy.

The Warning are World Wide and must not be ignored.

VAERS Weekly Analysis


As always we track the World Health Organization COVID tracker.

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