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LWN Podcast Show Links March 29th 9am

Download the Podbean App to your phone or device and join us. Podbean offers us to speak freely without the censorship of FB and YouTube. Show 12 of the Liberty Warrior Nation Series.

When they called us or told you we were conspiracy theorist, did you question what was true? Truth is not conspiracy!

These two documents reveal you are not taking a vaccine you are being injected with a Human Gene Therapy. All the truthful Doctors attempted to reveal this truth and were all censored. What has been the cost of this massive censorship? Who profited from the lie? Who must be held accountable for the genocide?

Human Gene Therapy Products Incorporating Human Genome Editing and Cellular and Gene Therapy Products

Warnings and data are being delivered from Europe and Israel that are dire. Nanoparticle technology collection data is verifying the concerns voiced by many doctors.

Study reveals that RNA can and has been seen to Reverse transcribe into DNA! BAM! Humans are being injected and used as lab rats.

Brave intelligent Congressman Troy Nehls places Dr. Robert Malone interview into Congressional Record. Read the interview it is a powerful statement on the reality of what is taking place. There is a Patriot Lesson here. If you have anything Censored or Cancelled contact your Congressman and request his staff to verify your information and have it read into Congressional Record. Remember this is how the 45 steps to a Communist America were retained for all of history.

LWN attempts to offer resources that assist with Your efforts to share truth and elevate others to look at both sides of all things.

Take the time and learn who Klaus Schwab is. Our battle today is to defeat the Great Reset. Also understand the direct link to COVID Vaccines. Evidence is being revealed step by step that as altered humans (DNA) change humanity will move to a transhuman existence.

You must know your enemy and his plan to depopulate our World it is real.

Weekly data points

VAERS summary for 3/18/2022

World Health Organization 3/21/2022

The Lancet

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