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Nancy Pelosi and Traitor Joe know the TRUTH! DO YOU!

The Criminal selection of Traitor Joe was about regaining power over the people. Americans are the enemy of the New World Order. Americans will never be allowed self-governance. America is a captured Authoritarian Government. American propaganda media is a primary enemy of the people. America is ruled by a criminal cartel known as the DEEP STATE. We the People are slaves to a very evil system completing a mission of genocide and full control.

The completed mission to remove President Trump required the criminal actions of the TRAITORS! We forced them again to use their criminal election (selection) process. Elections are rigged and have been for decades by both Parties. Corporate Authoritarian Governments requires elections to appear fair and free of corruption while selecting their pimps.

As Nancy Pelosi produces a made for TV rigged event will America really see what really happened? Will Nancy show this video? Nancy Pelosi the person in charge of Capital Security has not been forced to testify; why? Why will they not allow the testimony of the D.C. Mayor? Why will they not show the murder by Capital Police of Rosanne Boyland? Why won't the show the video of the doors being unlocked and police allowing protesters into the Capital. Why would Nancy hire a T.V. producer to organize the made for Prime Time Jan 6th rigged criminal committee?

Look for your self; determine what really is going on. This rigged criminal committee will not show both sides of what really took place. Nancy and the Criminal Joey Dimes are still on a mission to destroy President Trump and you! On January 6th the Mission of Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and Mike Pence was to disrupt the planned objections of Senators and Congressmen. Without the planned Capital breach, the objections would have moved forward. Congress was complicit in the rigged election of the Traitor Joe Biden.

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