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Narratives of the SHOW versus Quantum Intelligence

· Dr. Fauci advanced the creation of gain of function viruses in China. COVID 19 was lab created (Bio-Weapon). Patriots are 99% certain of release from the WUHAN Lab. (Accidental or by Intent). Dr. Fauci back funneled American Tax Dollars to the Wuhan Lab thru Canada Lab. Gain of function was banded in the USA. The man that guided two Presidents assisted with development of this Bio-Weapon. Now that the election is over Dr. Fauci is out! Millions across the planet have died and the Nations Doctor financed the cause.

Reality is that within days of release the connection to the lab became HUGE possibility. President Trump revealed that Intel and was attacked by the SHOW. Media and Democrats covered up the Bio-Weapon release for political gain. The only hope of Democrats was a rigged mail-in election scam. CCP will be revealed and could very possibly worked with Americans (Treason). Patriots tracked the news and shared it far and wide. We worked to reveal our truth documents, whistleblowers and Doctors who shared the Fauci cover-up of funding China Lab. 7 to 11 million have died from COVID 19. The Vaccine was created without any long-term studies.

Doctors came forward with treatments for COVID that were and are highly effective and safe. The Government and Media censored treatments.

These same advocates pushed FDA Emergency Use Authorization mRNA vaccines. Citizens taking the Vaccine are signing to receive a under researched Shot. Many Doctors have come forward against the emergency use of the vaccines. Yet today children are getting the shot. Many States and Criminal Corporations are limiting rights without the JAB.

Media has killed the flow of information of truth into the mainstream. Big Tech is guilty of massive censorship of vaccine information. Patriots Doctors exist and shared their issues across the digital warriors platforms. American Frontline Doctors have a massive body of work with treatments. Who would take a vaccine when early treatments are over 99% effective? Why are they hell bent to inject everyone with a Bill Gates funded vaccine? What ties Bill Gates to Dr. Fauci? What are the things to track of those who have taken the vaccine? What health issues are possible for the vaccinated? What will happen in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years? Where to you get treatments and why are these treatments not given to the Americans not wanting to take the emergency use vaccine? What is the role of the CDC and the FDA with regard to citizen health care? Where the hell are these questions from the Media and Politicians? Why the cover up of treatments?????

· Media revealing increase in taxation across every sector of the American economy is being legislated. Inflation is in full swing. Federal Reserve Bankers are sure to increase interest rates. History records the path of increase taxation on the poor and middle class. INFLATION is a tax on all consumers. Corporations will increase cost of all goods to cover any tax rate increase. Spending of the federal government is expanding government rule across all levels. Debt to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ratio is at 143%.

Reality of economy 37% of the US is funding 63% of the US Population. This is the recipe for economic collapse and expanded take over of the system. You must learn how Marxism takes hold. Anytime government expands citizens dependence on the government citizen control over their life shrinks. Patriots are working to expose the plans of Central Bankers and our Federal Government. Today the cyber attacks are being allowed to happen to increase prices.

Media and Biden are pushing the narrative that White Americans are the cause of economic suffering of Americans of color.

Economic suffering is being peddled as a racial issue. The Have’s versus the Have Not’s. Simply type those words into Google.

Patriots and Historians are sharing outside of MEDIA SHOW is the disaster coming. Every Nation that his taken this banker created ride looses freedom. EVERYTIME! If you support the Biden Administration you are locking yourself into slavery and your rights will be taken. President Trump revealed the Biden agenda of Socialism and World Governance by the banking corporations. Patriots have revealed who the evil players are. A global CABAL of Evil controls central Bankers. These are the controllers of all economic suffering of humanity. Today you are the target and your suffering has started. God has revealed the days you are living.

A volume of documents exist that reveal the ultimate plans of the CABAL. They have shared their need to depopulate the planet. You must understand inflation and how to survive. Patriots are sharing the story of the Quantum Financial System. You should understand NESARA.

· Media and Politicians are showing two narratives of the Border Crisis. Leftists require ignorant voters and the Right screams crisis.

Human trafficking on display each day and night. Biden has handed the Border Crisis to Willie Browns girl friend Kamala. Kamala is yet to visit the Border or even share her plan to stop the human suffering on our border. Leftists say these humans must be given asylum as they flee oppression. The Right says we can only allow legal immigration. Children are being shipped to all 50 states.

Reality for 5 months America has witnessed and allowed human trafficking of children. America is watching the increase on death and violence on our border. Deadly drugs are screaming into our cities. These humans are profit generators for both the Left and the Right. Media places no demand on Biden or Congress to fix the border. America could stop this sin over night. Yet we as Americans stand bye and watch what we know will be children trafficked for sex. We accept the criminal gangs profit from the rape and murder of these victims if the Biden Plan. This was a Plan of both Biden and his Masters the Central Bankers. Destruction of your nation is being completed; while you stand by and watch your children go about life free from harm. What you fail to see is the planned destruction is coming to your children and grand children. President Trump told you this was coming from Joe Biden and the Central Bankers. The mission of the New World order is open borders and no national sovereignty. Where is Trump?

· Media and Democrats and RINO Republicans continue the narrative that Dementia Joe was elected President. Anyone that request that the election be investigated is a conspiracy nut. CNN says that Trump is pushing his followers not to accept the rigged election. No Media is covering the election audit taking place in Arizona.

Republican State Legislators are advancing and passing election reforms across the Nation. Media, Democrats and Dementia Joe are calling the efforts to ensure secure elections Jim Crow Legislation to isolate minority voters. Pushing a racist narrative must always take center stage.

Reality the Arizona audit is key. Pennsylvania Republicans call for election audit similar to Arizona’s. Media and Democrats continue to paint efforts to verify what happened as a Coup. Georgia is set to join Arizona in reviewing a massive number of ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election, according to multiple reports as legal battles continue more than six months after the final ballots were cast.

What do Patriots know? Patriots watched 4 years of Democrat lies and two impeachments of President Trump. Continuous lies and attacks by Media.

Big Tech censorship of a President was accepted and funded by Leftist. Courts failed to allow collection of election evidence that would have allowed a complete open investigation. Every election issue was dismissed for a lack of standing. This allowed no evidence to be presented. What are they hiding? It is clear from evidence that was presented by Mike Lindell something was done with the voting machines. Between Republican and Democrat voters 80 million voters still believe the Election was rigged. Why would Congress and the Courts not demand full forensic audits?

Patriots are painted as conspiracy tin hats. I guess Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK by his self. Those buildings on 9/11 just fell like a demolition blast because they said so. Hint building 7 housed the documents to start NESARA on 9/11. There are no UFO’s or aliens. Hillary Clinton and Barack were not running weapons. Barack Obama was born on US soil. Saddam Husain had weapons of mass destruction. George Floyd is a hero. Critical Race theory came from East Coast universities. If you learn the truth behind every thing painted as conspiracy you will always find death and central bankers.

Our President Donald Trump. Told us Democrats were working to rig our election and told us how it would be done.

President Trump signed Executive Order 13848 in 2018. Read it and understand Trump knew their plans. On election night the election machines in 5 states were connected to Italy and Germany using a Vatican satellite operations were funded by CHINA! Arrests were made in Italy and servers were captured in Germany. Think Space Force! Patriots have been told “WE HAVE IT ALL”.

· Media is showing you the foreign policy failures of Dementia Joe. Cyber attacks (Russia), Iran nuke deal on the table, Russia staging troops on Ukraine border, Israel and Hamas rockets flying, China prepared to attack Taiwan and all agreements in South America to slow the tide of criminal border crossings broken. Biblical war is the key to watch.

Reality Dementia Joe is leading the United States into wars across the World. Patriots have a clear understanding that with each World wide economic crisis come Central Banker funded WAR! Israel will be last. History reveals the truth of US Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq war each war was driven by money and power to the Central Bankers. Humanity means nothing to these satanic evil bastards. Could the death of vaccine recipients lead to War with China? Could a race war be started inside the U.S.? Could China’s entry into Taiwan start a War? War and rumors of wars is biblical.

Central Bankers and many Global elites have been recorded advancing depopulation of Earth.

Let’s get real our nation has witnessed the election of a criminal controlled by China. Dementia Joe knows his election was the expansion of a Coup D’etat that has been underway since Obama. This Coup has a single mission One World Governance controlled by the Central Bankers. The United States Corporation is the target. Control the U.S. by any means required. Humanity is on the brink of destruction. Death and suffering is a old weapon to Satanic Cabal Elites. This evil feeds on the blood of children and all humanity for profit.

Patriots are holding onto their hopes and prayers that God will reveal his power over this World. We also know President Trump is advancing his return in August. While Media spins Patriots as White racist idiots who are being sold false hope by Trump. Reality is many of our fellow Americans are from every race and every state. We are now the only truth in source of news. Yes we get Intel that is not always true. When it happens we share the truth we are not in control of any mission. We have received Quantum drops since 2017 that we believe to be coming from inside the Trump White House. Many of these drops are verified truth that we have witnessed. Our prayers are to Father God, Jesus Christ and our Holy Spirit to reveal truth to us. If we are deceived we pray God’s enlightenment to guide us to find the truth. Our truth is a love of God, Family and our Great Nation. We will not live in fear of evil. We are prepared to battle Satan with the WORD of our savior Jesus Christ. You can watch hundreds of hours of fact-based history that reveals the evil of Satan on Earth. Or you can choose to accept the LIES of media. We are TRUTHERS and will not accept the lies of Satan and his evil Central Bankers. We wake each day with a prayer to father God of thanks and love. We search everyday for truth that we may share with our fellow Patriot’s. Reaching just one person with the Word of God and the truth of Evil revealed is a great day.

I am watching the economic system changes. If we are to defeat the CABAL we must bankrupt their evil system of debt slavery. We must save the Children that they feed on. We must destroy their weapons of mass human death and suffering. It is time for each Patriot to stand firm and gird yourself with the full armor of God. Arm yourself as lawful men and women of a God designed free Republic. We must stand united. Defeat any and all fear! Many have paid the full measure to keep our World Free. Be prepared these are the days shared by the Word of God and his beloved Son Jesus Christ. We are children of God the creator of all things. We will restore the greatest nation on earth not by eating the lies of Satan.

Pray daily, read the Word of God, accept no attack that is against your core values and beliefs and stand unite when the time comes. Remember as children of God, where we go 1 we go all! This battle is heating up! Pray for the safety of all Patriots and our blessed Warriors moving this forward battle everyday. Never fear We Have it ALL! Foreign interference and Democrat election rigging is the true COUP. Their Treason will be revealed!

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