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News reported and not reported 10:17 am 10.27.2021

Links to get you started!

Virginia Governor race, how many machines to they have up and running in Virginia? LOL They rigged a President race. Looking at Louisiana 2018 Governor race I can tell you they can rig a Governor race. I firmly believe Louisiana was a trail run for the 2020 elections. GOOD LUCK BREAK THE SYSTEM.

Isis K who cares?

Attorney General Garland testifies to Senate. I have not seen it can tell you now how this goes. It will be simply a shit show. Democrats will heap praise on Garland and blame everything on Trump. Trump is the bad guy and dementia China Joe is not a criminal. Democrats will say Parents are a crazy pissed violent mob. Democrats are required to always find a path to racism. Parents have a righteous fear of harm to their children’s bodies and minds. Parents are being defined as domestic terrorist by Garland’s DOJ. Republicans will defend the Constitutional rights of American to be heard by our failing School Boards to protect our children. Garland is simply doing the evil work of our Marist Regime. His reply will be I KNOW NOTHING, I SEE NOTHING, I HEAR NOTHING. America you have no Attorney General you have a trained mouthpiece for a criminal Marxist. This is a reveal of your nations destruction. Justice is owned and controlled to have Americans accept a two tier criminal elite system. You will again see crimes of the highest power holders goes unprosecuted. Powerful connected politicians never go to jail unless they fail the payoff.

IRS rule will capture anyone cheating on tax forms. They believe your Al Capone. Don’t worried they just want your data. This is to control your data to collect every penny you spend. Read the law. 15% Corporate Tax do the math of who this impacts and the realm of JOBS! Again we see a increase of cost of Goods to everyone!

Cargo backlog! Understand there is a massive volume of cargo waiting to dock and be off loaded. The ISSUE is not a shortage it is a lack of Equipment trucks and cranes, Man Power (God Bless our Truck Drivers and Rail Workers), needed Cargo Security (think of all World Wide risk of terrorism). THERE IS NO SHORTAGE it is setting on the Ocean. So the reality is we have tons and tons of cargo. WHY are they selling FEAR? This is a money flow breakdown. If they hold the supply they can increase the cost of all Goods! FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Alec Baldwin shooting. LOL 2nd Amendment Pedophile shoots a filmmaker. What was her next movie going to cover? Investigation will continue to the live round loaded in a weapon! Not a

How about the REAL NEWS? 1. 11 TO 5 year old children will be injected with mRNA vaccines. 2. Invasion on the Southern Border 1.7 million criminals will become over 2 million criminals by years end. 3. La palma volcano and possible tsunami.

I pray God will shake the foundation of Parents to stop this evil. Facts and Reality must be the foundation of injecting children with an experimental mRNA vaccine. COVID is real and it kills humans. FACT a child 5-11 years old is more likely to die in an automobile than COVID. The death of a child is the greatest fear of all Parents. Thank God COVID does not kill our children at a high rate. Fact Children have died from COVID but the numbers do not justify injecting them. Please find and look at the harm done by the vaccines versus COVID. I pray for Parents who must confront this decision process. I pray they will exercise extreme discernment of facts and the actual risk of a child from COVID. Recognize COVID risk versus Vaccine risk has not been completed. I pray all parents understand no vaccine will prevent a child from getting COVID. Adult testing taking place is revealing the protection does not last. I pray parents will look at the damage done to teenagers by these vaccines. COVID versus Vaccine health risk must be performed in labs and not in our children. STOP this evil. They forced harm to children with mask wearing. Parents stood up. After my 3 mins with our local school board I shared with Parents standing in the heat the truth. Forced School Board mask mandates were done for federal funding. I shared a loud message to parents if you allow this mandate they are going to force vaccines on your children. I am not a prophet! I am a man of God who seeks only to share decades of fact based history of evil government rule. Humanity at every age is under attack. Bio-weapons are real. Bio-weapons are created in labs. COVID is a Bio-weapon (CHINA). Forced injection of lab created Bio-Weapons have long been studied in military labs (vaccines, water systems and food supplies).

Invasion on our Southern Border is real. 1.7 million and reaching 2 million criminal immigrants will enter America this year. Billions of dollars per month are going to NGO’s Frank Lopez Jr. shares a solid understanding of these NGO’s. Take out a calculator and multiply 2 million times 8000. $8000 per month is handed to NGO’s to provide for each criminal immigrant. Every dollar handed over to criminal immigrants is your wealth and labor. Health risk and rigging COVID cases in Democrat run States. Criminal immigrants are not test at the border. They are shipped to cities and tested in that state. Using a massive false positive PCR test this inflates the numbers of the Settlement State. This allows the flow of Federal COVID funding to the Criminal Governors. This allows forced lock downs and mandates. The Federal Government and the NGO’s hide COVID positive numbers of criminal immigrants. Open Border policies are directly from the United Nations.

La palma volcano is a live threat that is not getting air play by Main Stream Media. Why would media not openly discuss what could happen. 30 foot to as high as 300 foot wave hitting the east coast will put millions of Americans at risk. Perhaps a La palma volcano and tsunami up date would have value. Updates like the COVID fear campaign would not serve anyone. Facts and truth would allow citizens to develop a plan. Recognize a 8 to 9 hour window to complete a massive entire east coast evacuation assures a massive loss of life. How far inland must you travel for a 30’ wave versus a 100’ wave? These are calculations a human needs to establish a plan of survival. What are emergency planners sharing with citizens on the East Coast? WHERE IS THE MEDIA and Government?

Americans are forced to look past the SHOW of mainstream propaganda. Protect yourselves Patriots. If you are not educating yourself you are placing yourself and children at risk! Seek truth using alternative real news. With the links above you can see it only takes asking questions. I only use DuckDuckGo and Bing for searches. Google will take you to news supported by mainstream propaganda. When you learn trust share it and allow it to be verified or classified by others. No one holds all truth. Always do your own research. Look at the long-range stories. Often you can find years or months of information that is vetted. History always holds value. Search out government documents and seek truth. It is my belief we are FED LIES each day. We are pawns of tyrants who hold human life tools to lead to their agenda.

God Bless you and keep you and your children save.

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