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Plot Against The President the Obama/Biden Coup d-etat

Over the last 4 years Americans has been subjected to a revealed Coup d’etat. Every American regardless of your party should demand indictments of the traitors. A Coup d’etat is a plan plot to overthrow or take over the government. The American Coup d’etat attempt was revealed and those guilty are known. Members of the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Clinton Campaign, Media and Barack Obama administration are all guilty. There can be no trust of our government until these guilty traitors are indicted. Their crimes and Coup are still taking place.

Joe Biden is a criminal who fully participated in this Coup. Democrats using the propaganda Media still are running the disinformation Coup. Media lies are issued to mislead and keep the American people captive. Americans are slaves to the disinformation of Media and elite Technocrat monopolies. Censorship of truth is an everyday event. Failure to report and investigate allegations of Biden collusion is by design. Mail in voting being carried out to disrupt our election process. False media paid and manipulated polling being carried out as disinformation. Democrats are holding up COVID stimulus funding. Americans are being made to suffer needless economic stress. Nancy Pelosi is a traitor and should be hung! Media and Democrats continue painting our elected President as a racist. Our fellow Black Americans are be lied to. Disinformation is the weapon of choice of the Coup. Telling the story that President Trump failed America with his effort to defeat the China lab created virus is a funded lie. Democrats never speak the truth China released COVID on the World to defeat Trump and the American people. China is working with Democrats!

Americans are the target and the victims of high crimes and continued false lies about our duly elected President. Thank God we elected a warrior!

I would ask everyone with access to Amazon Prime to watch the Plot Against the President. You can watch the trailer on YouTube. It is a must watch for every American. If you have Democrat friends who still believe the lies invite them to view.

VOTE TRUMP! DEFEAT THE COUP! Indictments are coming!

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