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President Trump Shares His Vision for America

President Trump shared a reality check on the State of our Union, revealing the horror of the fake President.

Protect and defend our Borders.

Complete the Wall.

Get American Children back to school now.

Teachers must fix or destroy their Unions.

President Trump tells the truth on defeating the China Virus. President Trump shared the miracle of getting vaccines to Americans and the World.

Protect our 2nd Amendment

Put a end to endless Wars.

Biden’s removal of sanctions on IRAN prior to negotiating a new nuke deal.

President Trump revealed the Biden fraud of the WHO funding. 500 million US tax dollars vs a max of 39 million for China?

Biden joining the Paris accords costing millions of jobs and tax dollars. What good does it do when other nations are doing nothing on environmental regulation?

Stop killing energy jobs! Make America energy independent! Biden creating energy disaster! Gas prices going through the roof. Handing millions to Russia.

Biden destroying women’s sports. Biden allowing transgender biological males competing against women. Protect women’s sports.

We won the election twice!

Americans believe America must come first.

President Trump defined Trumpism a term Conservatives use to describe the Trump agenda for our Republic.

Great Deals in Foreign Trade agreements (USMCA, CHINA trade). Lower Taxes, eliminating job-killing regulations, Strong Boarders, No Riots, Law enforcement, Protection of 2nd Amendment freedoms, Support of American men and women workers, Maintain a strong military and taking care of our great Vets, creation of Space Force, good jobs, strong families, safe communities, a vibrant culture, Love for America blessed by GOD, Pride in American history, celebrate our great American Flag, patriotic education of American youth, opposition to indoctrination of our education, defend innocent life, affirm our Judeo Christian values and principles, affirms the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution as written and ensure fair honest elections. If these values and core principles are disagreeable to you look in the mirror so you can identify the problem.

Conservative Constitutional Principles do not change with the wind. Our Republican form of government offers every American a seat at the table. American Patriots are on the right side of the issues. If your ideology is rooted in God given freedom and liberty, you are on the right side of this battle. We will not be cancelled.

We will defeat the Leftist Ideology of the Democrat Party. We will toss out every RINO. We will establish Constitutional order.

You are required to choose your side in this battle. Americans can no longer sit on the sidelines. You either enter this battle or you are a slave to government rule. There is no time. Warriors for God and Country must take action. American Patriots must not be divided. United our victories are assured. Build communities of faith and Patriotism. Declare your willingness to take action. Get in the battle to save America.

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