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Republican Form Destruction! Our Failed Two Party System Driving American Communism!

Our nation confronts many evils that require every American to commit to change. First each American should face the reality and history of how we got here. You must define for yourself very simply what works and what does not work. Fact based history will assist each of us as we design a path forward.

Our very form of Government has been changed to limit Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Foundational understanding of our Republican form of government must be restored in the education process. Simply put Representative Government of for and by the people is a Republican form of government. To ensure that both majority and minority have a say in the direction of our nation the democratic process of one man one vote became law.

The marriage of our Republican form to the use of a democratic election process opened the door to an ignorant belief we are a Democracy. America has had only a two party system since 1853. Our early nation had multiple parties. President George Washington had no party. President John Adams was our only Federalist. President Thomas Jefferson was the first of 4 Democrat-Republicans President. We also had four Whig Presidents. Understanding how we grew to our two Party has many essays of value to read. With historical facts comes the ideological spin of our time.

Our early history of Political Parties all had an attachment to a solid understanding of our founding documents and core principle. All men and women are created in the image of God. America was founded by men who sought the Word of God to guide them in creation of a nation of free men. Our founders had many days of prayer seeking wisdom to determine what form would accomplish a Godly Nation. Religious freedom, ownership of property, limited government control and a common law ideology of do no harm. The Constitution was written and taken into each colony to be ratified. During this time wise men sought and demanded that every citizen should have a list of rights attacked to the Constitution. Those founders felt it necessary for future posterity to be protected from tyranny. Our Founders used the bible to frame our Bill of Rights.

Our Bill of Rights along with our Constitution was framed so that all men and women would have recourse to self-correct a tyrant government. President Washington had no Party. Party formation took shape during Washington’s Presidency.

Our founders held different beliefs of all things related to our Republic. Issues of money (debt), free markets, education, slavery, national expansion, Native American, roads and transportation, taxation and States Rights versus an all-powerful Federal Branch led to each new Party.

Our current two parties are both foul and corrupt. Both parties have abused their limited rights. Both Parties work on the Federal level to maintain power and control over We the People. Our failure to destroy their power and control is the battle we confront today. God empowered by enlightenment our founders to capture our path to restoration of our Republican Form of Government.

Today the Republican Party does not represent our foundational understanding of Liberty, Freedom and Property.

The Democrat party is far more repulsive to our foundational principal. Democrats today represent an alien evil contempt of Liberty and Freedom.

Democrats are not foundational seekers representative government. After President Kennedy the Democrat Party advanced to a repulsive Progressive Socialist Party. They maintain the name Democrat to trick the American electorate. Democrats share a Progressive Ideology that seeks total control and power over We the People. Anyone that views the Democrat Party platform as acceptable must never be allowed public office. Socialism, Marxism and Communism are repugnant to human liberty and freedom. Read their captured manifesto. This is a long held Congressional record. This link will take you to the exact Congressional document.

We the People were granted full power over our public servants. All rights of Liberty, Freedom and Property were recorded in our U.S. Constitution and State Constitutions. These rights only require you and I to claim them. Understand that State Constitutions all list the fact that our rights are from God not man.

First get a copy of your U.S. Constitution. Read the first 10 Amendments your Bill of Rights. Second read your State Constitution and your rights listed. Third understand you are a lawful citizen of your State. Your state holds powers to limit an over reaching Federal government. Fourth understand when the Federal government attacks your rights and State governments fail to maintain your rights.

You must ensure a Constitutional Sheriff is your protector. Fifth all your rights are God given. Each Constitution was designed to allow you to easily understand and know your rights. These defined rights are inalienable. Inalienable means absolute! Your religious freedom is all-powerful.

Our reality offers clear verifiable evidence that our Courts have created a two-tier justice system. Two-tier justice is one that assists any sector of society over another. Case in point Hillary Clinton broke the law. Bill Clinton broke the law. Our Political elite class uses our Court system to avoid lawful accountability. Political elites have legislated a system that robs our tax dollars to fund their criminal enterprises. Bankers created a criminal derivative mortgage scam that cost Americans trillions of dollars. Congress created and allowed this high crime. View the documentary Inside Job. Remember the Clinton payoff of Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Obama used Loretta as the bagman for collection of payment. Remember FBI director and not Loretta gave Hillary a walk on treason. What about George W. Bush allowing the transfer of 15 trillion dollars carried out by his Federal Reserve Chair?

Understanding the criminal elite own and have purchased every level of government. This criminal elite funds both Parties and owns the key players. You the taxpayer are the sheep that they sheer at will. List for yourself those have done jail time. Our Justice system has a single duty EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL! Today rules for thee but not for me. Why to we accept their crimes always against us? How do you repair this broken system?

Now for the rescue plan. You are the path to restoration of justice and our Republic. You may ask what can I do? Claim your God given rights. You hold all power to stop this madness. You can do nothing and suffer a Communist slave labor government. You can accept this criminal attack and loose the greatest nation ever created. You have handed your freedom and liberty into the hands of evil. This evil is waging war and you have been called to action.

As for me give me liberty or give me death. I will not play the role of a poor victim. I will die standing with the full armor of God to defeat these evil masters of Satan. Pick your side kneel before Satan our use the armor of God to cast this into the pit of hell. They have injected you with mind control trans human gene therapy. Now they will feed on your children.

You know this evil and you set blindly praying for someone to save you. God has armed Liberty Warriors to Unite to Save America and the World. Where are you?

Patriots are standing up against the tyrannical World Order across our Planet. Relax enjoy the blood of Patriots as you simply don’t do a single thing. You either join with Liberty Warrior Nation or watch as they destroy you and your children. You can explain to your children that you did nothing when they came for men and women seeking Liberty and Freedom. You can look into the eyes of your enslaved grandchildren and say, “I did nothing.” “I took a booster shot.”

Tools and Links to Constitutional warriors and weapons you must learn to use. Censorship is real and limits free speech so we are often confined with WORDS that allows FB and YouTube to remove videos. Patriots Warrior are dedicated to share TRUTH! Rumble is a slow upload process. You can find Liberty Warrior Nation on Rumble and FB. Sign up on the websites to get latest updates. Please consider the cost of doing this work. If God so guides you please assist with support of this TRUTH in news movement. America must create source for news. Main Stream Media is fake and pushing a socialist agenda against Liberty and Freedom.

No greater tools than the WORD of God your Holy Bible State Constitution and U.S. Constitution. The internet has all three on line.

Knowledge and education are the most powerful tools you have. If you do not know your rights how can you claim them? I pray you will seek wisdom from God and Unite with Liberty Warriors to restore our great nation.

As always GOD WINS!

Where We Go 1 We Go All! United in the Word of God we will claim our Victory over evil.

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