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Shall We Play a Game?

I hold the words that allow you to play. Without the words you will loose and never play again. As with all games you must know the rules.

In the game each player can be a winner. The prize is life. Those that do not play will suffer horrible pains. This game is controlled by learning truth and REVEALING all lies. Truth allows you to move forward. Lies move you backward. Moving forward gives you energy and power. Moving backward weakens you and can lead to death of your game piece.

Chose your game piece carefully. There are both good and evil kings and queens. There are wizards both good and evil. There are citizens both good and evil. There are controllers who hold weapons that will harm you and free you. The game board allows you to advance in peace and love or move to a captive life of enslavement and death. The game board holds traps. All the pieces that have moved backwards will exist in fear. Their fear is the dragon breath of death. The dragon’s breath of death is inhaled and exhaled.

Controllers will offer shields to infected players that will allow them to continue the game. What is hidden is the shields are weapons of evil Wizards, Kings and Queens. Be very careful not to accept the evil shield. If you accept the shield you will be given a word of false hope. If you play the game without the shield you will be marked. The shield will be offered using lies to deceive all players of the game. Letter will hold power to players without the shield C, D, B and Z. Players without shields must seek proven protection from the Dragons breath of death. Truth reveals treatments that can defeat the Dragon as you move forward.

Who can play this game? All of humanity is playing the game. You either know your role or accept the outcome. Without the words you cannot claim your game piece.

Controllers can keep you from receiving the words. A jail will be used to keep you from use of the word. Controllers select who can be freed and who must never be allowed out of jail. Controllers are powered by both good and evil wizard’s, Kings and Queens.

Words are the great power. The game has a master book of all truth based on the Word. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, God was the Word. God allows you to select words that allow you to live in limitless energy of peace and love. In this game evil Wizard’s, Kings and Queens use the same words as lies to have you move backward toward pain and suffering.

The starting point is called birth. Birth places you in the center of the game board. Your path is not known at birth. Your direction is guided by the words you select. Remember you can move forward or backward based on lies or truth the choice is yours. Use all the wisdom of the word known by mom and dad. Kings and Queens use words that are given to selected wizards and controllers. You must reveal which words are good or evil. By design you are forced to use all tools of discernment. Along the way the evil pieces work to deceive you.

Peace, love and eternal life are given in the Word of Godly Kings and Queens. Watch the Wizards their power to send controllers frees you or captures you. Evil Wizards will tell you all things are free and good for you. Each move holds peril. Did you listen the words of a liar or did you listen truth. You must understand the Wizards of evil will hide words of truth and advance the lies of the Kings and Queens. Controllers will be used to keep you safe or capture you never allowing you to move. Words are all powerful. Evil seeks to limit and control freedom to use words. Godly Kings and Queens offer freedom of the Word.

You, your children and grand children are victims of a controlled game of Life and Death. This game is real. Reality leads you. Truth of words is hidden. You must capture truth by using different paths to search. Search engines are both captured by good and evil Wizards. Do you know the words to select where the truth is hidden? Remember evil hides truth and kills the Word.

I have selected my game piece. My game piece is a WORD WARRIOR! Shall we play a game? Reality is not what Media Wizards reveal. What is being hidden by Media Wizards? Words exist that reveals that Dragons Breath of Death was created in 2000. Word exist that reveals the Shield is the true weapon of spreading Dragons Breath.

All you see in the game that is shared by Media Wizards is a lie to capture your game piece.

In the Right hand corner of the game board is a single Word guided by God. Like all games God holds the trump card. As you move forward remember the trump card leads to God taking control of the game. The trump card allows the capture of all evil Wizards, Kings, Queens and Controllers. The Word holds all keys. Do you know the ultimate prize? Capture the evil by using the Court of Kings and Queens to execute the crimes being played out on Humanity. This game has a Nuremberg piece that forces truth to light. The Nuremberg piece allows you freedom of the Word.

Great danger comes from the hiding of the Word!

On July 24th in every State players will stand on the capital steps square. Will you stand on the square or continue down the dark path of pain and suffering.

Shall We Play a Game? Seek the WORD! You must know I am in jail and have prayed God give me my freedom to use the Word! There is no game! The World is under attack by evil. Victory requires you to move forward united. Standing still ensures the Death. Fight the game or count yourself a poor little victim!

You decide or you allow the Wizards to decide! They want death to feed your weak fear. They are SATAN. What shall we call this game? United we stand! Victory over Evil! GOD WINS! I hold the truth of 17 powers! WORDS hold the key. IT IS TIME TO STAND against the evil game. It is killing us. By design the game is rigged. TURN off the Wizard Media game piece. Control your mind and trust your heart. You see evil clearly with out the lies the game feeds you! TRUST THE WORD OF GOD! Capture the trump card. Win the game stop the suffering of humanity. Follow the map on July 24th find the State Capital.

The Word Warrior piece is moving forward. I will never be a weak pawn or hold fear. I am a Victim No More! I will not accept the shield. I hold the full armor of GOD! No Wizard shield will protect you! The shield is the true weapon for spreading the Dragons Breath of Death! We have it all! Now you know the WORD! Will the Social Media Wizard hold you in jail! Just use the trump card!

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