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Shall we play a game? Words always have meaning!

The wizard has allowed you a chance to open up an absolute truth detector. You must pick between two bags. Choose wisely.

1. Absolute truth of all the game. You will have LIFE. With truth for will see all evil. You will know your path forward with the truth. As you move forward you will know all lies. All plans of evil to deceive you, you are allowed to see past the show of the Wizard. TRUTH in this game is all valuable to chart your path. You must remain prepared. With the truth you hold the knowledge of your next move. Should you need the truth will armor you for battle. In the darkness of evil you will find the light of truth. Not all things are easy with the truth. INVASIONS have been allowed into the game. WATCH their movements they play a role for both evil and good. With the power of the truth you are prepared. Do these invaders mean you harm to slow your path forward? Or are they angels playing their part in the Wizards game. Truth will reveal both life and death. You are always PREPARED. Watch the waters as they carry both life and death. With the truth you will always know what move is next. You have a plan you must walk to the very edge of suffering then allow truth to lead you. It often will get worst your testing the Wizard. Remember choose the truth and prepare to test evil.

2. Select the greatest lie ever. YOUR choice leads you to the next REALITY. You have selected a path backward toward death. You are living in the lie. Without truth you are always at great risk. You will live in FEAR of each move. Fear is the most powerful tool of the Evil Wizard. Of all moves death is promised at the start of the game. Your path must have you captured by fear. Your fear allows you little time to rest, you must attempt to find the path forward. Continue moving using lies to guide you. You will know each lie on the board with little hope of truth, you past that option up.

Each move you risk being surrounded and taken out of the game. You could face death of the War Lock or the Dragons Breath of Death. So many moves trap you! Remember WAR is on the table and must be remembered as you move.

The WAR Lord piece must be WATCHED. His next MOVE may capture and murder humanity. Be watchful his movements you will see in plain site. You will know his lies but your fear holds you action. Remember each move could be your last. Think of Dragon’s Breath of Death and the Shield it offers. You will know the lie that there IS nothing to fear. Yet with A LIE you will not know is it life or death with the next move. Is the SHIELD the answer or a path to death? Only the truth holds the power to know seek the TRUTH. Which Wizard is truly in control evil or light?

The lie will not allow you to know until you take the next step. Are you to be captured or do you get death? Seek again watch the truth PERHAPS you will move onto ARMOR remember your only hope is to look past the Lie. With armor you will see the Invaders waiting just ahead.

They are standing next to you, they are skilled WEAPONS of Death. Watch the movements of the War Lord. He is BRINGING evil to your space. His invaders are real and they seek to stop your every move. Did you receive the Armor of truth or a lie. You took the lie now you are surrounded and your fear grips your next move. Seek the Truth Armor prepare to take a stand, move ahead with knowledge and a plan.

Remember it’s a game! It is being played with each word. Will we see the works of both powerful WIZARDS? Good versus Evil, Life versus Death and Freedom versus Captivity. Don’t you love the game?

I like plenty of WATER when I play. Often stack up plates of FOOD. Often I move using a electric toy WEAPON! Before I start the game I PREPARE for a long contest. Then I pray for victory and the Good Wizard to me on my side. Remember TWO PATHS for your game to take.

Think ahead for you truly don’t know til you play the game. I played the other day and selected the lie.

Wow was it tuff. Tested my preparation skills. I would like to call this game the ART OF WAR but that name is taken. I found myself praying truth be with me empower me to look past the lie. I soon learned in this game you PLAN FOR both REALITIES. You will see evil and feel fear but than you stand in the armor of truth and you hold the power of GOD as you move.

LIFE is the mission defeating the EVIL is the only move that remains. Seems like a MOVIE. What a great game.

I have friends that have played this game. It is always better to play teams where you WORK TOGETHER. NOW that was a game!! You can stand ready for whatever reality comes at you when you are UNITED in a PLAN. Have you ever seen the game played by a Master player? WOW that is something I hope we all get to see. Often you find yourself in doubt. That is why you PREPARE! Then you relax and let the game play out.

Shall we play a game? I believe CAPS are the answer to the sells pitch. I will look at the CAPS in my local store! Man it is tuff getting the WORD OUT about this game. It is often real and relates to a life of censorship and lies.

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