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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

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Our World is living in the last days of the reign of Evil. Liberty Warrior Nation seeks only to share Truth that anyone can verify outside of the Main Stream Propaganda Media. Censorship of critical thinking and speech is a weapon of evil men seeking to control humanity.

Censorship of COVID vaccine data by Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and the American Government allows the continued murder of humanity.

Crimes against humanity take many forms. These crimes are verified before prosecution of the guilty. After World War II evidence was found that the NAZI Hitler regime had committed genocide of the Jewish people of Europe. Hitler used censorship to hide the NAZI atrocities and crimes against humanity. The Nuremberg Trials unveiled many forms of crimes against humanity. Many NAZI leaders were found guilty and put to death for their actions.

Many NAZI criminal scientists were never killed or punished. NAZI Scientist were captured and never placed on trial. Russia and the United States viewed these men and women as Military assets.

The movement of NAZI scientist to the United States was a secret operation. Operation Paperclip transplanted these NAZI’s into the United States. Below is a valuable understanding of who these criminals were. Who desired these NAZI’s? Every American must understand the role of the WWII era American oligarchs who funded Hitler’s military machine.

American Bio-Weapon science was far behind Hitler. Our U.S. Military suffered many losses during WWI do to chemical bio-weapons. Creation of gas mask and war tactics were developed on the fly. American oligarchs funding of NAZI Germany was not shared with the American People. American oligarchs funded the scientist research in Germany. Trace the roots of eugenics from Darwin to Ford, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and Sanger. Funding of the creation of the perfect race by altered human genome experiments were being carried out using Jews.

In 2014 the administration of US President Barack Obama called for a “pause” on funding (and relevant research with existing US Government funding) of GOF experiments involving influenza, SARS, and MERS viruses in particular.U.S. DOD funding of Bio-Labs inside Ukraine continued outside of the Obama pause. What is known of the Ukraine Bio-Labs research? Fact is that Americans have no idea of the exact research being carried out. Should our U.S. Defense funding tax dollars be used for Bio-Labs outside of the full control and over sight?

Men and Women of God are tasked with revealing evil.

Breaking news from the UK indicates that 8.5 out of 10 COVID deaths are within the fully vaccinated. The link below is an attempt to justify or fact check a article that claimed 9 out of 10.

As Joe Biden, Media and Central Bankers evil is being revealed War will be used to hide the true evil of genocide by bio-weapon releases funded by the DOD, NIH, CCP and Ukraine. Dr. Fauci is a War criminal of the highest order. Any person who offers testimony to Congress is required to swear a Oath to share truth. Gain of function research was funded not only in Wuhan bur very likely in Ukraine Department of Defense Bio-Labs. Dr. Fauci has openly deceived and lied to Congress thus the American People. As Vaccine Awareness has revealed COVID 19 Vaccine are the deadliest vaccines ever injected into Americans.

CDC now admits that child 0-18 death rates were over reported to Americans. CDC revealed they had to remove 30,000 child death from their records due to a coding issue (24%). Dr. Nicole Saphier believes that number is 70,000. What else have they under reported?

Weekly VAERS Analysis report verifies Americans are continuing the highest rate of vaccine deaths ever recorded. Joe Biden, CDC, FDA and Dr. Fauci continue to push a deadly injection.

WHO weekly numbers


Immune system boosting drugs testing is advancing.

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