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Shut up Do What We Tell You!

Congress not the Senate is Slow walking Cares Act relief package!

Progressive Socialist Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer always are about politics and campaigns. They love your pain. They control your pain.

Why would Progressive Democrats play with relief funding?

Always remember the Coup d’état has a single mission destroy Donald Trump and his supporters. Who are Trump supporters? They are American working men and women. They are hard working small business owners. Trump supporters are the tax paying back bone of the American economy.

Trump supporters are largest sector of the American economy to be unemployed by COVID-19 shut down. Trump supporters through no fault of theirs are now out of work. Democrat Governors are working with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to maintain power over the lock down. Trumps strong support from Small Business owners is limited because of limited slow rates to open the economy. COVID-19 is the perfect tool unleashed by Communist Chinese friends of the Democrat leadership! Don’t forget Nancy and Chuck played with the first relief package.

As Nancy and Chuck carry out this Coup they know with certainty that they are killing Trump supporters by design. They are demanding you fund the Democrat shit hole States and Cities. Shut up do what we tell you! You will pay or they will starve your family and take your home. Damn John Bell Edwards and every Democrat governor they are lairs and only want greater power to control you. As the Washington criminals seek to stop any added unemployment they do it with ease. Ask them or their welfare recipients to live on 240 dollars a week. Key difference workers don't want a hand out we want our jobs back!!!!!

Who are Biden supporters? Biden’s base is the Socialist Base expanded over the last two decades Government labor unions, teachers unions, welfare recipients, Social security recipients (many illegals) and Hollywood millionaires. Do you see the difference of who is really effected by not getting COVID -19 relief done. Biden Socialist Democrats are working or living on the governments back already. Biden supporters that did not or were not working never missed a check. We have funded these free loaders for decades. The Union workers were deemed essential workers very quickly. Hollywood millionaires are not suffering they are playing life as normal.

Be very clear American non union workers are the enemy of the Leftist. Communist Democrats have the gall to run Media ads telling the Republic Senate to fund government pensions and service. Anyone working for local, State or Federal government has missed a single payday! If Republicans fund a single dime to Democrat run States and City we must burn down this system of corruption.

Trust the fact that Democrat voters are not going to pay back these trillions of dollars. They don’t contribute to anything but bloated pension plans that you the American taxpaying workers fund. They must have your labor. Democrat voters are the enemy of our nation. Funding their life as you are enslaved to taxation to fund their very existence. These evil supporters of the Welfare State are going to raise your tax. Your tax and labor feeds their efforts to enslave you. White privilege is really a sad joke being carried out by your masters to make you feel guilty for not giving more.

Take a poll that matters! Ask the questions are you a taxpayer? Are you unemployed due to COVID 19? Did you vote for Donald Trump? Do you receive government payments to live? Did you vote for Donald Trump?

Our communities are made up of many fellow Americans that we fund each month. We all know who they are. They are our teachers, police, firemen, mail carriers, our service men and women, politicians and senior citizens receiving earned social security.

Understand the breakdown that today is real. There are more takers than taxpayers. If you are a taxpayer you are funding on this August 5th 2020 63% of the United States population. Taxpayers made up only 37% of the United States population. Yet as you labor just to live day-to-day our Nations Swamp in D.C and many State capitals are loading you with added debt.

Let’s share the reality our nation owns $153.6 trillion dollars. If you are a taxpayer your share today is $465,000 to pay off the debt. Speaking as a worker they can take all I own and good luck. When the median income of America taxpayers is $34,000 per year good luck paying this debt off. It will not happen in our lifetime our children’s lifetime and mid way through the life of our grandkids. These are facts. So you tell me what difference does any amount of spending today make? These 40 years Congressional prostitutes have known for 5 decades the wheels were coming off. As you listen them also understand we fund their life. Another needed fact the average net worth of Congress is over a half million dollars. Nancy Pelosi is immoral pure evil has a net worth of 120 million dollars. Do you really believe Congress understands the pain of the American taxpaying workers? You are their slave and you have no voice. When a Democrat Governors uses power to select who can work and who cannot! When these same tyrants feed you the lie of caring about your life they are tyrants liars.

You have only days to register every American worker to vote. You have only days to ask your Democrat friends and family to stop your enslavement. As we watch the paid protester when will you take a stand? How many calls, e-mails or letters do you right? When will you become the protesters that say NO MORE! Until we unite we are the slaves of evil men and women telling us they care. How many people ever thank you for paying them each month? You should be thanked on a daily basis for your hard work to fund this criminal enterprise. Remember you are the paycheck! It is you that makes it all run! If you unite you can bring this scam to its knees. You can run this evil out of the United States. You only have a single way to defeat them vote out every Democrat. Remember they built the scheme by creating districts that are loaded with the takers of your labor.

They promise every 4 years to add to their assistance on your back. They add to your labor with every tax that they control. You fund failed schools and teachers pay, you fund your protection from their criminals. You are a forced labor funding the non-workers (by definition you are a slave). Is 2020 the year you decide to take action? If not hold on and enjoy the coming forced labor camps! You will work and they will take what they need. Your home is their home, your land is their land they control it all they are your Masters. You allowed it for far to long. Time to get off your knees.

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