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Speak and Seek Truth. Unleash the Power of God!

You are living in a World lie provided by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, Cabal, the Illuminati or the New World Order. They are the Satanic Cabal. The Cabal must never allow truth to be revealed. The Cabal uses daily Satan’s greatest weapons fear and lies. From birth we were captured by this evil designed by Satan. Truth seekers have figured out who this evil is and how it operates. We have decades of captured proof of the Khazarian Mafia control of money and property. You must understand these evil satanic worshipers controlled all you have learned.

Enslavement and control of captured humanity. There is no evil you see that is not funded by the Cabal. Wars, abortion, drugs, sex trafficking, entertainment and control of government ideologies and the entire banking systems of debt. All things are evil by their design. The system is designed to fuel the wealth of a World wide elite class. This elite class is feeding on the blood of all humanity.

God selected each of us for these days. We are witness to the greatest battle of God over Satan our World has ever seen. This battle has been underway for a lifetime. Each of us has quietly wondered why am I here? God created us with the knowledge of good and evil. Our World has lived under the spell of evil created to capture the souls of humanity. Each day we confront our choices in life. Those choices often are very clear. The Cabal is made up of evil men who design choices that capture minds and bodies. Human life holds no value to evil men. God has cleared evil from our World many times. As we witness the evil of these men we cry out to our Lord and Savior to free us from evil. Do you see that each time God lifts his children from bondage? You have lived a life in bondage. Your bondage was not under the whips or chains of old. A designed evil corporate master allows you to live life on their terms. You were sold into this slavery in 1871.

Who owns you legally? Your mother and father signed a legal bond at your birth. From 1933 forward all birth certificates created a corporate vessel lost at sea. You have been sold many times based on your production and value to the system.

This system has been exposed. Many Americans are reclaiming their freedom and filing lawful status change. This is also the war that is being waged today.

This war is not of nations. It is a war waged on the evil elite Cabal versus God’s freedom alliance. This war will be a victory of God versus Satan. The Satanic Cabal is known. They have operated every war. Abortion is a satanic offering. Satanic pedophile’s buy and sell children as sex slaves. Entertainers (movie stars, music and sports) sell their souls to Satan for wealth and fame. World and government leaders are controlled by satanic evil. Rulers are hand selected using bribes and blackmail. Men and women sell their souls for wealth and status. Satanic minds create disease to maintain population control. Today our World has witnessed their created bio-weapons. Vaccines were created by the satanic controlled drug industry for profit. Bankers and moneychangers are at the root of this evil. They have used mind control to tell you what to think and believe. They have fed your brain endless control products that weakens you critical thought process.

They control all media to sell you their vision of a good life. Satanic evil assassinated Presidents and Godly men seeking freedom. After the murder of Lincoln they captured America and formed the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. The Cabal bankers and the Vatican took control of our nations money. Again in 1933 they renewed their control of all banks and held America hostage. They forced America into World War II using their control over FDR. President Eisenhower shared with President Kennedy their corporate control of the Executive Office. JFK warned us of the Cabal evil secret societies. JFK devised a plan to destroy the CIA, FBI and Central Bankers. JFK by executive order planned to remove their control of our debt. JFK within days he was murdered in Dallas by the Cabal controlled CIA and Mafia. Again this same evil took down the World Trade Center killing thousands. They are the owners of the Military Complex. They are controllers of who lives and who dies. All things they create are for wealth and power over the children of God. God’s children are their enemies and must be destroyed and fully controlled. COVID is their creation of control to inject the World with a deadly vaccine. The Cabal mission as always is depopulation. Understanding history reveals nothing is new.

Here is a list of their captured agencies of death. The United Nations, CIA, every corporate contractor of the Military Complex, United States Congress and Senate, Democrat and Republican Parties, World Health Organization, CDC, FDA, Big Pharmaceutical Companies, FB, Twitter, Google, Main Stream Media, Central Banks, IRS, many Governors, Mayors, Local Boards, China elected President Biden and Kamala Harris, the Israeli Mossad (twin towers), the Vatican, black hat bribed military leaders, Hospitals, Doctors, Insurance Corporations and the entire education system of indoctrination. Intellectual (mind) control and advanced indoctrination started in the Universities in the late 50’s. Communist continued a hidden agenda that has been relentless to capture our World. The mission was to create a complacent society of material wealth that would hand children over to government indoctrination centers. Isolate the child from fact based history. Isolate and devalue parents from the education process.

This is the Satanic Cabal that is being destroyed and wiped from our World. The task is massive to capture and break the chains of slavery. The World feels this raging war. On November 3rd World War III began. There were no bombs required they used their new weapon of technology. They had captured our election process for decades to elect only Cabal hand picked winners. Once Americans broke their system and elected Trump in 2016 they were forced to advance a plan to ensure victory in 2020. Today truth seekers are using God’s critical thinking to battle Satan. We watched JBE use the machines in Louisiana in 2018 as a test run. Louisiana did not elect JBE the linked machines did. It worked! Research Louisiana DMV hack on election night.

Americans so angered the Cabal they were forced to advance their plan of the Great Reset and depopulation. The Satanic Cabal had planned to complete the bankruptcy of America by 2020. They had linked the entire World to the United States economy. America has always been their grant prize.

Remember they seek total control of the World for Satan. They openly shared their Great Reset design. Using the United Nations they would complete their Satanic New World Order. They have published their depopulation plans for decades. They will exterminate hundreds of millions of humans. Many have openly revealed that only five hundred million will survive. Humanity has slaved for over a century for paper debt (fiat currency). Their corrupt taxation scheme only allowed their selected corrupt to advance.

Great men of faith have accepted the full armor of God to shout his name and truth. The warriors of the Freedom Alliance are using God’s design to free humanity. Americans for two decades of uncontrolled Internet use found the truth. We learned to file FOIA request. We uncovered their corporate documents and take over of DC and our government. We forced information from their evil hands. We studied every branch of their evil. We learned their weakness was their arrogance. God forced Satan to reveal his evil to the World. The Great Story of Donald J Trump will be revealed. You are witness to the Great Awakening of all humanity to the pure evil that is Satan.

God has anointed warriors. White Hats a Freedom Alliance is destroying their evil banking system of enslavement. The Alliance is dismantling their satanic sex trafficking routes.

The Alliance is bringing down their evil controlled governments. When you see the World standing against this evil know this is the work of the Alliance to open the minds of men. God wants you to see this evil for what it is and who is behind evil. Enlightenment is required to diminish the suffering of the indoctrinated salves. Consider all you have seen in 9 months.

America watched as Satanic powers worked every single day to destroy a man seeking to dismantle their evil. They revealed their hate for Americans that elected this outsider. Our warrior fought to have our Nation prosper. This man worked each day to remove their evil from all governments. He shouted down the lies of the Satanic controlled Deep State. Trump told us of their plans.

Americans were told each step of the battle just how evil and corrupt the Deep State was. We witnessed the truth by using revealed Intel. God’s warrior defeated them each time they lied or cheated.

Americans stood behind Trump every step of the way. We embraced our love of country; we were finding our Patriotic spirit of freedom and liberty. The Cabal used a 24/7 media propaganda war. You became the enemy. They hated our support of Trump. How often does Trump scream fake news? They stepped up their plans to rig the election. They used a China controlled puppet Joe Biden. They unleashed the FEAR event to change the election process. Joe Biden was elected President by the Cabal . Yet our President has never stopped the war against their evil. Just wait until you learn all that this man and Alliance has carried out.

Never loose heart. God wins this war. They are trapped by their greed. Prepare yourself for the power of God. Prepare yourself to stand with God when the call comes. I see you standing for your rights as parents. I see you standing for your rights to say no to their evil vaccine. I see and feel with you the out rage at the failures of Biden. I pray and weep for the loss of our warriors in Afghanistan. Prepare yourself as the war comes to the end stages. Learn and understand MK Ultra and how Satan will use it to defeat the God’s Alliance.

Remember the last time prosperity was coming to the World the lie of George Bush as he murdered Americans in New York. Remember they have carried out their evil for centuries always using lies and false flag events. Our God requires us to stay in prayer and prepare for what is coming.

My faith and understanding of the proof we have received allows me little comfort. 95% of all we were taught was lies. How many lies are they telling the World each day? How tightly are they enforcing their control on humanity? Think of having your child ripped from your arms to be jabbed with their vaccine. Think of all those that have died when treatments are available for early symptoms that have a 99.8 % survival rate. Think of PCR testing being run to return 90% false positives. Think of the invasion on our border. Think of the import of Covid cases into our states. Think of the unemployed in our oil industry. Think of the homeless and hungry. Think how inflation is robbing your wages. Think of our good Doctors and Nurses being forced to walk off the job. Think about every human being forced by Corporations to take the jab. Think of every mom and dad, wife, daughter and son of our fallen warriors. When will you stand with every human to say NO MORE?

You must demand the end of this treason! Prepare for the continued attacks on the unvaccinated. Think Hitler they have done this before. You must ask God each day to forgive us for allowing all injustice. We have allowed this all to happen. Decades ago I wrote the Destruction of America. In that essay I shared that any nation that would legalize murder in the womb would suffer at the hands of God. Weep America for our sins are looking us in the eye. Continue to stand up to any control by a tyrannical government at any level. Fire every board, every mayor, governor, congressman, senator who does not stand up with you! WRITE DOWN THEIR NAMES! NEVER ALLOW THEM ANY POWER! Find your voice. Find your God given truth and share it. America must never again allow evil to rule.

Ask all things in the name of God, his beloved son Jesus Christ and seek the wisdom and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. Join this war for Humanity. Join this war for God’s design of peace and love. Reach out for God’s hand as you walk into the war. Men of God share truth and speak boldly against the treason and crimes against humanity. STOP the vaccine! Demand the AUDITS!

Pray for our brothers and sisters in South East Louisiana. Reach out with our hands to help them recover. Join the strikes from today to September 11. Buy only from Mom and Pop stores. Workers call in sick (maybe COVID). Truckers stop all corporate deliveries to Cabal operated business. Support those that walk off the job to avoid the vaccine mandates. 11 days to Freedom and Liberty. Honor every fallen warrior. Find your path to action. Don’t support or fund their evil system. Stand up America. The World is watching and waiting! Defeat all fear. Stand with truth against every lie! You hold all power! Pray, Pray, Pray. GOD WINS!

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