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The Destruction of American Power

We the people, Americans are a vast mix of economic wealth, educational background, ethnic origin, religious belief and sexual orientation. We are truly a melting pot. The American dream covers a vast expanse, and our visions of freedom and liberty are unlimited. We were granted this nation to explore and design who we might become as a free people. Our Founding Fathers selected a Republican form of government; where we the citizens would self govern our destiny. Liberty has been pursued and granted by the blood of Patriots since 1776. Our history also takes in the brave souls of men willing to explore the world (Columbus 1492 Leon De Pounce 1513). We are a Nation born of vision, courage and men and women seeking a better life.

Granting Liberty the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views was so valued our founders documented our rights. Again every American must never forget we were and are granted freedom, liberty to choose our path by the blood of Patriots.

From our founding Fathers to the young warriors battling the evil of Islamic extremism. From brave men in blue today standing ready to provide security against the tyranny of socialist and communist in our streets. Our free republic has been maintained with the blood of freedom fighters. You are free to choose wealth, power or poverty? Americans may choose religious belief or agnostic belief. We are granted unlimited freedom to pursue who we choose to be. Americans dream of peace for all society as we simply continue the chase of a more perfect Union.

Americans was always stood the test of turning back tyrants and evil both at home and across the planet. Americans have always answered the needs of humanity to live free.

Today our destruction is again being attempted by radical’s extremist, ignorant indoctrinated children and sick-minded ideologues. Todays Anarchist is joined by greed filled moneymen who fund endeavours of destruction. Many groups each with their own cause have fought to hold a piece of America.

Our visionary founding fathers gave us great freedom to pursue our equality. The pursuit of equality carries the burden of protecting the freedoms of our fellow countrymen; it does not allow for the destruction of one group over another. Our internal battle, the Civil War was fought to ensure the freedom of all. Many States held that power granted to the citizen to design their choices rested best with them. The Federal power brokers (Union) wished to expand their powers of control over the will of the people. Our Federal Government victory was complete and Washington became masters over the Republic.

Progressive (Dem) Woodrow Wilson and Progressive Republican Teddy Roosevelt held a view that the downtrodden working class needed rescue from powerful corrupt corporations. The robber barons of the 19th century used cheap labour to build vast fortunes.

Wilson gave America a progressive tax system designed to redistribute wealth down to the working class. The robber barons acquired wealth that allowed them to establish a banking system that they would not allow government to take over. Their scheme to hand the U.S. treasury over to their control was designed. Wilson and Progressives in Congress bought and sold the idea that private bankers should control our Nations wealth building system.

Wilson signed and created the private central bank scheme that is the Federal Reserve. The name was created to deceive the citizens into a belief that they were part of government. The fact is our central bank is owned by private European elites. Facts say that Wilson’s efforts were to share the wealth of America across all classes of society. Wilson was sold a lie.

Franklin Roosevelt shared the same progressive design of social justice. Roosevelt felt that government programs could best care for citizens who had been abused and left behind by the free market capitalist system. Roosevelt came from wealth that expanded by the use of the private banking system. The very system designed for robbing the wealth of the nation handed Roosevelt the great depression.

Roosevelt’s ideology allowed him to advance a socialist recovery effort. Private bankers designed a system that would allow them to put the nation back to work. The New Deal would offer government work programs and assistance to correct the wrongs of the free market. Decades of dealing with social security issues and expanding government programs slowed the progressive movement. With each Progressive social program comes decades of sorting out how to make the programs work. The sad reality is political elites never admit failure. Many FDR programs were credited for bringing America from Depression. Facts and the balance sheet say many of his programs were total failures.

Americans must never forget WWI and WWII were both funded and designed by central bankers. Citizens around the World were slaughtered to advance the economic wealth of who ever might win. Central bankers cared not to select the winners their profits would be intact regardless of the victor. The great reconstruction of war torn nations allowed advancements in society and infrastructure. Great world organizations were advanced to create social justice on a global scale. Two decades of nation building for the victors offered wonderful advancements in society. Yet the world still held great social evils, starvation, ignorance and segregation. Our world still had a lack of clean water and energy for all humanity. It was time to advance a global social effort.

Next in line; but not least we get the Lyndon Johnson Great Society era of redistribution. The welfare state is designed and legislated into law. Johnson era Progressives would share the lie that they saved the American society from all struggles. Johnson used the struggle of blacks as a weapon to accomplish government control. For every citizen government lifts up it will destroy equal or greater numbers. Racial Equality is not granted by government programs that force funding using the labour of workers. Each of the Great Society social programs have failed they are not working. The Great Society did not accomplish the Progressive promise. It is known that Johnson held a far greater goal for this master policy in legislation; capture the Black vote. The single accomplishment of the Great Society legislation was the chaining of Blacks to a mailbox and a voting booth.

Under Progressive Democrat ideology America is a nation where failure is not possible. If you have needs government creates a program to assist your needs. Destructive government programs have become the master over citizens. Two sets of citizens exist those who choose to exist as a burden to the state and those forced to fund every program. Government programs are offered as social justice by the Progressive ideology of the Democrat Party.

Government give away programs are Democrat Party vote buying investments using the working class tax dollars to maintain funding. Why would this be the Democrat mission?

The division of the classes is the mission. Control of the mass of society is the ultimate prize of the Central Bankers the rulers of America. Wealth generating programs controlled by politicians are the weapons of Bankers. Socialist Politicians and Bankers work to maintain an even split. Socialist Progressive Democrat efforts daily are eroding working class taxpayers. In the last two decades American workers have lost their majority.

From the first writing of this document where America had 50.1% of its citizens funding 49.9% of its citizens living on the labor of taxpayers. Today 2020 numbers are now 41% workers funding 59% of all government workers and none workers. Progressive Democrats and Republicans have handed down laws that trample the will of the working majority. Progressive Democrats and Republicans Swamp dwellers have worked together to ensure power over us. When American workers stand up and speak out social justice progressives tell us we are shameful and greedy. They by design will always play their race card (it is important you understand I wrote this document in 2008).

Progressives sell class warfare to their enslaved voters. Unions have allowed themselves to become tools for the spread of Progressive ideology. Progressive ideology spreads the lie that as a majority we fail to embrace the rights of the few. The courts have ruled to protect the rights of the few. As Americans we must accept these decisions. The few are protected with equal energy and granted freedoms that ensure equality. The designed failure of the social justice movement (welfare state) deepens the divide as their programs collapse. You live in a nation built to collapse without any battle being waged. If in when the powerful central bankers decide death and destruction remain as their most powerful weapon of control.

Progressive (Democrat) leaders passed laws to hinder the pursuit of happiness. Our granted Republican form of government is failing. We the people are failing to control leaders who have legislated destructive policy.

When groups see themselves as being outside and against the whole they destruct the domestic tranquillity of all. We witness Black Lives Matter, Gay Rights, Student rights, Gun Control, Abortion rights, Illegal immigrant rights and income inequality. No one embraces those that fund all of these groups (tax payers).

When one group holds hostage the freedoms of anyone they are destructive of American power. Civic Duty is cast into the trash heap of a failing education system. Americans have no clue of their duties to maintain our free Republican form of government. A known dumbing was carried out by design. This dumbing down allowed the total indoctrination of our children to take place for 55 years. Those children in the streets today are the results of our captured socialist education system. We must remember we funded this indoctrination. Politicians seeking public office sold American workers the same lies that they would fix the failing education system. They knew in order to become a corrupt politician you must advance better education. After all what good man or woman does not want the better education of their children?

Our American power is the unity of our nation when faced with a common known enemy; politicians know this. Politicians desire a divided hard line that keeps Americans distracted. Central Bankers fund and create division. Division breeds their tools of death and destruction since the 1800’s.

It is my hope that Americans form groups that step forward to build and create the unity required for the survival of America. We must understand divided by any means we fall. Politics at this time is pleased to see us divided. Politics with great intent is separating groups against each other. Separating voters by any means creates many individual voter battles that will allow designed division. Their designed division equals the destruction of the whole.

Media is the hand tool of propaganda ministers of the central bankers and socialist world order. Media’s funded mission is to divide and lie never seek or reveal the corrupt truth of who the controllers really are. Media control of all things related to communication shares a single common goal keep the message the same America is evil and must be destroyed.

We witness President Obama shame White America because we have become clear we are victims of forced taxation that robs our labor. The Democrats shame American taxpayers who support closing borders and equalized trade. Progressives are rushing to replace the last bastion of citizen-controlled government.

We are one people Americans; we are allowing the destruction of the United States. We are blessed to have many views. Respect for difference is what makes us strong. Yet we must demand and strengthen our common bonds.

Standing against well designed division requires citizens willing to restore America. We have written volumes to record our failure to control criminal politicians. We allowed the history of our nation to be rewritten by Communist/Socialist/Progressive Professors. We cannot fear the greatness of our past. We must embrace our history, our God, our culture and our flag. Progressive ideology that requires us to wash away our heritage is destroying our nation.

The United States of America a nation ruled by and governed by Americans. Americans live in the single most powerful nation on the planet. Our shame is we have allowed Progressive politicians to sell our nation. Our Nation and freedoms were dismantled by the courts, the legislature, the United Nations, foreign bankers, large corporate power brokers, religious zealots any number of thieves they all share blame. Politicians are leading us as willing sheep to the global order they and others have designed.

Perhaps when we list the common bonds and knowledge that every American taxpayer shares we can agree to stand united.

The destruction of our dollar value should be a clear picture that every American can see. Your wages are stagnant, cost of living is skyrocketing. Your earning on savings does not keep pace with your cost of living. Yet the bankers increase profits to their international safe shelters (European banks hold trillions of dollars).

If you are living on a taxpayer funded EBT card you only have to look at your grocery cart. Your free choice to live in poverty is fully supported by your continued vote for Democrats. How is it that you reward the very people that create your continued poverty? Ignorance is designed to enslave you as well as those citizens that labor to fund you.

If you are living on Social Security you know the struggle of declining dollar value. You also continue to support Democrats with your votes. Democrats continue to have you believe that Republicans are your enemy. The real enemy is the Democrat party that stole your Social Security payments to expand Social Justice payments to non-worker and millions of illegals. Why in God’s name would you ever vote for a Democrat?

Every American knows that the banker bailouts, corporate bailouts and sell-outs’ were criminal acts. These acts were allowed by Progressive deregulations passed by both parties. Bankers suffered no criminal prosecution by politicians. CEO’s were allowed to increase the bonus pay while taxpayers fought to survive. We share the common pain of our labour being robbed to fund the criminals.

Infiltration of our sovereign borders by Mexicans and all other South American nations is a well-funded effort. Every American knows we are supporting criminal illegals. Every American taxpayer is funding the support of these illegals (while one party will use them to get elected). Mexican and South American poor and the many criminal illegals have no loyalty to America.

Progressives are changing the voter base of the South by flooding every Republican State with illegals. Watch the efforts to destroy the electoral collage by turning California, Texas and Florida but also middle American States.

Every American taxpayer feels the added cost of mandated health care. Every American is witness to the decline of our health care system. Every American knows that insurance companies are profit raiders of our tax dollars. Forced health care is allowing the death of senior Americans. These Senior Citizens by no mistake often support the Republican form of Government.

Every American can see that our public taxpayer funded Education system is failing. Every American witnesses the private profit machines (Charter Schools) robbing tax dollars. Oligarchs of the banking cabal have plotted and schemed, globally enforced austerity and impoverishment reducing life in America to near Third World status, and absolute control. The oligarchs are counting on a dumbed down American population. They have robbed wealth in the name of improving education for decade after decade. American taxpayers fund education at the highest rate on the planet. Yet we are accepting a dumbed down resulting product. This benefits the Oligarchs who only require a labor class of citizens who are willing to do as they are told.

Every American watches agencies of the White House (EPA, Department of Education, BLM, FEMA) destroying jobs. The Department of Education for example; the Constitution explicitly calls for specific delineation between the federal government to stay out of the business of education, traditionally leaving it within the sovereignty of the states and local communities to govern. With decades of proof that they fail to educate we continue funding 69 billion per year. The EPA designed for protection of the environment budget runs 8 billion per year while placing thousands of Americans out of work.

Every American knows we have funded murder in the womb (now for profit of greed filled corporations). 500 million dollars per year of taxpayer dollars are used to carry out an abomination that is against the core belief of the citizens forced to fund it.

Every American taxpayer can access these common bonds that bind us. Every American knows we have allowed the destruction of America without a battle. American taxpayers are busy fighting just to hold onto our small piece of America. As we wage this fight the bankers who are the masters of every evil on this earth continue to design your captivity.

My prayer is that fellow Americans will answer the call to reclaim our political system. When we each stand as an American and accept no other media or political tag we can unite our nation for the survival of our freedoms. Please take stock at what is being done to each of us.

Our leaders (politicians) have destroyed our economic future for their benefit, and the socialist one world system that feeds their greed. Politicians design unfair tax laws that steal from workers to buy votes of non-workers. We are told it is un-American to question tax laws, and citizens are placed in prison for fighting unfair and illegal taxes.

You are accepting the shackles of poverty and placing them on your grandchildren. Politicians design unfair trade agreements that are not equal. China, Mexico, India, Russia have benefited by the expansion of Global Trade. Political trading of American jobs for nothing in return. Balanced and fair trade with other nations is required. Trade must be balanced and equal. Equal trade must be demanded. Breaking the horrible trade agreements of these traitor politicians is our duty to America.

Each segment of American society has its own weakness, and each segment of American society has its strengths. We all have the common bond of being American, but politicians play to each group as a separate voting block. Women vs. men, black vs. white, homosexual vs. heterosexual, have vs. have nots, prolife vs. prochoice, young vs. old, Latino vs. American; political divisions expand everyday. Only when we come together to see each other as just American, will politicians lose their power. American freedom is not any one group’s freedom it is each of ours. The fight for economic, ethnic, religious equality and sexual choice will seize to exist when we unite by common bonds. Each American man, women and child is granted equality through our constitution. Communist, Progressives, Democrats and Corporate Republicans have designed each and every divide. If you hold individual rights that isolate you from the whole of America, you acting un-American. The right to move to any other nation that holds your belief is granted you by this great nation. The loss of independence will assure that any choice politics does not grant will mean death or imprisonment. They are going to kill those of us that don’t fit their way of thinking and belief.

The freedom to worship your God in your faith is granted by the constitution. You must in turn fight for my freedom to worship my God. You are granted the right to worship no God. It is accepted as your right per the constitution. America suffers a divide of religious freedom that has stood too long.

This divide has led to disfranchisement of both the agnostic and religious. When a small group forces their nonbelief on the majority of believers it is disfranchisement. Politicians and the Courts should put issues of such strong debate to the vote of the people. This vote would then become constitutional law, the will of We the People. We the people can decide our course. Our founding fathers feared placing God and religion in the constitution but held true that our rights are God given. Conversations of each founding father make it clear that separation of church and state must be maintained.

Allowing that rights are granted to each by the creator should allow our children the right to thank each day their chosen creator. The freedom to be atheist is granted by our good will and constitution. In a nation of people of God given rights you must find a way to respect us as worshippers of God. The disfranchisement is easy to see. Respect for each with equal measure must be assured. Not by dividing but by uniting. What efforts have been made to unite?

Abortion as an issue is dividing us and must be dealt with. Each group has very valid human reasoning behind their stance, but the courts are torn by the issue. Politicians have danced around the issue for decades. Politicians chose the side that will elect them. As Americans we must be willing to say here is an issue where the vote of we the people will set the law of the land. Be willing to accept the outcome and move on. I will not debate the issue because I lose friends each time I do. We feel so strong about abortion it overwhelms us. States should each vote the will of their citizens. Federal government funding of abortion is unconstitutional and must be outlawed. When we are forced to do battle in Courts against our federal government the system is failing each of us.

We must rise against failed laws that steal state sovereignty. Allowing Federal politicians to decide leaves us without a law we can accept or support. Find a common good or place the issue for a vote of the people of each state. Our free Republic can work when we the people demand our politicians listen to us. They have not listened on many issues, keeping the divide in place for vote pandering.

Make no mistake the supreme power of our nation is we the people. When the federal congress, senate, executive and courts don’t hear us they have failed us. When we don’t unite to be heard we fail our selves and all that our nation is founded on. Americans must unite and demand to be heard.

Welfare and social assistance programs divide us. What man can feel good about working and handing his earnings to a person who is unwilling to work? Assistance while seeking employment is acceptable. When a man is disabled or a family orphaned we must care for them. Creation of a system that takes a man or woman’s wage to give another who is unwilling to work is unjust. It is criminal to steal any person’s hard earned wages. When a segment of our nation accepts our wages and does nothing to improve their station in life they are stealing. The politicians that allow this theft are breaking the backs of working class Americans. How can a man feel good about giving taxes to a government of thieves? No respect can be given a person that robs you of your tax dollars each month. There is a sector of our society that works at not working. The system has failed. The system does not accomplish prosperity but encourages disparity. When you listen to people proclaim that they can make more money staying at home, the system has failed. There is a lack of respect for working class taxpayers who grant the assistance for all government programs.

Politicians would have non-workers believe they grant them the assistance. Non-workers turn out to vote in large numbers. Vote buying takes many forms. See the assistance as what it was intended to do lift up a people held down by unfair laws.

The hope of Lyndon Johnson was to cripple a people by having them demand a handout each month. Dr. King would never allow this for his America. I remember Dr. King as the champion of equality. What equality is given when you steal the sweat of a working man? Accepting a lower station in life can be the choice of any American, but asking another working American to pay for that station is not acceptable. America owes no station to any citizen. If you wish a place at the table work is required. It is un-American not to work. The excuse of no jobs is just that an excuse. Twenty million illegal aliens are working. Welfare must be fixed to lift up non-workers and bring them to the table with their brother Americans.

I refuse to pay taxes on my wages to non-working Americans, and I beg each working American to stop this practice. No American should stay home because they lack work. It is a destructive policy to encourage people not to work. America will not recover unless we invest in sound work policies for all Americans. We must each create value for our nation and ourselves. Stop handing your earned labor wage over to bad government; when we unite to this single action our power can be claimed. Maintain the actions of the blind sheep and each year you will be sheared.

The borders of the United States of America are not open as gates for anyone to enter without permission. The use of illegal aliens as a labor force is stealing freedoms from working class Americans. Politicians who fail to defend our borders are traitors to our United States Constitution. We must understand protecting our borders is a Constitutional duty. Politicians are criminals when they allow criminal actions each and everyday.

These illegal immigrates are stealing our nation, and if we accept and do nothing they will never fix the border issue. The criminal politicians weaken our dollar so as to equal America with all third world nations. The borders can be secured within 30 days. Anyone that stops the protection of our borders is a traitor. Understand any traitor that fails to protect our borders must be run out of office.

If we don’t with great force and intent clear the government of traitors we are accepting them as representing who we are. I accept that no illegal immigrate should pay the price of a traitor. Illegal immigrates should be shipped home with one option apply and seek entry into this nation as per our laws. If you don’t respect our laws how can you ever have value to our system of government? If you fly the flag of another nation carry yourself and your family to that nation.

Media (corporate lairs and pimps working to spread propaganda) and politicians use the homosexual issue as a divide. Government should hold no issue with the sexual orientation of citizens. Sexual orientation as a freedom can only be accepted by a will of the people of each State. When we allow politicians and media to create a divide, we fail. An issue of sex between consenting adults has no place in Federal government mandates. When you bring your sexual orientation into the courts you kill the value of anyone who does not share you view. What map is given to any of us with regard to love or sexual orientation?

We must embrace the freedom to vote and defend to the death the right of choice. Being divided on issues of choice is by political criminal design. If we allow these divisions none of our rights will survive. Please realize all these issues have power. We each attach power to our choice.

What is it that keeps us from seeing and respecting the view of our fellow American brothers and sisters? Think back to all issues that hold power over you. How many times has our lack of knowledge and fear of what we don’t know grip us? Ignorance of our own doing guides us often to a lack of respect for things we don’t know and understand. Many hard line stances have been made in ignorance. Many changes have occurred with understanding and education. We educate ourselves without the aid of politicians who hope to maintain the division.

We the people; Americans must hear our founding fathers. They risked all for the free separate nation that we are. They set forth a plan that allows for the greater good of all, and no few should set the course of the many. The greater good is that we each should vote on divisive issues and the vote accepted as our direction. We have been given the most powerful tool to guide and rule us. Politicians who choose to divide and pander to the divided group should have no power over us.

We must always remain clear we are each Americans with rights and duties granted us by our United States Constitution. Our Constitution allows that are rights are from a creator not politicians and courts. When you seek the guidance of courts vs. the creator children of the creator will suffer. United is the power that we must become to undo the divisive course we follow. Great leaders are waiting to replace the greed of the power hungry fools that lead us to Global doom.

We the People of these United States of America better stand and fight now or reap the whirl wind of destruction that leads our children and grand children to a third world status. Trust me we are headed for global unity where we will not hold the power granted us by our founding fathers. America deserves our efforts to stop this selling off by traitors. Trust me traitors are at the helm. Please reach out to help someone in need.

Forward these simple words so that a light may come on when the darkness gets here. We hold the power. With trust of my fellow Americans I remain loyal to my God, family and great nation.

Milton John Estabrooks


Updated: It is great to look back at these words. Sadness fills my heart that for each of you that reads these out dated words you will know today 01/04/11 we have gained little ground to restore America.

Updated: The same divisive games are being played by our rulers (both dems and repubs). Our nation today is totally linked into global governance. American independence has now become a history lesson. The enlightenment of Tea Party Patriots is the only hope of our Great Nation. (03/31/16)

What battles did we fail to fight? How many Americans remain sleeping while their nation completes the socialist turn to global rulers? Each time the fellow who has taken no action tells me to keep up the good work; I pray God holds my temper. Each time men of no action tell me I am wasting my time; I pray God holds my anger. Each time our Congress takes the next step without the will of the people; I pray God guide me from this evil that awaits these blind sheep. Each step I take is now given to prayer for God to help us in our effort. Enlightenment will only come to those who seek the truth. We hold the truth; our shinning light is the U.S. Constitution that was inspired by our God. The path is dark; yet with each action the light will return. Do not allow divisive politics to enter our just efforts to unite. Division is game of party politics. Both parties hold power over you today. Our victory will come when we hold power that has our government perform our Will.

Updated: So today 03/31/16 I maintain an amble stock of food and ammo for the designed destruction being played out without a single shot at those known as enemies of Great Nation. I continue to hold that prayer works best to prepare each of us for the assured destruction coming light a bat out of hell to your doorstep.

Updated: 3/10/18 - Seems many Americans dealt with the reality of the criminal Progressive state of our Republic. We stood against all odds to elect Donald J. Trump. Now we witness the last ditch efforts of the Communist, Socialist and Progressives to nullify our voices and our votes. Great evidence has been provided to convict the criminal Clintons, Obama and many Deep State members of the Obama administration.

Updated 10/31/19 We see the Coup d’état being carried out to remove our elected President yet we do nothing. If allowed to carry out their coup America is lost. At no time in the history of this Nation has it been more important to defeat the lairs. God Bless our President and grant him the power to continue his effort to drain the communist swamp.

Updated: 07/06/2020 – Covid 19 was be designed set upon the world by Communist China. I believe the virus remains because it was easily carried in the backpacks of Chinese foreign exchange students prior to the lock down. I also believe that we have criminal doctors involved in this designed release of death. The murder of George Floyd was sad but served another purpose. The filming sure made it is for the traitors of Media to control the message of hate and divide. Media is evil. Media is the propaganda lie of the Communist and is coordinating every things we see in our streets. You must get prepared! You must Vote and you must have efforts in your community to turn out the vote. You must also be guarded that both Communist Democrats and Swamp Republicans are working together to defeat Donald Trump. We have more standing against in 2020 than we had in 2016. Become clear if we allow this defeat we are doomed as a Nation! Violence will continue until November. Covid will spread by design.

We are under an all out attack by domestic terrorist. Who are they? Media, Communist Democrats and fully corrupted Republicans, Supreme Courts (Justice system), Indoctrinated 20-30 year old Socialist, Globalist Corporations seeking their New World Order and the most painful complacent citizens.

What are you prepared to do? They believe you will do nothing. They feel certain they have enough seeds planted to control your actions. Remember history each time their lies are revealed they become crazed dogs trapped in a corner. They will use violence. They will destroy evidence. They will fund riots, they will burn and bomb; they will advance deep divisions. They will hide the truth using their controlled media to divert your attention. They are masters at smoke and mirrors (false flag operations). The masters over the funding have a terrorist mentality. DESTOY THEY’RE BANKING AND BRING THEM TO JUSTICE!!!

What they fail to see is the curtain is being pulled back. There are tools and currency outside of their control. We have men willing to place these criminals behind bars. We must work to arrest as many as possible in a short period. Once they realize their days are numbered all hell will break loose. Pray for President Trump he will become a target when he breaches their money barrier.

We must turn out more American to vote in 2020 elections and every election! Each time we hold offices they loose. Each time we increase our numbers more Americans can be saved. Educate your children and grandchildren using the Bible and our Constitution. They must hear fact-based history and education from mom, dad and grandparents. STOP the indoctrination of our children! You alone hold that power!

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