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Things to Calibrate and Ponder on July 16th 2020

Today More Americans will be born than those who die. God is working over time to out pace the man made and China released virus.

If you are reading this message you are a survivor.

More Americans today will survive the man made China released virus than die from it. This virus is real it is being released and spread by design of its creators. Communist China and others are working daily to defeat President Trump. Destruction of America is the mission Trump and Americans must be defeated.

You have the power to decide what works best for your life. God has revealed if you are 65 or older and have health issues protect yourself. Young American with health issues should protect themselves. This virus spreads easily. So young Americans should carry the burden of protecting older vulnerable citizens. This will be a struggle because we have advanced a spoiled self centered youth. Children should return to school based on a large volume of science and learning. If teachers refuse out of a health fear we should respect that and give them a lay off until they feel comfortable. Their are many young educated workers who can fill the gap. If School Boards don't support getting children back to school stop all funding. They are collecting taxes without providing the service. Law suits will be required against each board that fails and any government body who collects school tax.

The Communist (China), Socialist Democrats and Anarchist have revealed them selves to entire World. God has revealed our enemy for all to see. We are being spoon-fed economic fears, Job loss fears, Health fears, racist fears and Violence fears all in the name of defeating America and our elected President. Trust God to advance the will of his people in America. What we are witnessing is not being done or carried out by Gods hands. Fear is the most powerful tool of Satan.

God loves all lives and created you in his image. Your skin color was not yours to choose. The master of all things creates skin color. Racist Black Communist will never rule America. They share the same evil as White Supremacy. These are not our valued Black American nieghbors who work everyday to advance the exceptionalism of our founding. We must all share the truth that America has flaws and has failed many times to live up to our creation of a more perfect union. We must also share the truth that it was Americans who each time in history have battled to change our flaws. Americans will not allow Marxist Communist to destroy our nation.

Celebrate today that Police will protect and save lives all across America. Racist communist, gang bangers and hard-core criminals are carrying out the brutality being witnessed in America today. They are funded by those God has revealed to be un-American Democrats. God bless and protect our Police Officers. Communist and Socialist Democrats have revealed their hate for our Police. Open your hearts and minds to see God’s gift to all Americans that we are a nation of laws and our police must enforce our laws. It has worked and will continue to work. Evil will not be allowed to rule our streets.

Fear not the message of Media. Join with your family in friends to turn off Communist, Socialist Democrat Media. This massive attack on America will be played out until November. Democrats have spent four solid years to destroy a man and his supporters. Take a break from the propaganda machine for a few days. Take that time to share with our children the exceptional people we Americans really are.

Pray today that God would heal the hearts and minds of Trump haters. Trump derangement is real. It is a sickness we have all shared during the Obama years. We must stand United this election is not about the man it is about Communist Socialist Democrat destruction of America.

Every American should reflect on a single question. Do you wish to be slaves to total government rule or free to advance American exceptionalism of self-government? God grants our foundational freedoms. The wisdom of our founders granted us the choice of freedom and liberty or tyrannical rule. That simple question must be what guides each American.

Americans must determine will you be ruled by fear or will you stand as free men and women. Fear not political correctness or cancel culture. Indoctrination can only take place when you give into a belief that any human holds absolute truth and wisdom. We must hold the truths of our founding. All men are created equal. All men have fundamental rights; liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, due process of law and the freedom to peacefully assemble. If you accept elite Communist, Marxist and Socialist Democrats should be allowed to determine the direction of your life, you are Un-American.

If you don’t agree with the speech of a fellow citizen share you’re thinking. Never allow any fellow citizen to be shouted down or demeaned for his speech. Your feeling being hurt is not death sentence. Most likely there is a learning opportunity for you. When your arrogance has you believe your way of thinking is the only right way to think you’re ignorant. Gang mentality is usually created to hide the weakness of individuals within the gang. America is not yours to decide what history is important and which history should be destroyed. America has a path to all decisions by our power to vote on any issue. If Jesus and his blessed mother offend you, you have no right to damage the rights of Christians that embrace Jesus and his mother. When you damage or destroy private property you are a criminal and should be punished. When you rob, loot and burn you are a criminal and should be punished and removed from society. When you seek a Socialist, Communist or Progressive Democrat rule over American citizens you are un-American.

Stand firm for your core beliefs. You have a right to hold God as the master of your life. You must live with the understanding that many American have no God. Be also clear your God is not the God of every American. You can hold abortion is murder in the womb. Be clear many Americans share the belief a women has a choice. You can hold that our government is failing because we allowed weak men who have no honor to be elected.

Be clear many Americans embrace weak men and support them. You can hold that every American should stand for our National Anthem and embrace and honor our American Flag. We are all clear some Americans have the right to take a knee. You can hold that taxation of any mans labor is evil and against our foundational core beliefs. Be very clear most Americans don’t care slavery serves them. You can hold that Tyrants are running every level of American government. Be clear most Americans cannot define Tyrant. Hold that your belief in God has you do no harm to fellow Americans. Be clear and pray God bless anyone that chooses to harm you. Un-American efforts deserve your efforts to destroy the rot they force upon you and your homeland.

You can hold that arms are yours to use to defend your Life, Liberty and Freedom to bear arms. Be clear many Americans are willing to lay down their arms at the whim of the tyrants. Core beliefs and principles today are difficult for many young Americans to define. We allowed the indoctrination. We created spoiled children who accept weakness as normal. Great thing about today is we are going to be allowed to educate them. Anyone need a history teacher?

A dear friend offers these words daily.

“God is good everyday; Everyday God is Good”

Find the Good for yourself each day. Unite with your fellow Americans. Trust God will lead us into battle well protected.

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