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Trust God Give Glory to God for our Salvation

Focus your heart and mind on God! Have No fear!

As a child of God I am censored, I am held hostage to Cesar! Yet I know my master Father God guides me. Truth will always come to light!

Why censorship is being carried out by evil! They fear a citizen sharing truth!

What are they hiding? The Truth of their evil is not bearable for many in humanity. God reveals each day their evil. Children being trafficked living and dying horror not of Father God! America will wake to the horror of what has been done to God’s children.

No single thing has driven me deeper in my faith. America TV and censored Social Media feed you piece by piece to prolong your awakening! TURN IT Off! Get online get on Telegram get on Rumble use censored YouTube and post in messenger. Don’t fight F@ Ce booook post rules!

These are biblical days and we are blessed to witness the most powerful hand of Father God. Truth is the light seek it out! What is evil hiding? They fed on our labor to enslave all humanity! Feeding on the blood of innocent and calling it government. They have captured our minds and fed us poison of all kind. They have held back cures for all disease and God’s master plan over aging!

My prayers is God will have you seek and find the truth! If you chose to sleep then under stand the Good Shepherd is coming. Seek discernment of GOD’s word! Pray each day for the Patriot’s sharing the word of God. Seventeen shared a powerful message to truth seekers! Our history standing with God must never be forgotten! Stand in God and for God to reveal all things!

The scream of Freedom grows each day!

Remember GOD WINS! Stay in love and peace let the truth SHOW begin! SEEK the TRUTH!

Be wise follow the message! Stay Calm! Stay off the roads. It would be wise not to travel. Avoid large Democrat run Cities! Stay in the Peace and Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! WATCH THE SHOW! Trust and discern God’s love of Humanity.

Peace be with You!

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