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Understanding America in Chaos

After many years of monitoring and verifying data and information. Hours of searching the internet to capture all sides of all issues, The Evil is known and never hidden. We know their acts of terror and mind control. You have lived life as a captive and never knew the truth. God has empowered an enlightenment of his children around the World.

Every human has asked what is my purpose in this life. We have had a gut feeling something is wrong with America. For many of us President JFK was murdered, we did not accept the Lie. We were simply told accept the story or be labeled a conspiracy nut job. We continued the search for truth. We searched, we uncovered the Evil. We knew their names, their money machine, their take over and control of Governments and their matrix of enslavement. Each step we peeled back each layer, they advanced their attacks on the truth. Evil advanced drugs, child trafficking, crimes against humanity, abortion, massive mind control (media), they built war machines, they took control of health care, fed you poison designed to kill the human body, they advanced cures that weaken and kill. They captured all political systems, local, state and the Federal Corporation became all powerful. They advanced control of speech. They advanced a false hate narrative of racism.They used criminal justice to unleash violence in all cities. They infiltrated and captured the education system. They by designed dumbed down humanity to accept a master Class. They used fiat debt paper to bankrupt and destroy Nations and starve humans. This Evil has no limit of their hate of God's children. Our Body, Mind and Soul have remained their desire. The killing off of our God is their decide. Our Word allows us to know GOD WINS!

Many brave Patriots have fought this evil, many have lost their lives and fortunes. Each time our World had a leader willing to reveal this evil they were murdered. This evil created all wars using fear and hate the most powerful tools of Satan. It is very important you understand for centuries they have advanced evil to control all humanity. This known evil of the illuminated has always advanced a message against God. Every movement of Love, Peace and Prosperity was targeted and coopted by this evil.

Who are we that seek to reveal the restored Republic? Who are we that say no more? Our God not man guides us. Many of us have battled the system, written volumes of Constitutional understanding, advanced and trained others to accept the red pill. Your current system is a Corporate system of criminal corruption. Your government is totally controlled by Satanic Controllers. Understand when the Liars, Cheats and Traitors are revealed 90-95% of your Federal Corporation will be found guilty. Today you are watching evil taking its last breath of hope. We who have battled at a keyboard, book stores, Libraries Patriot rallies, local government, state government always carried a common weapon. Love of God, Love of Family, Love of Country and Love of our Communities. Take time to think of the Patriots who have been murdered in this long battle. We serve the search for truth. This truth will wake all of humanity. This truth arms God anointed warriors even this day as they battle on. These warriors know this is biblical. God is once again reaching down to save a sinful humanity. We are bathed in the blood of the Lamb our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Each step has required Patriots to capture and reveal each lie. What if all you were taught was a controller lie? Those of us who have chosen to pull back the curtain only ask that God grant us compassion for those who will suffer at the reveal. We ask God's continued discernment of truths to come. Knowing for decades these evil days would land at our door step we became driven to share. We have many times been required to kick the dust from our sandals. We have suffered the idol gossip naming us as conspiracy nuts. We have questioned and asked why me lord? Please imagine a life of only seeking truth versus the system version of lies. Once you are in full understanding our world was being held captive your mind, your soul requires you to live in question. You ask where do I look God? How do I share a message that will have your children stand up?

Imagine the pain of knowing each evil carried out are you ready. Who killed Lincoln? Why would Grant sell a nation to London and the Vatican, Who attended the meeting at Jekyil Island? Why were the IRS and Federal Reserve really created? Who died on the Titanic and who drove into the ice? Who created the Communist Unions in America? Why was our fleet located at Pearl Harbor, Why would Ford and Central Bankers fund and build a German army, Who won WW II, Why the United Nations was really created? Who killed JFK, What is the Trilateral Commission and who created it? How many murders were carried out by the Clintons? Who really collapsed the twin towers and building 7? What were they hiding that allowed them to murder Americans in New York? What did the gain in the poppy fields of Afghanistan? What did Barack really get away with? What did Hillary reveal on her computers and devices? Who really sold out to Russia and China? Who is Julian Assange and what has he revealed. Who is the evil behind the bio-weapon COVID? Who is the Evil behind the Vaccine? Well that is a deep rabbit hole. You must prepare your mind and soul for the truth to come.

What if their was a plan to defeat this evil? What if this plan was revealed to only a few people who could understand it? What if they were told everything thing you are watching play out. What if they were simply told to trust the plan? What if now the mission is to prepare our Fellow Americans. WE HAVE IT ALL! I heard a fellow Anon say it simply. We have dealt a knock out punch to the CABAL. Now they are simply throwing wild punches. They will still hit the canvas this fight is won. Understand all the evil they have used to stop this time from coming to humanity. They will not simply lay down. They will carry out many False Flag attempts to carry out fear! They love fear! Satan's most powerful weapon is Fear.

What fear event could they carry out World Wide? What events could they still control? Keep your eyes on God! Keep Calm that their events are always LIES! Remember we must stand willing to walk into the darkness to see the Glory of God's design for us. As the darkness comes remain firm in God's word!

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