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Understanding What We See in these Days

Our World is witness to the Word of God revealed. We must each pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Never accept any attempt to remove Jesus Christ as the true Son of Father God. We must seek not our truth but stand firmly in the Word of God. Cast off the evil of the Satanic New Age belief that each man is god.

Know that many false prophetic massagers are sharing visions that are not direct from the WORD! Media is nothing more than mind control propaganda. Political systems are evil control systems of mankind. America has been slow walked to acceptance of Marxism. Health Care is death care created by evil men and women. The health care system endorsed abortion, advanced cancer and disease. These evil men and women have built a wealth system of depopulation. From their birth Corporations are the tools of a Satanic Master Elite. This scam was created to enslave humanity to a debt system where humanity owns nothing. Corporations are profit centers of the Cabal that enslave the World. Foundations are established to funnel money to the Satanic Cabal.

America has been in a continuous decline of morality and a turning away from God. This design is Satanic and centuries old. American acceptance of abortion ranks first in its absolute abomination.

Removal of the teachings of God from ours schools would be next. Acceptance of what the Word of God says is an abomination homosexuality ranks high on our national moral decline. Encouragement of laziness by our government fulfills a Marxist plank of American destruction. Acceptance of mind control and indoctrination from our Christian beliefs surrounds us. Often our churches have failed to stand against this evil. Many profit from knowing the fear that grips humanity and preaching a controlled message. Our divides are by design of the great Satanic Cabal. We listen the advance of doctrines of hate and fear. Haves vs. Have not’s, racism, COVID fear and taxation by inflation are each tools of Satanic masters bring Marxism into existence.

Our salvation rest with Father God, his beloved son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and our baptism in the Holy Spirit. All things of our World have been captured in the Word of God our Holy Bible. The time and days we are living are Prophetic. Yes these days are biblical. We know the power of prayer. Let us each stand firm to witness the power not of man but of Jesus Christ. Stand firm in the Word seeking understanding of what is playing out. As a child of God have no fear. Rejoice that our God has placed us in the time of what will be a Great Revival. Save the willing and pray God’s mercy on the evildoers. God’s justice will be swift.

God Bless America that we may repent our sins and stand firmly in the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen! United by the power of God we will Save America.

Posted here on some links that will offer history. Seek the truth using Gods power of discernment. Share all things and accept wisdom of those professing the Son of man and the Holy Word of God. I am an advocate of seeking and sharing truth. Prepare yourself and children for days that are coming fast.

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