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United To Save America

HUGE day coming! Since November 3rd America is watching the CABAL SHOW! They are playing an evil game! Since January 20th the CABAL elected President is revealing their hand. Americans are living a hard shift to Communism. Ruling as a Totalitarian Joe Biden is allowing his rulers (the CABAL) to see his willingness to complete their agenda. If you don’t know who or what the CABAL is learn quickly. Self education is power!

Americans are watching and learning. Every American should ask them selves a simple question. Is Joe Biden introducing America to Totalitarianism?

From Google (lol): Totalitarianism is a form of government that attempts to assert total control over the lives of its citizens. It is characterized by strong central rule (Federal) that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression.

Use of Executive Orders certainly is a model for a totalitarian. Advancing legislation that is racist. Advancing censorship of ideology. The targeted ideology is that of a Patriotic America. Adopting open boarders and importing illegals is underway. Killing Jobs was day one, two, three and four. COVID relief is still on hold as Americans suffer total loss of income. Expanding the base of Americans dependent on the Federal government (CABAL). Crime and Corruption allowed and justice slowed. (CABAL)

Created Food lines across our Great Nation. Americans everyday are becoming food insecure. All for a very real flu like virus that is deadly for Senior Citizens. Here is a fact that is now becoming very clear; COVID can be treated early with Hydroxychloroquine; Azithromycin, D3 and zinc. Americans are dying and there is a path forward that does not require vaccine.

I only offer as a 67 year man with COPD. Americans are highly intelligent and have a ton of access today to case studies. Study and understand mRNA vaccines before you take it. Taking it is a choice. PROTECT YOUR SENIOR CITIZENS. How about America’s Governor Andrew The Great? Arrogant bastard covered up what could be classed as murder.

Biden had no COVID plan. He is jacking up what Trump had in place. How about Dr. Fauci study and advance Corona Virus, send funding to Wuhan and BAM! Virus unleashed on the WORLD (CABAL). Dr. Fauci is an expert he funded its study.

Speaking of vaccine choice, America is back to funding abortions around the planet (population control) CABAL agenda.

How about the GREEN NEW DEAL? $1500.00 tax increase funding the Paris climate accord. Americans freezing to death and Joe needed a snow day. American deaths must be heavy on his agenda. He sent 60 generators.

I am an Offshore Drillings Fluid Engineer who has witnessed the hatred of leftist. I entered the industry when America needed oil and gas. We were proud of jobs. We were men working for America and the American people. Our industry from its birth has had a love hate relationship with government. Presidents come and go but we were working to provide America with Energy. We cared for our families and built communities across this nation. Trust me no communities exist without energy. America has an abundance of clean burning Natural Gas. There should never be a light go out in America. There should never be an American without heat. America is being guided by ignorant tyrants hell bent to see us suffer. Having an electric grid being forced to wind and solar with no backup source has proven deadly. We are witness to environmental terrorist gaining power to control life and death.

Joe Biden is advancing 2nd Amendment infringements daily. The Cabal knows America will not be ruled as long as Americans have a right to bear arms.

O.K. back to the question. Is Joe Biden introducing America to Totalitarianism? I say YEP!

American Patriots have been standing guard. American Patriots have told you this day was coming. American Patriots are in this battle for liberty and freedom. American Patriots are uniting across this great nation. American Patriots across our nation are lifting a cry to God. Truth is being revealed each day. A bright light is being cast on the darkness of evil. Evil that shocks a man to his core. A evil that requires you to pray. Father God protect us as we defeat them. God let every American see the light of truth.

America like at our founding must stand united. As we unite do it locally. Gather in the young men and women to educate. Reveal the evil that exists pull back the curtain of lies. Education is a must our children have been indoctrinated. While you have them at home teach them American History and Civics. America is blessed to be a nation of God. Return our children to God so they are prepared. These days are biblical, so teach them the bible.

Patriot men and women must unite to teach activism on the local level. Develop a strong relationship with you Sheriff. There is no greater authority on law and order. Ensure your Sheriff is strong in the Constitution. There are organizations of strong Constitution Sheriff’s who will only follow Constitutional law.

Form groups that monitor local government actions or policy changes. Form groups to focus on State legislation that takes any rights from local government. Form groups to vet candidates for office. Learn the system from those that serve you. Demand action when needed. Learn that two men or women focused on any issue have great power. It is time they hear us the American people. Local systems rules are rigged to isolate you and to make things difficult.

Organized Media is not your friend. Media is controlled and owned by the CABAL. A group of 20 or more men and women focused on saving America in every community can control local government. Without the need for MEDIA! When they become aware they will seek you out. "Who are you?" "what do you want?" "what do you hope to accomplish?" Then they will attempt to define you. I am John Q Public seeking better government! I am no Party! I am a America seeking freedom and liberty for all Americans! Form a core group meet once a month. Learn to use techno tools. Be guarded when using social media. Communicate using messages and always know they see you. They track your every move online. Develop men and women willing to speak out. We are all Americans and we all see what is happening. Never allow anyone to define who you are. If they call you any name it is a tool of distraction and disinformation. Communist mind control cancel culture is a propaganda tool.

Always speak the truth! Remember we are defeating the lairs. American Patriots know our truth. Spend time in open conversation with family and friends we are all Americans. Every community has indoctrinated Americans 30% will struggle with the truth. American Patriots must understand Truth will be revealed for the World to see.

Today the 19th of February is a great day to monitor our Supreme Court. Election cases are moving forward. Keep a watchful eye on the MEDIA Show! Watch both sides FOX and CNN. Remember that not a single day goes by without a revelation. Have faith in GOD.

Start building your contacts. Seek advice when required. Listen to be heard! A Great Awakening is underway! We have many Patriots fully awake and standing in the breach. Our Republic requires Americans standing United. Help each other to find a path through these days.

God Bless each of you! God Bless our Great Nation! Pray for every American who is suffering! Pray for our fellow Americans who have died from COVID. God give warmth to the cold. Father God cast out all fear across our nation. We are United To Save America in God’s name.

WWG1WGA! Truth to Light!

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