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United to Save America. Take Action Share this Mission Daily!

Today we listened Dementia Joe Biden share the coming next wave of Progressivism leading America’s way to Communism. Progressivisms birth in 1912 with the election of Woodrow Wilson has each 20 -25 years given America a new wave of Government control. Expanding of the Federal government to control by greater centralized power over our natural freedoms. America has witnessed four waves of Progressivisms Wilson’s Progressive Taxation and Central Banking, FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society and Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Each wave has succeeded in greater control and removal of freedoms. Each wave expanded Federal Governments control over American citizens liberties. Each wave handed down Progressive laws that created control over citizen’s natural rights by government largess. Government largess is where liberals (progressives) take away our money to give it to "the needy" in ways that make current elected official’s appear generous. Generally, these acts of generosity are given in ways that undermine the recipient's abilities to survive without government generosity.

Progressive Taxation created a penalty on Americans who would advance by their labor. Progressive taxation allowed funding of those unwilling to advance. Federal Reserve Central Bank creation removed sound currency and started America down the path to debt. Prior to its creation balanced budgets were absolute, government could not spend money that it did not have. FDR’s New Deal handed control of labor over to the Federal Government it allowed creation of wage laws and government funding of work programs. New Deal legislation created housing authority and social security. LBJ’s Great Society expanded many of the New Deal programs and advanced social justice programs that would advance welfare and urban developments. Great Society created and started control of health care by creation of Medicare. Federal aid to education, high-speed mass transit, and rental supplement for housing and the start of environmental health were all legislated by the Great Society legislation. Obama Care moved and advanced great government control over every Americans health care.

Each and every Progressive piece of legislation has removed freedoms from a sector of American Society. Many American workers know full well the great cost of every Progressive program. Facts are clear that often little regard to the cost to the working class have been considered. While Unions saw a great expansion of their wages workers out side of unions saw a reduction of wages to pay for Progressive visions.

Progressives stand in total contrast to foundational conservatives. Progressives stand opposed to limited government and continue to remove all barriers to their power over human existence. Progressives today are willing to advance Socialist and Communist rule over America. Progressives have advanced their administrative control over every level of government every State and Local governments are forced to accept Progressive visioning policy. Visioning policies advance single world governance that will end every property right and end individual pursuit of happiness.

Progressives like Joe Biden hold that no American can be allowed to think for them selves. Progressives hold that natural law has no place in America. Removal of citizen control and self-government is the mission. Total destruction of our foundational truths is now within their grasp. As we witness the Communist Democrats allow destruction of our history it must be clear they are the very evil our founders feared. We have allowed this sick Progressive ideology to rot the very moral fabric and virtue of our nation. We witness the destruction of historical statues, religious statues and churches today because we have a sector of America fully embracing Communist revolution. Funding of these anarchists is coming directly from Socialist, Communist and Democrats.

As Biden spreads his high paying Union Jobs (Socialist created Unions) you must be clear he is telling you his goal. His goal is the destruction of America.

American Patriots must become clear if you believe your rights are natural rights granted to you by natures God you are on the brink of being destroyed. If you believe our founding fathers advanced limited government that you are charged to protect; you must become a activist for conservative principles. Patriots must see this day and each day until the election as a day to carry the battle for freedom and liberty.

Laura Ingram shared our mission last night on her show.

1. You must become Anti-Leftist and Pro Conservative. Find and support only those who will FIGHT to Save America.

2. We must preserve our history and our founding documents the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. We must share these documents and their understanding of who we are as Americans.

3. No More Lock Downs. It is time we stand against over reaching State and local leaders who would restrict our freedom to live life as we determine not government.

4. Kids need to stay in school. We must not allow fear and politics to guide the education of our children.

5. We must say No to endless edicts and Yes to actual laws.

6. Hands off our places of Worship. We must not allow communist to remove our right to worship on our terms not government.

7. No coddling of Criminals. We must demand justice for all and stop the two-tiered justice system. Stop releasing criminals into our communities to protect them from a virus. Hand down indictments against those who carried out a Coup against our elected President. Get active and pushing the Attorney General to action now.

8. Demand a new industrial policy Made in the USA! Turn back the global efforts to fund Communist China!

9. Call out companies and corporations that continue to prop up China whiling working against American businesses. (NBA, NIKE)

10. Cancel the Cancel Culture! Support every business that is attacked by Leftist Communist Democrats by supporting who ever they attack. Buy from and support with your dollars. (GOYA Foods) I am putting their products on the Site.

11. Defund Colleges and universities. They are seed centers of indoctrination. And must be defunded. Start making demands at your local level. Every College must share our foundational principles and our core values.

We are more united than what the Communist Democrats know. Turn out the Vote is not listed above but it must be a top priority of our mission.

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