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We are Back On Line

Allow me to share a story of Hurricane Laura the disaster. Southwest Louisiana is home to working class Americans. Laura hit our coast as a Cat 4 hurricane 130 -156 mph winds. My home 22 miles from the coast saw 137 mph sustained winds. The destruction is breath taking and heart breaking. Not many news stories being shared across our nation about the total devastation of so many homes and lives.

Our tyrant Governor Edwards says damage from Hurricane Laura not as catastrophic as predicted. Governor John Bel Edwards will be providing an update on the state's response to Hurricane Laura. "It is clear that we did not sustain the catastrophic damage that we thought based on forecast from last night." 

Southwest Louisiana did not elect this tyrant his dislike for Southwest Louisiana is clear. No one could drive through the massive destruction and make an ignorant statement about the lack of catastrophic damage.

Many of my neighbors cannot return home because they have no home. Thousands still don’t have power. Thousands have no Internet or cell service. Thousands without insurance or under-insured citizens will be on FEMA list. Thousands have filed SBA disaster relief applications. All insurance policies carry a high wind event increased deductible from 5 -20 thousand or higher.

As our nation looks to elect a President in 30 days Southwest Louisiana Citizens, small business owners are just attempting to live day to day. Our tyrant governor has crippled our state with his COVID mandates. All in the name of Federal bailouts for a failed state budget process. Like many Democrat governors John Bel Edwards has followed his marching orders from the DNC. His hope is that Louisiana citizens will blame President Trump for COVID and our economic shut down. Weak-kneed Republican State Legislators failed to remove the Governors power grab. John Bel Edwards has taken full advantage of the COVID crisis and now is milking the federal system for state funding during the Laura disaster.

America has only one chance to recover from the Communist China Virus. Louisiana has only one chance to recover from Hurricane Laura. We must re-elect President Trump. Our Nation and State will not survive if Joe Biden is elected.

What does Biden offer this nation? Open Boarders, high taxation, a fossil fuel killing green new deal agenda, radical new agenda for law enforcement, socialized single payer health care, massive gun legislation and removal of 2nd Amendment freedoms, Supreme Court stacking to ensure far left agenda, reversal of Trump trade agreement with China and a president Kamala Harris. Please read and understand the Socialist designed DNC Platform.

Across this nation Democrats are attempting to rig once again the Presidential election. Conservative Americans must turn out the vote. We are reaching the dead line to register get busy. Share the positive message of hope that President Trump has given this nation. We must give him 4 more years. We must also ensure a Republican Senate at all cost.

I will be adding content to a You Tube channel. The videos are daily conversations on my Laura recovery.

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