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We are living with two certainties in America.

1. Democrat Progressive ideology has fully shifted to the embrace of Socialism.

2. Conservatives are under a greater attack than has been witnessed in the last 100 years.

Let’s ground these two assessments. Democrat Progressive ideology is openly advancing greater centralized government control of health care, union work programs, environmental controls, education, defunding of policing, funding Planned Parenthood and second amendment controls.

Every agenda being advanced by Democrats is directly linked to Socialist policies that have failed everywhere they have been implemented. We have witnessed the marriage of Media to the Socialist agenda over the last 5 decades. We witness the Speaker of the House naming a viral pandemic released from China as Trump Virus. We witness Democrats using talking points that refer to our President as racist. We witness Democrats referring to the President as unleashing Storm Troopers (NAZI) across our nation. Democrat governors and Media are referring to President Trump as a dictator?

Joe Biden is advancing a spending plan that would require a minimum of 8 trillion dollars to implement. His destructive Green New Deal will cost millions of Americans their jobs. Biden will raise taxes across the board on not only wealthy Americans but large corporations that will sent them running toward the exits.

Joe Biden is openly accepting anarchy across our nation. Calling these anarchist non-violent protesters. Advocating their need to be protected.

Conservatives are not allowed to hold a belief that every American life matters. Conservatives are being forced to accept the toppling of history across our nation. Conservatives Christian views are being shouted down, churches are being burnt and religious statues are being destroyed. Conservative opinions are ruthlessly laughed at on many Media outlets. Conservative activist appear to be sitting out the election cycle.

Electing President Trump was a risk. Conservatives had no real record for how Trump would govern. From his first day in office he started keeping his word. He has limited government policies, advanced free market economics, advance a strong national defense and has stood firm to stand with American traditional values.

No President in recorded history has fought so hard to Make America Great. Yet on a daily basis he has been attacked and had no support from media, Democrats and Swamp Republicans. As Trump has dismantled the corruption of every government agency Trump derangement as expanded.

As Conservatives we have but one single choice we must embrace the Republican Party. We must build and advance the fusion of all Libertarians, Anticommunists and Traditional Conservatives. We cannot afford to loose a single vote in this election cycle. We must stand united to stand with the Republican Party to reelect President Trump. Liberty and Freedom require each American to take bold actions.

Support your community, support your churches, and support our Made in the USA efforts.

Please take the action to request our Attorney General to rapidly issue indictments against the Coup to over turn our election of President Trump.

U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530-0001

Att: Attorney General William Bar

When plans are advanced on solid conservative values we must support them with our actions. God Bless.

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