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Weekly Testament of Truth

LWN Podcast August 16th 2022, 9 am. LWN Podcast free on the Podbean

I pray that every American stand firm in the Peace and Love of God. Speaking as a man once given to anger and violence, I recognize the feeling of provocation. Incitement of violence is a Luciferian dark Magic weapon. By standing in God’s Love, you silence all anger and fear. Men and women armored with righteous anger God will prevail. God grant you acceptance of truth creating Knowledge. God hold you free from Ignorance that is the avoidance of Truth. God allow you the understanding that you are a sovereign creation; you are the king of your being. I pray God remove all Confusion and turmoil from your life. God created each of us granting us Freedom to exist in peace and harmony. Laws of Man seek Control of your existence in direct opposition to God’s Natural Law. Only when we as children of God Restore order will we manifest God’s will on Earth. As children of God, we witness all manner of evil. Evil is creating a society of extreme Chaos.

Listen these Words. America has a fully captured Federal Corporate Government Evil. Over the last 100 years every child at birth became lost at sea.

Evil created a Maritime Legal system opposed to lawful freedom. You birth title was transferred to the Corporate Lord Mayor of London for trade. Our evil rulers have weakened the minds and souls of all mankind. Your evil rulers created all manner of ways to feed weak desires of God’s children. Dumbing down, feeding material desires, feeding (using our food and water supply) all manner of mind and soul diminishing elements, creation of godless ideology (movie stars, sports idle worship) and open sexual perversion of love.

You are a child of the most high God, creator of both heaven, earth and the universe. Our goal in this 3D life is to seek knowledge to advance to and eternal life with God. Satan seeks to trap us in the continuous endless struggle of the earth bound body. When we fail to learn all lessons of God’s natural law we are destined to repeat this cycle.

Our human body is a vessel of this testing ground. Each day is a learning opportunity to seek connection to God. In the blink of an eye this existence will change. Each of us is here to prepare our minds and souls for ascension to the pure energy of God. Life is a ongoing challenge of Good versus Evil.

Defeating evil requires learning with each step we take. Life is not easy. Life here on earth decides our next existence. Did we learn the needed lessons to be in the presence of our Lord?

You were born in this time of turmoil to overcome evil. You were born into the fire of human life to offer all glory to God our Father.

My mission, purpose in life is to lead others to compassion and courage through my vulnerability, strength and love. When I quiet my mind and open my soul I listen with compassion and empathy. My offer is only that of questions that might create moments of clarity. We each have this capacity and in these last days must seek our connection to our souls. I battle my ego daily to quite my desire to share knowledge and wisdom. I am blessed that God placed Jackie in my life to level my ego. Our world filled with the minions of Satan (Lucifer) filling souls with fear.

For many months now we have shared Knowledge and Truth that great harm and death have been unleashed on earth. Often I weep holding onto the knowledge of what will soon happen.

God has given this message to many great doctors and men of science our mission is to reveal all sides for your discernment. Shocking truth comes forward each day. Evidence offered here should be shared, with our families and all humanity. Knowing so many good men and women spoke out, yet were silenced, angers me as a weak man. I pray Holy Spirit directs my actions. I will not be compelled to Fear or Anger by Evil.

Men of God (Patriots) must capture the evidence and proof against MEDIA, Corporate Criminals, Low life Politian’s and silent preachers.

Here are just a couple Links! 8/16/2022

VAERS evidence of the on going crime that anyone can see! Ray Charles could see they are killing Americans.

US3951134A - Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves - Google Patents

Shocking: UK Government Admits COVID Vaccinated Children Are 4423% More Likely to Die of Any Cause & 13,633% More Likely to Die of COVID-19 Than Unvaccinated Children - Global Research

Share your knowledge and wisdom. Pray that Holy Spirit guide each of us to save lives. I see greater evidence weekly that says we are in the last days of this 3D existence. God will not allow the murder of innocence by foul corrupt demons in Washington DC. and governments around the World. We must stay in prayer and seek all forgiveness of our Lord and Savior. Truly I will tell you as always GOD WINS!

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