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What best defines the United States Government?

The Constitution of the United States defines our form of government.



Section 4 Republican government The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.



A government in the republican form; a government of the people; it is usually put in opposition to a monarchical or aristocratic government. 2. The fourth section of the fourth article of the constitution, directs that the United States shall guaranty to every state in the Union a republican form of government. The form of government is to be guarantied, which supposes a form already established, and this is the republican form of government the United States have undertaken to protect. See Story, Const. Section 1807.

Clarity of our guaranteed form of government is over. The United States must honor by the law the foundational documents. Today Americans are captives not of a Republican form of government but of Democracy. Every loss of Freedom and Liberty relates to democracy and the failed two party system that advance destruction of our Republican form. Democracy rules the people and has no lawful title that allows their rule over any lawful person.

Democracy is a form of political and social organization in which society has a majority participation in decisions, either directly or through representatives.

The term “democracy” derives from two Greek words: “demos“, which means people, and “kratos“, which means government. This union of words refers to “government of the people” or “government exercised by the people.”

The term democracy can be evaluated in a narrow sense or in a broader one. In the strictest sense, Democracy refers to a form of state organization, where direct or indirect participation mechanisms are established.

From a broader point of view, democracy can be conceived as a lifestyle or a form of socialization and interaction between citizens, whatever the level or type of relationship established.

THE UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA corporation was required to marry our Republican form to a Democratic form. Those who designed the shift have spent 120 years to deliver a Lawful Republican form to a socialized democracy which limits and controls the rights of the people.

World Order designers greatest fear is the People. People are resisting. People are standing to exercise their lawful rights. World Order Nation State Corporations England, Vatican and Washington D.C captured much of our World using Central Banker debt. Great News the Corporations have bankrupt the World by their design. That bankruptcy has forced what we are living today.

Two realities are on your doorstep. One will be the GREAT RESET and the completion of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Next is thOne will be that Devolution and Continuity of Government was put in place by President Trump and our Republic will be restored.

Joe Biden is advancing the New World Order (Black Hats) that will complete the 100 year dream of United Nations rule. The United Nations rule will advance Communist Rule. Obama and Biden were selected to advance Authoritarian ruler. Bush, Obama and Biden each selected by the Deep State and each have driven America to War.

Deep State World Order presidents and a controlled Congress have worked to deliver America to the World Elites. Authoritarian rule is required to carry out acceptance of Communism.

Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by the rejection of political plurality, the use of a strong central power to preserve the political status quo, and reductions in the rule of law, separation of powers, and democratic voting.[1]

Political scientists have created many typologies describing variations of authoritarian forms of government.[1] Authoritarian regimes may be either autocratic or oligarchic in nature and may be based upon the rule of a party or the military.[2][3]

In an influential 1964 work,[4] the political scientist Juan Linz defined authoritarianism as possessing four qualities:

1. Limited political pluralism, realized with constraints on the legislature, political parties and interest groups.

2. Political legitimacy based upon appeals to emotion and identification of the regime as a necessary evil to combat "easily recognizable societal problems, such as underdevelopment or insurgency."

3. Minimal political mobilization, and suppression of anti-regime activities.

4. Ill-defined executive powers, often vague and shifting, which extends the power of the executive

New World Order World Communist System will only be defeated using Military (White Hats) actions taken by President Trump.

Humanity has risen up against tyrannical governments across the World. Humanity standing up against COVID 19 Tyranny has forced the hand of the CABAL DEEP STATE. Humanity stood up to destroy the Media and Political narrative. Doctors with honor and compassion pulled back the curtain to reveal the evil crimes against humanity. Humanity shared early treatments and vaccine awareness. Humanity digital warriors revealed that governments with held life saving treatments. Digital Warriors revealed World Order elites mission, they were working toward depopulate the planet.

New World Order would have you believe they have your best interest in mind. Look at the proof of what they have done to humanity. They control the banks. The control the economies of the World. They created worthless fiat currency of debt notes.They have controlled and hold a deep love of money. They hold hundreds of trillions of dollars of wealth within the selected families. They never suffer during economic hardships they inflect on humanity. They only profit endlessly on murder and war. They never face hunger or thirst. They simply prosper on the suffering of all humanity. The link below will verify how well they have managed the World economic system. Click on the World Tab once you look at the designed U.S. debt. They designed it all.

America and the World confronts massive economic decline. Inflation Hyper Inflation are by design. Suffering of Humanity by loss of economic life sustaining existence is reality. Government programs will not provide a mother the ability to feed her children. Working men and women raising a family paycheck to paycheck will confront real hardships. Joe Biden will tell you it is Russia that created inflated gas and oil prices. Joe Biden will not stop the economic damage of open borders. Understand criminal illegals are being placed on government programs by the hundreds of thousands per month. As these poor people many seeking the American dream are placing a burden on the system it is Joe Biden who called them to the border. Every American must prepare to the best of your ability to feed yourself and your family. Remember our captured Government wants full control over your life. Prepare to resist government tyranny by becoming self sustaining.

Americans have watched the assault on freedom, liberty and private property ownership. America confronts a Deep State economy designed to collapse. World Order Elites are feeding you a 24/7 diet of Deep State Media War.

Humanity is being driven to war to complete the needed economic collapse that will bring the New World Order promised for decades. World War elites love war they select the nations. They select and fund both sides. They have a targeted loss of life. They will murder humanity by numbers they agree to. They create the enemy (Russia, China) the poor victim Ukraine and the Hero (America , Europe) massive human death is the playbook of the CABAL. New World Order Military Complex and Corporate Partners are sacking up the last big profits before the WORLD ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION of We the People.

Is your Corporate master on the survival list? Are your Corporate profits allowing you to ignore death and destruction of the poor? Are you happy that you work for a selected corporation of the New World Order? Do you believe you will not feel the pain of a World War? If you don’t care or wish to believe you will be protected God help you. Your New World Order selects who lives and who dies. They own the World and you either serve their need or you parish. There are not Nations! There are no Constitutional rights or freedoms. You will accept the order as they designed it.

We the People (Humanity) have no more value because we chose to resist their death virus and bio-vaccine. We must be taught who has control. We must learn to accept being tracked, traced and Identified 24/7.

New World Order elites will tell you must accept Government as your god. You must learn your social order. You will accept for safety the injections they design. You must never resist. You will comply our die of starvation or released virus. You will leave your rural homes to take shelter in city centers where government can care for you. You will own nothing and be happy. They seek total control over all humanity. If you resist you will be reeducated. Look at every Communist government and its control and harsh treatments of any resistance to control.

Below is a link to the laws of War! EVERY THING IS PLANNED! With sadness I see nothing that will stop what is coming. You hold no power over this evil. Put your mask on and relax.

Stand in line and accept your injections. Pray your State or City will not be targeted for death. Watch as they play the World War III. Humans will reap the rewards for your failure to control government. They are masters now and you accepted it.

Stark reality! Their words and plans have been shared for decades. They revealed to the World their agenda. You chose not to get involved. You chose not to perform your civic duties. You did not fight for freedom when you had a chance. Buckle up butter cup! Their War has been underway since 2020.

Could there be a White Hat that could stop the designed death of 95% of humanity? Does Q exist? You only have two realities to choose. Do you even know what Patriots have attempted to share with you? Who are these digital warriors who have placed their life at risk to reveal this evil of the World Order? Que the plan WWG1WGA! Could White Hat Warriors be crushing the satanic central bankers and the evil corporate regimes of war and death? Is it possible that White Hat Military is removing the evil systems of debt and depopulation?

Pray that all we have shared to educate you on freedoms and rights will empower you not to willingly comply. Patriots hold GOD above man! Patriots stand up against tyranny and evil. Patriots love their families and hate the evil that harms children. Patriots fight to restore the will of the People. Patriots know our government is evil. Our Leaders worship money and personnel wealth over the needs of humanity. Patriots seek truth over lies.

BELOW a valued link to educate yourself to understand how long we have battled to reveal the evil and how it came to be.

Patriots have battled to reveal our Congress is by design bankrupting America and the World. Our military complex is funded to carry out the agenda of the New World Order, United Nations, NATO, Central Bankers, Oil Corporations, Big Pharma and the Political elites.

Patriots know humanity is not evil governments are evil. Patriots have fought and died in the endless wars created by the New World Order. Patriots have witnessed the lies of the CIA, FBI, IRS, CDC, FDA, DOJ, DOD and DEA. Patriots know that mind control MEDIA is a weapon against the People. Lairs and Deep State controlled MEDIA feeds fear and hate of fellow Americans. FOX spreads hate of the Left and all others spread hate of the Right. Patriots Spread acceptance of all sides and seek open honest conversations based on facts and truth. Until we proclaim a open honest truth we are all Americans! We are all under attack by a single evil. God guides the Patriot heart! God not man grants or freedoms! God not government rules the World. War is not of God! War is 100% created by governments and evil profit driven men of Satan!

Patriots have offered truth decade after decade. Patriots have been painted as far right extremist by Media. Americans are now targeted for elimination and capture. Men of Honor, integrity and love of nation are painted as a fringe element of domestic terrorist. Ask yourself what terrorist acts have been carried out by peace loving Patriots?

Patriots know we are dealing with an evil that must not be allowed to continue. Patriots pray each day for a World filled with Peace, Love and Prosperity of all humanity. No Patriots seeks to over throw government. Patriots seek to restore lawful order based on the divine foundation of America. Patriots battle not for self. Patriots hold the truths of the Declaration of Independence. Patriots battle with a hope that our children, grand children might live in freedom, liberty and that they may be allowed the pursuit of Happiness.

Patriots pray safety and happiness of all humanity. To hear MEDIA define us as terrorist and insurrectionist reveals they are the EVIL. Propaganda of the main stream MEDIA must be destroyed.

Their single great failure is they got caught rigging the U.S. election on November 3 2020. That proof will lead to the Great Awaking of the American People. Foreign governments assisted the election rigging. Americans assisted in the election rigging. MEDIA continues to hide the proof. MEDIA and capture criminal political parties are working together to control the narrative that the office of the Presidency was stolen. Remember this is the same MEDIA and government that told you to wear mask, take a Vaccine and lock down your life over the bio-weapon virus they created. We the People know the truth. All levels of Government are corrupted. All main stream MEDIA are Lairs. We have the proof. Russia, Russia, Russia, CHINA, CHINA, CHINA it is all a lie to hide the Crimes of AMERICA, AMERICA. Thank God for the People we are not our Government! We will reclaim GOD'S America! We the people will destruct the systems of corruption. WE WILL RESTORE HONOR to this Great Nation.

Many of us Pray that a plan revealed to us is our reality. Without that reality we know we will not survive. We must prepare for what history has revealed of World War and economic collapse. Pray for humanity! Pray for Peace! Demand not a single American solder be used for their evil World War III plan. Pray that GOD would stop the hate and propaganda of MEDIA and Washington D.C.

I am a patriot and put my faith and God not any single man.

Q was always understood to be military intelligence that was working with President Trump to disseminate to Anon’s truth. Anons were military operators used to share the PLAN! I pray that Plan is playing out and evil will face the end of it’s World Control.

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