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What is real that we all know?

· President Donald Trump was spied on by the Obama/Biden administration.

· Three Letter agencies carried out the mission to spy based on lies. The lies were from the DNC, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama weaponized them to carry out his mission. The Mission was to elect Hillary Clinton to complete his destruction of America. To advance the new World Order.

· The Justice Department was used like a toy of a Coup. The FISA court issued and allowed the spy mission on a Presidential Candidate/President.

· Two tax payer fund impeachment trails. Trump was not the evil. Democrats used a lie to avoid Donald Trumps full on attack of the Democrat/Republican Deep State.

· You are the reason for this battle. The people demand justice be done! Not a single arrest has been made in the treason. Americans have a Civic Duty to be out raged. If Obama led the treason why is he not under arrest? Could it be the Deep State is setting up for civil war? Every Marxist loves a civil war. Could it be that some years back I stood on the State Capital and named Obama as a Marxist! YouTube will not allow me to access that video. They are feeding a race war! Who are they feeding the race war to? They are using the very humans they have total control over. Every human on earth has suffered at the hands of this evil mafia. Who created the urban life for Black America?

· Who created the drugs that have killed across all racial lines?

· Who built every housing project and all communities? This evil plans for death and destruction. They always profit! Every American must share the knowledge of this evil plan.

· Media and Big Tech are feeding our World Criminal Propaganda. That propaganda is leading humans to death. Adolf Hitler was a snow flake. Hitler was placed in power by this evil. His actions, his dirty work for the same SOB’s had never been witnessed .You must understand and learn the pure evil of the Khazarian Mafia. This is pure Satanic evil. Here is a handy link! DO NOT POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Guess who owns the Main Stream Media? If you guessed Khazarian Mafia you’re a winner.

· Big Pharma is owned and funded by who? Khazarian Mafia is correct. This is the evil captured on the Georgia Guide Stones. They plan to depopulate the planet to 500 million humans! Guess who knows his enemy? President Donald J Trump has it all and has been in this battle for five years. Trillions of dollars profit for their evil. Who allowed it the FDA, CDC, WHO and select Congressmen and women / Senators profit on death. They had to be allowed to reveal their crimes. They will face the gallows for this evil. Image knowing the cure for all cancer and never revealing it. They create the virus and offer vaccines that only weaken your death rate. Never would they think of using a vaccine to depopulate the World. Heck it’s the government they are looking after us. LOL!


· Central Bankers are the root of all evil. Their tool is the love of money and power. Some years back I listened a ole man he was a true Patriot Warrior. “Son always follow the money” Who owns the Central Banks you only get one guess? Yep the Khazaian Satanic Mafia. Every war these are the scum that backed both sides and selected the winner. The Winner was always them at the cost of humanity. PURE SATANIC EVIL! Are you next?

You are debt owned by document to the Khazaian Mafia. They have a great re-set planned for you! You will take the chip and be allowed to live as you live as long as you are productive. Think NEW WORLD ORDER they told you! You allowed it.

· The Congress and the Senate of the United States Corporation empowers and works for the Khazaian Mafia. Many of these elected representative are owned by direct bribery and black mail for their perverted adventures. Numbers are estimated to be as high as 95% are totally controlled by this evil. They do not work for the American people. Understand that so called political organization works only to advance to will of the Mafia that pays them.

Naming the injustice they carry out against all humanity will require a complete book listing their crimes. Nancy Pelosi has taken 6 months to prepare her false flag January 6th Congressional event. Nancy will display yet again her evil. Painting the protesters as a insurrectionists mob. What Nancy will not show the American people is her deep involvement in the planning and events of that day. She will not reveal the embedded contractors who orchestrated the event of that day. Her mission was to disrupt the Constitutional process that would allow investigation into the rigged election. No Democrat stepped forward as cities across our nation burned, businesses were looted and BLM and ANTIFA murdered citizens. Many in Congress called those events peaceful protest. Democrats followed the lead of Speaker Pelosi and Congress to fully embraced the violence of the riots across America. Members of Congress funded the efforts of those riots and assisted with rapid bail for the true insurrection carried out across America. All to defeat President Trump and build a race war within the United States. As you listen the Nancy SHOW remember she designed and carried out January 6th to stop any investigation into the election rigging. God have mercy on our evil Congress and Senate. They are the very picture of treason and hate of the American people. There will be nowhere for them once the truth and proof of their evil is revealed. Our Congress and Senate is made up of a group of traitors being well paid by the mafia. They have allowed all things of evil to exist in the lives of Americans. This evil will be revealed.

You have no Federal Government. Evil men in women who hold no oath to our Constitution control your nation. They are working daily to destroy your great nation. False flag events are staged to control and brain wash citizens with lies of who the enemy is. Our enemy is the traitors who live million dollar life styles as they feed Americans poverty. Across this nation they fund divide. Their Marxist tool is feeding a narrative of haves versus have not’s Communism. The soul mission of their mafia owners is DESTRUCTION of America. Our Congress paints America as evil. What is evil is the planned attack of January 6th. Lairs, Cheats and Traitors must not be allowed to destroy this nation. All you see and hear from Congress is their evil designed rule over your life. What you watched on the 6th was the Nancy show! Election rigging must not be revealed.

American Patriots have worked for years and decades to caution you! We were laughed at and shunned by many. Yet we stood at the gate. We filled a void of active citizens. We were at the meetings. We told you the DEA and Teachers Unions were dumbing down America. We screamed your being indoctrinated. THEY USE MIND CONTROL! We attempted to share Agenda 21. We cautioned of rigged elections. We cautioned of false flag events such as the murder of JFK and 9/11.One of their great Mafia weapons is the United Nations. Their mission has no borders, there is no private property, there will be no God! All citizens will share equally all production! All citizens will be required to work or be used as forced labor! HAPPY LABOR!


· No John Durham.Where is Durham?

· Hunter and Joe need handcuffs! They have profited selling America down the river.

· No arrest for treason for the lies of 2016 carried out by our Congress and a President Barack Obama. FBI, CIA and the so called Department of Justice.

· President Trump from day one knew the election was rigged. The proof exists and will be presented.

· China and other Nations were party to the election rigging. They worked people inside the federal and state governments to flip the switch.

· The Courts knew it and carried out the cover up of election rigging! John Roberts is fully controlled by the mafia.

· Congress destroyed all efforts to investigate the rigged election. They did this to hide their Treason. Remember the only person shot and killed on January 6th was a unarmed protester. She was shot and killed by a contractor working for a Congressperson. On January 6th your Congress validated Treason. This validation was completed by Nancy Pelosi using the false flag event of insurrection.

· Joe Biden knows it! Ask him to visit the Pentagon. Seems Joe don’t have clearance!

· Could it be that Joe is not the Commander in Chief? Joe could be the executive officer of a bankrupt CORPORATION. So anything Joe does will only destroy America.

· Covid is a Bio-Weapon that was funded by the NIH. Can you say Dr. Fauci? The vaccine is the true bio-weapon. I could post links in this post for days. Much of the proof is being taken down from the internet by Big Tech traitors. The truth must be hidden from the victims.

· All humanity is victim to this evil. There are cases moving forward proving guilt of the Nuremberg Code 1947. Understand Crimes against humanity has been proven. No American should allow any type of forced vaccines! Damn JBE! If those who have taken the vaccine fear the unvaccinated they should question why. They are protected or is that a lie?

WHY force anyone to take a vaccine? Is it for profit or the control of humanity? What is in the vaccine? Does it change the human genome? How many humans have died after taking the vaccine? Is the vaccine killing more humans then COVID? Heart failure rates after the vaccine where are the numbers? Blood Clots and stoke deaths after the vaccine? Diabetes death after the vaccine? Mental decline after the vaccine is under reported if it is reported. Understand dementia and early on set Alzheimer’s. Destruction of the human immune system could be possible. Until these questions are answered this is criminal and a crime against humanity. Mask wearing for children being mandated by your public servants is a crime.

· What if Trump is the Commander in Chief completing a mission to destroy the Mafia? Many of us have a volume of proof that the Military has been in charge. They are dismantling the Mafia across the World. Some keys are coming from President Trump. He has openly told you the election was rigged. He has the proof! He has told you their border plan. They are bringing in solders from across the World. Is this a show or the tool to start a civil war? Why are they sending them into large cities? Will this be their last effort to destroy America? I believe it is part of a show! We should all be prepared if the SHTF.

· Many have been receiving clues to portions of the White Hats plans. We see things that have been revealed within the clues. Understanding Q is not required here. Knowing the truth is the mission. Finding the truth is a primary goal of all Anon’s. Anon’s are Patriot citizens seeking proof of what is true. Once you see the proof you continue to seek the next truth. It is a drip drip drip of clues and truth. SAVE THE CHILDREN is the absolute mission!

What we have learned is not for many to see. With all my heart and mind I know this is a War we cannot loose. This evil must be defeated and never allowed again!

We have been told to trust the plan! We have been told they have it all. We have been told of the history of their use of false flags. Think WWI, WWII, JFK, 9/11 all carried out by the Mafia. HEAD DOWN THIS RABBIT HOLE! Everything you need to know of the Rothschild’s Mafia. Get to the site and start at home.

All I trust says GOD’s wins but we are going to be put through some suffering this evil will not give up until it is dead!

Be prepared food, water, cash, fuel storages are here. I will not tell anyone how much, that would depend on GOD winning. If GOD has decided we are not worth saving then nothing will matter. Sorry for the harsh truth.

Ask your self what have we allowed? Abortion! Removal of God from buildings and schools we allowed it. Child sex trafficking is rampant.

We accept criminal Politian’s and a failed Justice system that never punishes Treason. How can we govern ourselves when we sit on our ass and allow Satan to rule America? Knowing the truth does not set you free. Knowing the truth allows you to chose God or Satan! It is the human story! The day of choice is coming prepare for the STORM!

How will the SHOW play out? Will we stand when the day comes? Or will we just accept the outcome? Stay in the Word of God! Stay in touch with those you love be prepared to go old school and survive! GOD WINS is the goal of every man and woman! Cry Father God Guide me as this World will require us to stand. We stand with God! We stand for our children! We stand for our Great Nation! Let’s get ready and end this evil. 95% of all you were taught was deception!

The true treason will be revealed. Our Republic will be restored. As you watch yet another mafia funded and controlled hearing remember WE HAVE IT ALL! Nancy is following the script of evil. They must destroy America that is their mission.

Perhaps the words of Jefferson will allow you to understand. “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” “I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” “The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ... What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

Our history shares so much to guide our actions. I would ask you to look around the World. Observe humanity taking a stand. When will America stand?

You must select the truth or live in the evil SHOW being played out by the mafia.

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