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When Will You Stand?

Our World and Nation knows we are at war with evil. If you are not clear of the who and what we are fighting; WAKE UP! Your World, your family, your existence will be totally controlled. Understand every movement recorded, every purchase recorded, every word you speak censored, every held belief controlled, every thought spoon fed by controllers this is the World of evil.

Our Patriot war is to destroy and free humanity. We battle to restore God’s power over earth. Our master is clear and defined by his every WORD revealed. It is your time to step up and wake the sleeping giant that is America. You have no more time! Today you stand with GOD and the Patriot White Hats. You have a mission a very simple task.

If you aren’t an Activist during this time in History keep your mouth shut and get out of the way of those of us who are fighting your battles as well. When the time comes suffer your failures. Enjoy your captivity have a cold beer and wait on the big ride. You will never be allowed to say you did not know. Patriots for 20 years have shared, reported and done the work of the failed propaganda Media. There is an entire fleet of digital warriors who have entered the battle. Some are profit driven and others hold the mission as GOD’s work.

You are captive to social media and the mind control idiot box. YOU SIMPLY WATCH THE SHOW you were trained to accept your masters. Those who don’t think they have a master will march America to hell. Those who live in their educated dictated thought will lead many to hell. Doctor’s, Lawyer’s, Politian’s, Corporate feeders of the beast and Pastor’s have accepted the system. They spread the lies of the system. Many profit self and feed their endless greed by worshiping the system. They are the Controllers who have captured Humanity; they are your masters.

Will you work with the White Hats to carry out the mission of GOD? That mission is to dismantle the evil systems of Satan. Pay attention! You were selected to be alive in these days. God not Satan placed you in the womb. Your creator has allowed you access to a critical mind. You judge right from wrong. You accept what you know to be evil or you cast the evil out. You have really sucked at casting down evil. We bought the SHOW. We played and paid for all things that the beast system offered. We lived with and accepted Satan’s evil. We allowed murder in the womb. We allowed murder of our leaders (JFK). We allowed banks to steal our wealth while robbing our savings. We allowed them to feed on the blood of our children (endless wars). We accepted their known foul corruption revealed to us all. We allowed Satan’s control of the Washington Corporation. We allowed our Justice system to become criminals owned and controlled by Satan. We accepted every lie.

We funded trillions of dollars of our children’s wealth to be used to destroy our nation. We were fed all manner of material wealth. We removed our mothers from our children in the name of material needs. These needs were manufactured to hand our children over to indoctrination centers. Our children were not taught any truth of GOD. Our children were intentionally dumbed down and fed only lies of our history. We know all these things are fact-based truth. We know our election was rigged. We know they have murdered 7 million humans. We know that they are collapsing the World economic system once again.

The War is being waged are you a Patriot? Are you willing to stand up and take simple actions? You will be asked to perform simple task that are pain less. If you read this you were chosen to receive the message. GOD requires our taking a stand.

· You must not accept any lie of mainstream media turn it off. Use TELEGRAM! Get on TELEGRAM and dig out the truth.

· SHARE this message and all links! SHARE all truth that is coming rapidly. Patriots are in control of many things and will share their needs.

· Pray with all your heart that Father God, our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit protect our warriors. Become strong in the Word of GOD.

· BE PREPARED for a huge false flag event. It will be an epic attempt at fear.

· When the fear is revealed Pray Father GOD grants you peace and discernment. DON’T ACCEPT THE NARRATIVE OF FEAR. Fear is the most powerful tool of Satan.

· Find peace within your community. Know your served best in large cities to stay calm and off the streets. Evil has empowered evildoers. Trust God has warriors watching over and defeating the evil.

· Understand the Ten Days of Darkness. You must learn to use Patriot channels for news and updates. This is happening at a fast pace. There are many post with links on my site. Use them.

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Two links with one message of truth Below. SHARE THESE LINKS. If you don't know how to share links speak up. You know many folks that can help you. Power happens when 5 share to 5 who share to 5. Our goal is to wake America and the World.

First one is short! The truth bomb is in the second link.

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