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Where We Go One - We Go All. Standing against all Evil Revealed.

United to Save America offering simple actions that anyone can and should take.

Media is foul, corrupt and working for the evil cabal. A cabal seeking destruction and total control of America. We have all witnessed the identical messaging coming from them all. Communist Democrats, DNC and Globalist (Soros) will e-mail the day’s talking points to all national media outlets. Marching orders for the day are then emailed to your local talking heads. It happens every day. Media is controlled by just a handful of billionaires all working to carry out the same evil.

Elite media billionaires have absolute control of what they feed your minds. Technocrats assist with control of social media to eliminate critical thinkers and any opposition speech. Media and their controllers lost in 2016 because Americans did not buy their evil HRC selection. Suppression of the vote is being carried out in this 2020 cycle. United to Save America alone with all conservative sites are is being slowed both by not being allowed FB ads and Google rankings not reflecting our analytics. We are considered and designated counter messengers to their election mission. This all forces our tactics to shift but does not stop us. After 2016 they have forged an alliance we have never witnessed.

It is time to shake their cage. We have tools that we must utilize and coordinate with each other.

Look at your like-minded friends who are willing to send an email. Simply send two e-mails per week. The mission is to have 7 people send a simple e-mail to the local news desk once a day every day.

After you send your local e-mail shoot one to the National News Desk of your choice; CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBS and FOX. Rotate the email address each day. Take turns but always make sure it gets sent. Understand this effort must go nation wide, it must reach viral levels to function. We are battling Communist working with China to destroy America. Lingchi is very is appropriate (slow process a death by a thousand cuts). We cannot stop their effort; we can let them know we are coming for them in November. They are part of the Evil. These are propaganda ministers of the great Satan effort to destroy America. Always remember they are working daily to defeat and control us. It is time to fight back using simple tools.

Remember the message must be short and never hate filled. The mission is simply to let them know we see their lies. We must never allow them to define us as anything but concerned citizens seeking fair news coverage of politics.

Our first e-mail has been sent.

Dear (station call letters)

I am aware of your efforts to suppress the voter turn out in the 2020 election. I am clear you support the criminal efforts of the Democrat Party. You are an affiliate of NBC (COMCAST) working to share the DNC socialist agenda. Your Lies are revealed. Your failure to report truth and facts from both sides is clear. Lacking integrity of simply being fair. The American people deserve honest Media and not a nationally controlled Media message of hate for one side.

My message is simple we see your efforts. Americans will remember your alliance with evil. Your sharing of linked talking points from your national organization is noted.

God bless you and forgive you!

(Sign and send)

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