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WWIII was declared on November 3rd 2020

America has 160 years of Satanic Corporate ownership. This Satanic evil declared War on the American people on November 3rd 2020. Evil has operated the corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Satan will loose this war only when God’s children defeat Satan’s evil minions.

Those of us educated prior to 1970 had a under standing of our foundation. Please know we have all received an education based on lies. Many humans were fortunate that the full on indoctrination was not yet completed. Our misfortune is that we have lived to witness the completion of Satanic indoctrination.

Each human today feels and sees the coming full loss of freedom. Understand the loss of freedom angers every human. Tyrannical Corporate Governments are revealing their demand for full control of your mind and body. Citizens of the World are fighting across our planet. Corporate Police and Military’s are attacking citizens. Peaceful protests are met with violence never witnessed in our lifetime. Clarity of why corporate governments disarmed their populations is fully understood. Corporate Governments planned and created their Bio-Weapon and vaccines for over a decade. Corporate Government is completing known depopulation plan. Killing the old of the Baby Boomer generation is much cheaper then paying their pensions.

Injecting the young with a mind and physical control experiment will allow full control with the flip of a switch. Gene therapy will require you to line up or become deathly ill. Every human who will not comply will be rounded up and killed. Depopulation keeps them in power. Satan wants the death of every human that hold onto a belief in God.

Growing up as a free child in America drives our passion to defeat Satan. We remember the simple days of love of family, God and our flag. We embraced the American promise of freedom and liberty for all. We were taught the greatness of our nation. We sit and listened to warriors who fought the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan. Those men held onto honor and faith in God. They valued love of nation. They paid the price for their freedom in blood. We learned the value of history. We were taught to work hard and chase the American Dream. We were educated to use critical thinking and to never accept a lie. Many of our teachers had fought and shared the evils of fascism, Marxism, socialism and communism. We were educated to learn each form of evil tyranny.

In the 60’s we saw evidence of evil expanding it’s reach on humanity. Our Federal Corporation is an illegal criminal foreign master. We have been captured. We are being held by a criminal foreign nation state (Washington D.C.). Satan minions select every ruler.

American Presidents since the murder of JFK have been selected to avoid another rogue lover of freedom and peace.

Corporate controlled Government expansion of the military complex was required to maintain control over their captive slaves (you). This Corporate evil is Worldwide. America was a nation founded by men seeking in fighting for freedom. The actions of honest Abe opened up the process for capturing our Republic. The Corporate documents of the Rothschild Bankers, Queen and Pope destroyed our Constitution. All wars were created and driven by satanic bankers. Prior to the 60’s they had operated in the shadows. President Kennedy revealed the hidden shadow evil elites. JFK knew they had infiltrated the highest levels of our corporate government. We witnessed the assassination of hope and truth. With JFK’s murder evil took full control and the evil lie machine. Satan started using American lives to advance World control. They used our love of country as a tool against us. They fed us mind control (all Media) to tell us we were free. They used staged attacks to draft young men. Satan painted World nations as evil to empower the most powerful warriors on earth. Facts are that the Queen, Pope and the UNITED STATES Corporate Military created every war. Satan’s blood lines the Rothschild’s Central bankers, Queen and Pope created wars to bankrupt nations of wealth to capture (Gold, Oil). Satan has advanced World power.

This Satanic evil feeds on blood, Gold and humans. Videos of their satanic calibrations have been captured. When you view them feeding on the blood of children you will grasp the need for this War.

America once again in 2016 broke their control plan by electing DJT. Satan’s minions had selected HRC to advance the evil Barack Obama assentation as the World Order President.

Do you know you have a path to freedom that will allow you to fight back? You status is that of a captive slave. They hold the documents signed by your parents.

Until you change your status from a legal slave to a lawful citizen nothing will change. It is extremely important that you change your status to a lawful citizen of your State. Americans in every State are taking this action.

Every State has lawful citizens who will assist your status change. Once lawful order is restored we can start the arrest process required to rid our nation of the criminal legal system. Today your legal status holds you as being lost at sea. That status allows them to use admiralty law to control you. You are not a ship lost at sea. You are a free lawful citizen of the land. Their corporate government system is bankrupt. You are watching the bankruptcy play out around the World. Corporate evil is now advancing their long held plan of depopulation of earth.

You may not wish to believe or accept this reality. They have used fear and wars to maintain control of the World. They are now awake to their reality we are not accepting their plan to depopulate. The Lawful Men and Women are standing against their evil plan. Their mind control Media is failing to have you live in fear.

Their system requires you to agree to your slave status. You can capture your stolen wealth from these lairs. You can force arrest and file suits to recover all wealth of this nation stolen by their criminal corporate body. As lawful Citizens we can demand payment in Gold and Silver. I will move on from this conversation. You only are required to take action. Freedom and Liberty is your only when you take action to claim it.

Washington D.C. at some point should be burnt to the ground for their crimes. You have no lawful representatives they have all signed documents agreeing to Corporate Rule. Let me state that one more time it is extremely important. YOU HAVE NO REPRESENTATIVE working for you. They have each taken an oath to support the Corporate Master.

Many of you lived the start of the removal of God from all things. Prayer in school, Abortion, Socialist ideology changed its name to Progressive ideology.

We watched as our classmates were drafted and shipped to Viet Nam. We watched, as our colleges became havens for communist ideology.

The introduction to sex drugs and rock & roll was all the rage. The Progressive Ideology screamed against the man. Understand Satan demands that they lie, cheat and steal to advance World evil. It is acceptable to fool and trick the enslaved.

In the 60’s we learned how evil the system was. We dropped out and advanced peace and love. We joined with our Black brothers to demand civil rights. In our youth we were anti-war. We rioted to reveal their evil system. Each step we took forced them to implement massive mind control. They created drugs tested on solders to weaken the mind. They openly killed the Peace Movement; they killed JFK, MLK and Bobby. They retreated but never stopped. They used lies and shifted how they hid our truth. We had it right they are pure evil.

As we grow into the 70’s the reality hit us. We could own nothing unless we joined the system. You cannot eat peace and love! We learned to work within the system. We worked hard and started families. We bought cars and houses we became chasers of the material dream. We tuned in to a TV in every room. We purchased every toy they made to keep us happy. They used their evil technocrats to advance brain control. Birth control, hospital systems, banking system and political systems were fully captured. We fell for every lie. We believed we had a government that was working for us.

With each passing decade our children became dumber. Our wealth was stolen to fund their indoctrination public schools. Teachers became captives of the communist unions. Teachers paid little attention because they were working to receive awesome pensions funded by the slaves. Our local politicians regardless of party (all one party) advanced removal of private property rights. Again they did this to advance their pensions and corrupt wealth. They created hospitals to cure the deceases they created. Cancer is their creation. You smoke it, you drink it, you eat it, you dye and paint and you smear it on your skin all created to limit your life. They create insurance required as your deceased bodies sought cures. They destroyed the family farm and created corporate sharecroppers. Corporate landowners would follow their rules as they advanced crops to speed genomic destruction of free thought. Every aspect of human life is controlled by their evil corporations advance your control from the cradle to the grave. They own it all and control it all. You are their slave and you today hold no value.

You have no right to assemble. You have no right to regress grievance. You loose every court case because you have no legal standing. They control and own the legal system of the sea. Law Enforcement is owned and mandated to carry out their wishes of full control. Law Enforcement is chasing the same promised pension wealth.

Corporations have fed you division using their mind control media. You watch it everyday. You listen it everyday. If you’re a Black human you are a victim of racism. Please understand they have held our Black bothers and sisters hostages to systemic poverty. They advanced free sex and drugs inside the Black communities that they built and own. They created a system of economic captivity. They destroyed the family unit across every sector of society. No greater evil is their use of Abortion within our Black communities. Simply pull up the locations of Planned Parenthood. How many Black babies each a child created by God have been murdered in the womb? Every American should weep that we have allowed this evil. Racism is the weapon of evil racist that advances this lie. They should all be placed in jail for their crimes for profit.

They created division using their created homosexual morality acceptance. Trace its roots and how they used love and sex again. They must have division to advance their destruction of

If you live in a county and do not have a Constitutional Sheriff the federal Corporation is allowed to capture you whenever they desire.

Today they are collapsing our economic system. They are fully revealing your chains. You own nothing they cannot seize.

Satanic control of Media was revealed as they locked us down for a Bio weapon virus that kills .5% of humanity. They walked out their satanic doctor of death to tell you how to survive. Today the truth movement has revealed Dr. Fauci and his evil. Fauci used our tax dollars to fund and complete his creation of COVID. Fauci funded the CCP military Wuhan lab. Dr. Fauci knew the true bio-weapon was the vaccine. Depopulation and mind control had been created working with Mr. Bill Gates. By altering your God given human genome they could capture all of humanity. Once vaccinated with their gene therapy they controlled human existence. The truth movement revealed the side effects and deaths from the vaccine. President Trump wanted to save humanity by rushing a true vaccine to the World. Fauci and big pharmaceutical sellers of death for profit fed Trump a lie. The truth movement found the evidence of their guilt and their mission. The virus and vaccine scam is to force you to take their drug of control. Media ramped up their efforts of mind control using the most powerful weapon of Satan; FEAR. Their message demands you believe what they tell you.

The true mission was to advance control. Technocrats advanced facial recognition programs using 6 foot social distancing. They used mask to implement fear control. The truth movement looked at the science of mask to control spread of a respiratory virus. Evil once again was caught in a lie. They ramped up censorship.

They used PCR testing machines set to give 90% false positive results. Again the truth movement caught them. Yet they killed the truth using a full on total censorship. They demanded you live in fear. Each day evil Media advanced the spread of their death virus. They used their owned profit centers Hospitals as profit centers of evil. The Federal Corporation is funding murder using your tax dollars.

The truth movement had front line doctors who knew the lie and revealed effective treatments. Honest caring Doctors were fired yet never gave up. Treatments were shared within the truth movement but censored by technocrats, Main Stream Media and Government agencies. These treatments appear to cost 300 hundred thousand Americans their life. The mission was always to advance a evil plan of mail in ballots during our Presidential election.

On November 3rd 2020 War was declared on the United States of America. Satan’s minions Democrats, corrupt Republicans, CIA, Israeli Mossad, Vatican and the CCP worked together to carry out the capture of America. A four-year plan to destroy your power to select a leader was carried out. Media told you to accept that a dementia riddled CCP puppet defeated our President.

Main steam Media and Technocrats continue to advance their total censorship of free speech. That mission is required to disable your communication of a wide spread criminal election fraud and medical malpractice. Evil used our captured Courts to limit the reveal of their crimes. Within the truth movement we knew that audits must be completed. All evidence was not allowed using the justice system. You must remember the criminal assault carried out on our President for 4 years. Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton advanced lies to impeach our President. By forcing President Trump to defend his self they worked in the background to complete their election fraud plans. What we learned was that the CIA, FBI and IRS were weaponized by the Obama administration against President Trump. Satan’s minions use lies to distract willing fools.

Make no mistake a war was declared by Communist controlled political operators working with and for satanic foreign governments. Traitors are dictating the final and complete destruction of America. Our government at every level is sharing a great Lie.

Let us look at the rapid decline of America under the Communist controlled Joe Biden. Day one Biden shut down the Keystone Pipe line. Biden stopped construction of the fully funded southern border wall. Biden committed funding of the China controlled WHO. Biden committed full funding rejoining of the United Nations created Paris Climate Accords (costing every tax payer $1500 per year). Biden slowed funding to small business owners by advancing unemployment payment extensions. Biden opened America’s southern border to criminal illegals advancing the open border policies of Barack Obama and the Communist Democrats. Every criminal illegal being allowed to enter America is a funding weapon of United Nations NGO’s. Biden worked with the CDC, FDA and the WHO to advance positive COVID test using the rigged PCR testing. Biden has refused to test criminal illegals for COVID at the border. Biden has allowed untested illegals to be transported into every Democrat controlled State to elevate COVID cases. Biden has advanced the Communist driven agenda of racial divide. Biden has advanced the false narrative of domestic terrorism by Americans seeking truth. Americans are left by our Military to be hostages. Biden tells the lies that no American will be left behind. You accept the lie of Biden and his Media. Biden has driven America from a self-reliant energy producer. His hate of American produced oil and gas has increased the cost of energy. Every American is forced to pay higher prices at the gas pump. This increase in cost has driven economic decline and inflation. Biden’s DOJ has failed to investigate the Biden family selling of influence to foreign enemies. Joe Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan who are now hostages of the Taliban. America had not lost a single warrior for 18 months. Yet Biden's disregard of Military advice cost the lives of 13 American Warriors. Then to hide his failures used a drone to kill innocent humans. Biden left 85 billion tax payer funded military equipment to arm terrorist. God Bless our lost Warriors and their families. God bless the efforts of Private Patriots to rescue American Hostages.

When a nation is attacked and a Traitor placed in control decline is assured. Joe Biden is not a legal or lawful President. Biden is a tool of the CCP, United Nations and World Order elites working to fully capture America.

On September 24th the long awaited Arizona audit was released. The audit clearly revealed massive fraud. Main Stream Media again advanced the lie of the Communist that Joe Biden won the election. Understand the audit had a single task. Was there fraud in Maricopa county? A wide range of evidence verifies massive fraud. Why would media fail to share the evidence of fraud? Media is hiding and fully complicit in treason. A nation at war must have citizens willing to stand against treason. Every American willing to accept treason is a coward lacks a Patriot heart. Saving America is now left to citizens. Every Democrat must be defeated. Every criminal representative that allows treason must be held accountable and fired. Our Federal tyrants must be destroyed it is our civic duty.

God Bless the willing Patriots sharing truth and standing against the traitors of Media and Washington D.C. We are each required to confront the invaders and the complacent Communist now running America.

God Bless and protect the Warriors in this battle.

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1 Comment

Michael Whalen
Michael Whalen
Sep 28, 2021

I’ve been doing my part warning these Sheeples some of them listen some don’t.. I share Scientific information and my own research some get it and the brainwashed don’t.. But I’m in this fight to the end and I will not give up my freedom without a fight !

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