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You will know who you are!

O.K.! Are you a Patriot or a Communist? Today was historical! If you don’t value honest elections delete me as a friend. If you don’t understand this Nation has been at war since November 3rd, delete me as a friend. You either stand now or you are a coward and a willing Communist. Arizona audit proved fraud! You can pet the dog, fish and hunt; show pictures of your dinner and all the great vacation pictures love them all. Just relax leave the fighting to those of us that truly love this Nation.

After this day if you buy the BS Main Stream Media lie you are the problem. No one is coming to save you from the Communist that robbed you of your vote. How many of you don’t even vote? If you don’t you deserve every loss of freedom they are taking. No more Mr. John the nice guy! You are now the fools they spoon feed lies while bankrupting this nation. YOU ARE NOW THE PROBLEM. All the pictures of the beautiful babies hold near to you. Have you ever viewed the piles of photos taken from the Jews? If you take no action your children and grand children will suffer a life as slaves to a Communist master!

Understand today we have proof they rigged our election process. Media and that Red hair Jan have lied all day about the results of the Arizona Audit. Their job is to spoon feed the useful useless idiots. Are you an idiot? Do you hold no love of America? I am dead serious. There are no days or weeks to decide who you are. I pray with each waking second that GOD will save this nation. I pray to GOD because I am clear you are all to busy with you profile to give a damn. You will know whom I am speaking to. It is my children your children.

GOD doesn’t post. GOD doesn’t tweet! GOD sure isn’t on TIC TOC!

I know men that have died for our right to chase whatever dreams we have. My dad’s served in WWII, Korea and Nam. My dad took grenade shrapnel fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. My father in law flew in the belly of a B17 during the first bombing raid over Hitler’s Germany. Our community lost a Marine Warrior in a cave in Afghanistan Cpl. Richard Schoener 22 years old. I never have a day when I fail to honor my heroes. I know men and women who have left parts of their bodies in shit hole desserts in jungles. I have a sister disabled from a lung disease picked up in Iraq. As a disabled Veteran she came home to battle a foul corrupt Veteran system. Sis is a Warrior she demanded her healthcare. My baby brother and his son have stood in the breach for our freedom. My nephews served with honor. Yep I am angry that I was not standing beside each of them. I love GOD, I love my family and I love America.

Now we watch spoiled punks take a knee during our only national anthem. I was a huge NFL fan and loved our Saints. Once a punk took a knee I have never been back to the dome.

I listen to Communist describe our great nation in terms that make me sick. I pray often that I could catch a SOB burn or disrespect our flag. How anyone can tolerate all the hate of America out rages me.

Today I am watching this nation allow a brain dead old man run this nation to Communism. Sad reality is Communist China owns this traitor. I watch Communist Leaders call me a racist, a bigot and a deplorable. I write, email these useless scumbags who accept and allow treason. What really angers me is you do nothing. I know you; I knew your fathers and Uncles that saved this World. I also know you sit on your ass and accept Communism without ever standing! I see men in women across the World standing and fighting without weapons against these Communist bastards and you do nothing. I am an old man and all I see is old men taking action. You young bitches set back and do nothing. Hell you won’t even peacefully protest. There is a reality I see women with more balls fighting these Communist then men here in the USA. What happened America?

I am very proud that I saw Mom’s and Dad’s standing up at a School Board meeting. I am proud to see parents standing up to a crazy ass mask mandates. What are you going to do when they force you to inject your babies? That is where this is going.

NOW GET THIS! We must demand that our last election is audited in every freaking State! How the hell did JBE get elected in 2018? Dominion Machines in New Orleans and a hacked DMV nothing to see but a CHINA puppet. Heck Louisiana was a test run for 2020. Don’t dare call me a conspiracy nut. After months of obstruction of justice and legal battles we now have the proof. Today valid evidence was revealed that election results of Maricopa County have many legal issues. These issues are legal failures that will carry criminal penalty. Was the Election rigged? It appears many things were done to cover up a crime. Who corrupted the election? Suspects are Democrats, RINO Republicans, China, Italy and Germany. Remember each suspect holds a reason to stop Trump and elect Joe Biden.

Hold on a minute you did not read it on FB. You never got a tweet. No one made a Tic Toc video. FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC CBS or any of the TELL-A-VISON told you. How many times have these evil Media outlets told us to shut up and forget the 2020 election? I am sick of hearing 2024! Criminal Communist Democrats and evil purchased Republicans have seated a traitor. They will destroy America within days. There is only one path for American to save our Nation! DEMAND AUDITS of every state.

Now understand it is the civic duty of every man to ensure free, legal elections. Communist Democrats are invading every State with criminal illegals to cities that they control. If we don’t fix the 2020 election there is no way to defeat the Communist. Machines and criminal invaders being purchased with your tax dollars will corrupt every future election. They failed to defeat Trump in 2016 because we broke their machine algorithms. They spent the next 4 years hating you and perfecting election rigging.

Communist Democrats and purchased Republicans enrolled by Central Bankers and Communist China hatched a plan to defeat you. Do you really not understand the China virus was released to allow mail in ballots? Look at Maricopa, look at Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and countless counties in every State. Think urban Communist Democrat controlled cities that each use Dominion machines. Think who has fought and obstructed our righteous efforts to audit our election.

No more waiting we have clear evidence of crime and election fraud in Arizona. Think how fast this evil is working to destroy life in America. We are living in a daily loss of freedoms. They will bankrupt our nation by design. Communist masters control all money and freedom. They controls who lives and who dies. Inflation will erode the wealth of every American. Joe Biden and Communist Democrats will remove all wealth from our private sector. Small business is the target. You must take a vaccine. You must wear a mask. You must provide your papers. You must allow them to monitor all bank and money movement. All you have will be taken.

Waiting and Praying will not return Trump! Trump is a fighter and we all must pray there is truly a plan to restore our Republic. We must organize now to take a stand for free legal elections. We must stand in the office of every member of Congress and demand this treason is stopped. If they fail to stop it we must defeat every single one of these criminal cowards.

Now if you have a son or son-in-law who will not fight this enroll his wife. Simply request that she hand his balls big to him. Either they man now or she will loose her life style. Her children will suffer hunger. Her children will suffer endless mandates and orders of indoctrination. She will see her parents removed from their homes. Understand you cannot stop what this bastard is bringing! If you think your isolated wake up!

Your wealth will be gone in a flash once the coming hyperinflation starts. For the love of God read the history of what these Communist are doing. This is a playbook of evil and the United States has been captured. This is all being done on a scale never witnessed. This is World Wide and your just kicking back and waiting. Do something now or hell is coming and will not be stopped. Do you really think your ready? What happens when they seize your bank accounts? What happens when they collapse our Stock Market? Who can seize your retirement plans in pensions? Who holds ownership in the largest Corporations? Think China! Who elected Joe Biden? Think China? Today the CCP stopped all purchase with Crypto currency in China. Did FB, TWITTER or Tic Toc and the Media tell you the news? Do you know that China’s Evergrande is broke? Evergrande is a Global 500 corporation they have missed payment on their debt. Get ready to watch how China will respond. Does China hold any American debt? Who holds China’s Debt? Central Bankers have no way to bail out China. China will call in our debt. What does that look like? Central Bankers will print a massive 7 trillion dollars of Joe Biden’s build back better scheme. Who owns Joe BIDEN! China! Why is China surrounding Taiwan?

Taiwan has a vast wealth that could bail out China. This would allow China to maintain its real estate holding in the U.S. and capture our nation. Why flood American with warriors from around the World? Who has a vested interest in a New World Communist Order? China and their United Nations.

Pray that our President has a plan! Pray that he steps up to claim his office! Pray God protects him! What time will you be in your Congressman’s Office to demand 2020 is audited and decertified? I am planning on a visit Monday! Oh wait! I better ask my wife! Do Congressmen have offices? I think those offices belong to us! Just like the School Boards, Police Juries and State Capitals. We cannot say that about the Nation State of DC. D.C. is a bankrupt corporation of the Bank of London and the Vatican. They can have that 10 mile den of Satan! EVERY THING MUST BE DONE LOCAL!

If you find your patriotic heart it is time to be seen and heard! No more inside voice! No more following their rules! These bastards work for us! Time they know it! I may need some bail money! Perhaps a good TIC TOC for the young men to watch.

I stopped writing this blog at 3:30 am. Woke up logged in and read a half dozen post. Here is the morning rant!

At no time have I been more out raged by the lack of courage of this Nation. I am very ashamed after reading all the happy post and the normal daily post on all social media. History will record that we had no will to seek or stand for truth. You either don’t know, don’t care or accept the Media lies! From the 24th day of September 2021 forward you had a choice.

You accepted 4 years of daily attacks on the President you elected. You watched as he stood against the criminal Communist and purchased criminal Republicans. You waited each time as their lies were revealed. You allowed them to continue to plan and attack with new lies. You lived a life free of war. You watched this man stand against the evil to destroy their crimes. He created fair trade. He created Jobs. He built a wall to stop the invasion on our border. You income went up each year he was President. Yet Media and Washington continued their attacks and lies. He told you they are fake news. He told you Washington of a foul corrupt swamp of Communist and traitors. Each day he worked for you the American people. He loves our law enforcement. He worked to honor and care for every Veteran. He dismantled their corrupt systems. He pushed through the largest tax cut and history. He revealed that the CIA, FBI, IRS, DEA, WHO, UNITED NATIONS were all captured by evil bankers and criminal Communist. He worked and kept every single campaign promise. Under stand not one, not two, every single one. He was your President working for the people and our great nation. Media and the corrupt made Make America Great Again a bad thing. They infiltrated his cabinet and he fired them. They worked every day to stop or delay him. Yet each day he worked. He aged and stood the test; all this and not a single penny was he paid. They framed, leaked, lied, cheated yet they could not stop him. They did slow him. Imagine what would have been possible if they were not evil Communist puppets.

You were warned they were going to cheat and use mail in ballots to rig the election. Media allowed a Communist puppet to hide during the campaign. They rigged debates to control the propaganda narrative. They spoon fed a man with dementia and injected him to keep him going. Media lied and America was played and set up for the big lie. They had proof you will accept every control and loss of freedom. Their game had required decades to complete your indoctrination. They tell you what you can say, what you can think, what you own, what you can do with what you own. They tell you are killing the planet all the while they expand their fleet of jets. You work jobs they create that pays the CEO’s millions and you get hundreds and are happy. Your wife is forced to work and you accept. They turn your children into machine fed indoctrinated puppets. They unleash a virus that kills old sick people. They tell your President he must shut down the world’s greatest economy. He so loves the people he does exactly what the medical traitors say. He followed the advise of a man that created the virus and owned stock in the vaccine. Why did he not burn Dr. Fauci? Think of how well they planned and timed their plandemic. These evil bastards are killing humanity and depopulating your world.

They are hiding their accepted election fraud of November 2020. You allowed the Media to brain wash the useful idiots and do nothing. You are fully controlled and will do nothing. Those that fight are being made criminals by the system. You have no idea what to do. You just say God help us. God helps those that are willing to help themselves. Only you standing on our God given foundational principle can stop this take over. It is breaking down extremely fast because they have taken control by treason. Do you understand that? Communist stole America and are running it into destruction. They are doing it and you are allowing it. They keep you focused on lies they feed you. A coward murders some poor girl and it is national news? Hell it happens every day. They are keeping you from the truth. They say nothing to see Joe won! READ THE DAMN REPORT FOR YOUR SELF! The virus is not the weapon it is the vaccine! For God sake take a stand, fight back! Do you not hear this brain dead SOB telling you get the shot, get the booster? The vaccine killing it is not effective. When in human history have humans been asked to take a gene therapy every 8 months? IT IS NOT A VACCINE! They are altering the human genome! If you continue to take the booster it will never end. You will require the therapy to live. It was never tested to cure it was tested to control. Media are lairs every minute of every day. Turn off the Media! IT IS MIND CONTROL! The truth is now revealed with solid evidence election fraud took place in Arizona! Do you really think you can wait 3 years to fix treason? You fix treason with a rope or a bullet to the heart of this evil.

You have a choice. You can accept the crime and your destruction is not on them it is on you! After decades of feeding you foods designed to castrate and kill you they are in the end game. Your next food will be the vaccine. They have decades of proof it works and you are the proof. You can be made sedated and controlled. They give you a hand held tracker to feed your system microwaves and sell it to you. You are just like a cow in the field with your tag.

I am stopping my search for truth using the digital tools we each have. You are on your own. You know where I am. You know my heart is that of a Patriot Warrior standing with God. You must find your Patriot Heart and seek advice in counsel from the old warriors. Ours is not the battlefield that is yours. If you choose like I fear you will have regrets. It happens to many of us. We stood, we marched, we protested, we fought when while you rested. I have run my race. My faith gives me hope you will wage this battle. This nation has one thing other humans do not. That is for you to understand. Remember they now have weapons that you cannot confront. Their greatest weapon is your fear. They have taken your manhood by design. You are weak men that they created. You accept their mind and body control.

God help you see! Hell is coming! Prepare for the rapture! That is real! Or perhaps we should drink another cold whiskey drink and good cold beer. That does help to keep you calm. I prefer these days to keep growing my power in God. I will not go down without being taken down. God has assured me of my place. Be very clear I have full control of my mental and God given spirit.

I love the warriors of truth I am blessed by them in my life. I love the brave Patriot Women in my life! I hold that the timing of God is perfect! I await the sound of trumpets and look to the sky! My dear wife keeps be grounded. I actual take my shoes off and walk in the grass every day! I hold no fear! I know the evil! I know that Satan is waging his last stand! I know the suffering of humanity will end only when we stand with God. No battle against this evil has ever taken place without massive loss of human life!

I pray and prepare my mind and soul for the salvation to come. God forgive my weakness, I trust you in all things and wait you call! Standing in trust of God has me braced for what is to come. God’s will be done! I smile as I complete this effort. GOD HAS ALREADY WON!

I have a simple request if you have a son or daughter please share this with them. Many of my readers are not the target of this blog. This is a call to our lost children who are doing nothing. They have been captured and must be forced to confront what is coming. Our President will hold another rally tonight that may be worth watching. I grow weary from the wait. I have a firm belief we must demand the traitor be removed. Not another day should be wasted. Trump is not God! God gave us a foundational document that says it is our right to turn back treason! Sadly we have reached a time to refresh the tree of Liberty.

God Bless you and hold you safe. God Bless our great Nation!

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